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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

About the Faith

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About the Faith

There is the faith in the existence of God.

But this is not enough! If God exists, then any reasonable person, if he or she has really developed the mind, is obliged to want to cognize: what is He and what does He want from us and all people?

But this is about reasonable people. And the unreasonable — they will say that “I believe, even observe the holidays! And — leave me alone: I do not want to know anything more!”

It also happens that people substitute faith in the existence of God — by the doctrine of this or that religious sect. And this doctrine can turn out to be the opposite to the Teachings of God. But in order that it would not be so noticeable, this opposition can be masked by the frequent repetition of the word God and the blame to all who disagree with this my faith.

… The true faith gradually develops into the Knowledge: God becomes cognized, and the successful spiritual ascetic becomes accepted by the Creator into Himself.

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