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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Short Course of the Basics of Meditation

Essays on the Main/Short Course of the Basics of Meditation

Short Course of the Basics of Meditation

Before starting to master meditation practices, it is necessary to understand their purpose.

If this is not done, then there is a dangerous phenomenon when people are engaged in whatever nonsense, which are offered by their leaders as having the beautiful and tempting name “meditation”.

For example, it may be an attempt to get out of the body up through the head chakra sahasrara. Because just there, they say, we find God.

Even worse, when the goal is to gain a coarse “personal power” to dominate over other people — by mastering the gaze from the ajna chakra through the point between the eyebrows.

And even worse — when they search for “personal power” in the most external black layer of the multidimensionality, which is hell, “outer darkness” in relation to the Creator and the productive part of His Creation.

Such people — when they are embodied — become devils in the flesh. And they intensively harm — by their gross energy fields — people and other embodied beings. They doom themselves — after disincarnation — to stay in hell. They are the waste of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness…

Unfortunately, most people, who consider themselves to be religious, tend not to get to cognize God, but only to “get-togethers” with like-minded people and to the sweet feeling of their involvement in the “spiritual movement”, which — in fact — can be the activity of criminal destructive sects.

* * *

But the true goal of spiritual efforts should be the cognition of God and the achievement — as a result of the present incarnation — of the state of the Holy Spirit, or at least the maximum progress in self-development towards this Goal.

The meaning of our earthly lives consists precisely in this: we must try — through participation in many earthly events, which are developing us and offered to us by God, also the accomplishment of fully perceived spiritual efforts — to develop ourselves to the Perfection and to merge with the Primordial Consciousness, thereby enriching Him.

* * *

So, first we need to understand what God is, where He is to be sought, what He wants us to be, what it makes sense for us to devote our lives on the Earth.

More details on this can be found in all our and other books mentioned in the list of recommended literature.

In these same books, we have repeatedly discussed the topic of the destruction of self (egocentrism, the primacy of the “lower i”).

The opposite of the self is humility, which is the life without a perversely developed egocentric self.

Why is this necessary?

Such an “i" does not allow us to take the Creator seriously enough as our main Teacher, to learn directly from Him, to get close to Him by the soul, to merge with Him at the end of the Path.

Ethical impeccability should be the foundation for the further growth of man. Otherwise, a fall is inevitable for the unworthy: by this God stops them on the way to Him.

* * *

And further — the steps of meditative growth begin.

First we need to clean the energy of the body. Coarse, looking dark, energies should be removed from the body and surrounding bioenergetical “cocoon”. In this way, we at the same time cleanse ourselves of many diseases. But the main thing is that only with the transparent purity of the body, we can fully perceive God.

Yes, if we purify our chakras and the main meridians, then we — with both souls and bodies — gradually become transparent for the clairvoyance. And this makes it easy to merge with the bliss of paradise, and then with the Holy Spirits and the Creator.

The energy structures of our bodies are represented by chakras and meridians. Moreover, groups of purified chakras will need to be consistently combined into dantyans and then into “perception bubbles”. All this becomes necessary at the appropriate stages of self-improvement — to master gradually becoming more complicated meditative methods. (More about this is told in the book “Ecopsychology”).

The main of all chakras is anahata, located in the chest in the area of the lungs. It is in this chakra, the emotions of heart love are born. We must learn to abide in this chakra, as in our dwelling, as in a bright room. And — we look from it to the surrounding space forward from the body. It is most convenient to train in this on the banks (best of all — on beaches or shallows) of large reservoirs or on mountain tops with a lack of abundant vegetation, because vegetative bio-energies can interfere in the perception of much more subtle forms of non-incarnate life.

Such trainings for months (with clear warm weather and without a strong wind) make it possible to learn to fill with consciousness (in other words, with the developed soul, consisting primarily of the spiritual heart and named as buddhi) all the visible space — far and wide.

The spiritual heart must have non-material hands. With these hands of love, we caress all the life around us — everywhere, wherever we get — at thousands of kilometers and more. We hold on the palms of love, filling with tender love, affection — incarnate and non-incarnate beings.

Then we learn to look from therefrom the distance — towards our bodies. The center of oneself is shifted there. Thus, in our own practice, everyone is convinced that I can exist fully without a body. Now, if the body is dead, I — am staying! The death of the body is no longer terrible, it does not frighten! It is just a transition to a bodiless state with a complete (now!) awareness of myself, with the preservation of memory, the ability to think and communicate in various ways with other non-incarnate beings.

Then it will be necessary to master all the same — behind the body. (I emphasize that in this case it is necessary to leave from the chakra anahata in the direction back-down).

Turn the body back to the space — and we will master the mentioned states. Namely behind the body, everyone may get the ability to see the Holy Spirits and communicate with Them. In this way, we acquire completely clear perception of non-incarnate Divine Teachers. And there are the Countless Scores of Them!

