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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

The Formula of the Perfection

Essays on the Main/The Formula of the Perfection

The Formula of the Perfection

Spiritual Perfection consists of the following three main components:

1. Intellectual ability to understand God’s Intention concerning us and to implement it stage by stage.

2. The ethical flawlessness offered to us by God, including absolute decency, in particular: a) the refusal to do wrongful harm to any kind beings, and b) the exclusion of egocentrism with the replacement of it by the selfless service to God through help to worthy persons.

3. And at the meditative branch of development — a stable state of Mergence with God — being the spiritual heart, refined up to the level of the Creator and developed in quantitative terms up to at least a planetary scale. This is realized both: a) in the Calm State of God (His Turiya state), and b) in His active Light-Fiery Manifestation.

* * *

Using these three points, we can estimate the level of spiritual progress of ourselves and of other people. Details on how to do this, the readers can find, in particular, in the materials given at the end of this collection.

In particular, when acquainted with them, a reasonable person will easily understand that neither drugs, nor prayers, nor hope for “instant enlightenment”, nor martial arts in themselves, nor excessive sex — will bring to the Perfection.

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