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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

For Successful Disciples of God

For Successful Disciples of God
Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)

Translated from Russian

by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation —

Hiero Nani.

The Earth was created by the Creator from Himself. This statement, which is confirmed by practical experience of cognition of God, does not exclude the knowledge that has been discovered by paleontologists and geophysicists. But the data, collected by scientists of these and other branches, rather complete the picture of creation and subsequent evolution, in particular, the development of our planet and life on it.

The most important element in the world-perception of a spiritual seeker may be the following: There is in the universe only one multi-dimensional Organism — Organism of God-the-Absolute; and the material component of the universe is the Part of Him. This truth is cognizable empirically from the Abode of the Creator especially.

A Main Component of the Organism of the Absolute is in the very depth of the multidimensionality. People call this Main Component — the Creator, God-the-Father, Primordial Consciousness, Ishvara, Allah, Tao, and by other terms. And the Creator calls Himself in this Aspect, including, the Heart of the Absolute. [12-13,15-16,18,37]

It is important to remember about the Rule that is needed for the cognition of God: It is impossible to fall in love with the Creator without loving beforehand His Creation!

Namely the emotions of love bring together man with man and man with God!

... How much unwarranted brutality and crimes have been committed and are being committed now by people from their pseudo-religious motives! These are both the “sacrifice to God (or to ‘gods’)” of animals or even humans, and the “Christian” Inquisition, and the “crusades”, and “external jihad”... It all can be done, inter alia, from “the best (yet misguided) intentions”, however inevitably leads followers of such distortions into hell... Though those criminals were hoping to earn, by such acts, paradise...

But the Truth is — in the opposite! God is Love! (1 John 4:7-8). Therefore, in order to approach the Creator and, in particular, merit paradise — one should not cultivate spite, hatred to the “wrong”, but, on the contrary, to master subtle emotions of tender love, caring, forgiving, peacefulness! This is achieved by the ethical work on oneself, plus mastering the art of psychical self-regulation, and — on the higher stages of development — attunement with the Holy Spirits. [6,10-19, et al.]

... There are organizations that pretend to be spiritual, where the leaders know nothing about both the Aim and the methodology of spiritual development. But they have only collected and mixed stupidly invented by someone else or by themselves extravagant “methods”, which are quite often — malignant.

Such is, for example, in my opinion, “Scientology”, which made a significant impact in what is now termed “modern psychology”. “Methodology” of “Scientology” is a collection of poor ideas and psychotechnics inspired by and picked up from books, first of all, of Carlos Castaneda, as well as the bad fairy tales, where, in particular, distortions, which were formed in a pseudo-Buddhist environment, were extolled [6,15, et al.].

The practice of “Scientology” includes such methods as destruction of a normal sleep pattern, bullying severely newcomers — ostensibly for the sake of destruction in them of "lower i"... In this environment, there pervades easily adaptable rudeness, violence, promiscuous and so harmful sex, drugs...

The psychological “liberation”? Exemption from the “human form”? But if all this is done without regard to the principles of:

— aesthetics,

— not-harming other beings,

— refinement of consciousness (because the Creator is the Subtlest Form of consciousness in the universe!) —

the harm of that for the students will be a lot, but use — no...

This kind of “schooling”, in the best case, only postpones such adherents from God.

... But there is the Path, which is proposed namely by God, where He is approved as the Aim of our cognition and love, as well as the Master-Teacher taking into Himself all who managed to cognize Him.

God is teaching people — through incarnated by Him Messengers and through Holy Spirits — during all the history of mankind in the world [6,12,15].

This is what we have already talked about a lot in the cited books. And now — a brief mention of the spiritual direction, which was formed in the Eastern European Christianity and became known as Hesychasm. (Although, it must be emphasized that the same Teachings were created by Pythagoras and the Masters of true spirituality in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Persia, China, India, also by the Founders of Buddhism, Sufism, Native American spiritual culture, et al. [12]).

The term Hesychasm originates from the Greek word hesychia — i.e. inner calm. This state may be obtained only in the developed spiritual heart, which is the emotiogenic zone producing the emotions of love [13,15,17-18].

It is important to understand that neither the “art” of combat, nor drugs, nor destruction of one’s own stereotypes and patterns of behavior, nor reiteration of mantras or prayers, nor excursions to considered “holy places” — can lead to the spiritual advance. However, only the methodology of developed Hesychasm can help — on the condition that the aspirant has carefully cleansed oneself from ethical imperfections.

Only in one’s developed spiritual heart, man — becoming, like God, perfect Love — can cognize the Creator, and then merge with Him!

... So, the one who:

— has studied and fully put to oneself the ethical principles suggested by God,

— has cleansed one’s own body from energetical filth which was accumulated during years of unjust life,

— has put in order the main energetical structures of the organism: chakras, dantyans, “bubbles of perception”, segments, major meridians,

— has mastered the basics of meditative practices [13,17,37],

— has developed oneself to a state of great spiritual heart, having the consubstantial to it intangible hands, capable of carrying to other beings exclusively love-care, love-affection, —

let such a spiritual warrior learn to keep on these palms the natural beauty of our planet with all good creatures — on kilometers, tens, hundreds, thousands of kilometers around!

Then, under the material layer of Creation, in the multidimensional depth, the sea of finest and most tender Divine Fire will be exposed for such spiritual seeker: so the Consciousness of one or several Holy Spirits will be perceived.

It is necessary to flow into this Divine Fire.

Then this spiritual warrior will be able to transform one’s own material body, cleansing it of all defects still remaining, and then deify the body.

Jesus Christ and some other Divine Persons with Whom personally and physically communicated B.Spalding [36], possessed and possess now such deified immortal bodies.

Learn from Me! — Jesus advised (Matt 11:29). And one can learn from Him not only not to kill, not to steal, not to lie, and so on, but also to achieve such heights of Perfection.

Having mastered the above, it becomes quite obvious the whole structure of the multidimensional Absolute: from the Abode of the Creator — to the border with the “outer darkness” (Matt 8:12), i.e. with hell. Communication with the concrete Holy Spirits representing the Creator — it becomes as simple and clear as communication with incarnate people. Holy Spirits take such, the successful disciples of God — into Their Family.

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