Why is it better to perceive the space behind our bodies for this?

In short, we, looking forward, are used to looking at the world of matter; but behind the body the space is not “cluttered up” with images of material objects.

And then, learning from the Holy Spirits, attuning with Them, embracing Them, merging with Their subtlest and most delicate Giant Forms (Mahadoubles), we gradually learn to be like They are.

* * *

But we also have to learn how to dissolve — not yet by bodies, but by consciousnesses.

There are special meditative techniques in order to learn to dissolve oneself in the higher states — for the sake of the subsequent Mergence with the Creator.

For example, in the beginning, the trainings will be useful in dissolving oneself in harmony of the surrounding nature. “There is only a forest (a lake, a river, a steppe, etc.) soaked with the bliss, and I am not!” This temporary loss of self-awareness means that I am merged with the bliss of paradise, I am becoming it.

We can accelerate the mastering of this task. This is the “total reciprocity”, which is described in detail in our books and films.

Mastering the above then will allow us to easily merge with the United We of the Holy Spirits.

… As a result of this work, we achieve, among other capacities, a state, in which the matter of any objects and the planet as a whole — becomes easily permeable for the consciousness. And we can easily switch the perception either on the world of matter — or on the world of the Holy Spirits and Calm of the Creator.

* * *

All that is said should be combined with the tendency of subtling the consciousness.

What it is?

The Absolute is really multidimensional. But His spatial dimensions are not mathematical symbols, but the real layers of space, differing in the level of subtlety-coarseness.

We can talk about vectors of multidimensionality, piercing through all these layers. At one end of the vector, the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator) is. And the other end goes to hell.

And each of us now, having the appropriate theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, has the opportunity to choose for oneself that layer of the Absolute, which is the most like — in order to settle in it.

Personally for me, since having found the religious knowledge, the Abode of the Creator was always desirable. And the Creator took me there.

But there are people who voluntarily rush to hell. They are victims of either religious ignorance or deception, or this way is their quite conscious choice — the choice of those, who have come to the present incarnations from hell, to which they are so used that they do not imagine a different life for themselves.

A typical example of the latter is the voluntary activity in the “northern capital” of Russia — of the mentioned in the previous essay terror (the word terror means intimidation) of the occult anti-Christian gang, where, among other things, the devilization of adepts was actively taught.

… So, in order to approach the Creator, one must, on the contrary, become like Him in the level of subtlety.

This is achieved, first, through a departure from the coarsening environmental conditions.

We can recall in this connection the commandment of Paul-the-Apostle: “… Turn away from evil, cling to the good!” (Rom 12:9).

Secondly, attunement of the consciousness both with the harmony of nature, with harmonious incarnate beings, including such people, also with the corresponding works of different art trends — will be facilitating. Very important for this are harmonious sexual relations and eroticism in art.

And then — we attune with the Holy Spirits and the Primordial Consciousness.

* * *

I note that the stages of mastering the art of meditation, discussed in this essay, are only the main part of the full program of training, offered to worthy disciples by God. For example, I only casually touched upon the system of psychical self-regulation that was developed by me (see in “Ecopsychology”), I did not talk here about working with Kundalini, with segments, with the “macrocosmic orbit”, with the exploration of eons (lokas) of protoprakriti and protopurusha, about dissolving oneself in the Rest of the Creator in His Abode.

This essay presents a simplified program-minimum, sufficient, however, for the quick and safe achievement of the designated Goal.

This branch of spiritual work in Europe is usually called hesychasm — from the Greek word hesychia: inner silence, inner peace. The practice of Hesychasm implies the work on developing oneself as the spiritual heart, where — in the multidimensional depths of which — we cognize God.

Hesychasm is the main — according to its importance — branch in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Our achievements are the further development of the methodology of this ancient branch of spiritual work. We have very substantially enriched it with the scientific knowledge and increased its effectiveness.

But the word hesychasm has an the European origin. Whereas the spiritual Schools of the Atlantean, Ancient Egyptian, Pythagorean, Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Old Russian and other religious trends worked in the same direction since very old time.

Let us remember that we all have one God, Who fills with Himself the whole universe space. And His Teachings are one for all people of both our and all other planets in the universe.

* * *

Any human activity, directed to one’s own development and the benefit of other beings, can help us become more perfect.

These can be both physical work, and intellectual activity, and the birth and upbringing of children, and various options for the refinement of the emotional sphere. All them are useful and will come in handy if we follow scrupulously the principles of God’s ethics.

But the attainment of namely the heights of the spiritual Perfection is possible only through the outlined work on oneself as the spiritual heart. There are no other possibilities for taking the spiritual heights.

This is not an “invention” of the author: precisely this same was taught by all the Founders of true religious branches, which can be read about in the books: “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”, “Ecopsychology”, and others.

What prevents us from learning this?

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