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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

On the Principles of Correct Upbringing Souls \x97 Lada and Emil\x92s Divine Mother

On the Principles of Correct
Upbringing Souls
— Lada and Emil’s Divine Mother

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

In order that the new generations of virtuous people — i.e. with healthy mindset and proper development of the emotional sphere — appear, such people should be brought up properly from childhood. This should be introduced as a normal way of life of the human community! Only in this way, waves of promising souls will be incarnated here by God. Only then — into these good conditions for further development — such pure and strong souls will be sent by God!

* * *

We need to teach children to think about what is good, what is bad, and why this is so.

We should also teach them to love, to care, to work!

"Opening" and the development of the spiritual heart during childhood progresses very easy — through attunement with the appropriate (by quality of souls) parents, teachers. The ability to love and to think becomes in such conditions a natural feature of the souls — and then they will not degenerate into a herd, stupidly obeying someone of evil will.

Later, at about 20 years of age, those people will reconsider their values \x{200b}\x{200b}and choose how to live from there on in their adult life. But if do not lay the seeds of rightness and the ability to think from an early age, then the ability to make conclusions and to analyze — cannot develop in the soul of all. Exceptions may be only in those souls who have developed these abilities in themselves in previous lives on the Earth.

Those, who have learned to love and to think before, also who have mastered the stableness and strength of character, — those easily choose for themselves the faithful evolutionary way.

... Look: now, many teenagers do not read books at all! But the love of reading can be laid in early childhood, when parents and grandparents tell tales and read to children.

And it is very important, what kinds of books children listen to and then read. Children’s opinion on \x{200b}\x{200b}what they would like to be, what to achieve, to learn — form, in many respects, on the examples of heroes of fairy tales and stories for children.

So now We are telling these stories for your books! [21-33]

Therefore now, I and many other Divine Teachers pay so much attention to practical work with children, the creation of books for children and for those who work with children, teaching, educating them!

We take care also of how the stories and tales nurture in the right direction the development not only of children but also their parents.

We dream of good children's educational centers with trained teachers who are in love with their job and are able to serve as virtuous examples for children!

The relevant work with parents is very important! They should know that one needs to try to raise children not only clever and talented, but it is necessary to lay in them the strong foundation of true integrity!

And how much good can be brought to a baby’s growth if it goes in the field of harmonious love of parents and caregivers! But it is — a separate topic for conversation. We will return to it in more detail, discussing the education of children before three or four years.

Now, I note only that the emotional status of parents makes a huge impact on children’s development. In this environment the child — as a soul — grows! It is like soil for a plant! Both are equal in highest importance: high-quality seed and soil! These are — for good growth and development of children — the equivalent conditions!

If disharmony, constant quarrels, violence prevail in a family, it is very difficult for a child to grow up healthy and happy. But if the field of love, joy, tenderness surrounds — then there occurs maximum disclosure and the growth of all the best in a soul. And evil qualities have no energy to develop and therefore fade away, vanish.

The optimal correction of a soul due to external factors — i.e. from parents and educators — is possible at the age prior to seven years. Then a child learns — in large measure — independently, developing intelligence and using that which was incorporated into the soul at a younger age.

Of course, in both the school years and adulthood — souls can develop themselves very powerfully and correctly, sometimes they even radically change themselves and accomplish very significant steps in their evolution. It is possible to go through all the Path of cognition of God, starting the appropriate work at an already mature age. But how much easier and simpler the Path will be for those for whom all conditions for correct growth were created already from childhood!

Therefore, any true teaching — for children of any age — could include an appropriate layer of Our general methodology of spiritual development. It does not matter, whether it will be the education in arts, sports, foreign languages \x{200b}\x{200b}or environmental studies, but always it should softly and beautifully weave in the process of teaching the proper care of the development of souls: the truly ethical education, the refinement of the consciousness, and the growth of the ability to love and to think!

* * *

For anyone, who is willing to devote oneself to work on proper nurturing of souls, it is necessary to develop in oneself the great love, peace, and patience.

Helping others from these states of the soul — this will be a great opportunity to master the Divine Love-Care in oneself as well.

Those, who are included in this kind of service to humankind, receive maximum support from Divine Souls. There is direct interest of God — in the proper education of human souls!

It is necessary to learn to help both children and adults, explaining the truth about God and His Laws — in a timely manner and with regard to the age, the maturity, and in the right amount. This is so, because one pupil is ripe for only very simple ethical principles, while others may need profound scientific foundations as well as comprehensive knowledge about the most important.

The teacher also must learn to speak with each pupil — neither moralizing, nor rebuking, nor patronizing. Incorrect attempts to point out sins and imperfections — only cause rejection. And then the pupil becomes closed for a long time to understanding and acceptance of the principles of right living.

It is important to seek or even create situations where the soul is ready to hear, to see, to take in some of the knowledge!

Do not interfere in other people's disputes and quarrels, when — in the passion of the moment — one is conscious of only oneself! In such situations, it is better to remain silent, creating a calm field.

It is not necessary to speak about the truth when it may cause rejection in others, ridicule, anger, irritation, fierce opposition.

Extinguish hostility — by your love!

And do not stir up any futile conflicts!

Confrontation between good and evil in the evolutionary process — is that crucible of life, which naturally trains souls — through pain and suffering, through mistakes, through the heroic sacrifice.

There should not be even a shadow of discontent reactions, if someone does not behave as has been explained to him or her! Let everyone choose one’s own destiny, and if such a choice is wrong, then we have to wait until this choice brings its results. And only then — you can try to direct the soul to understanding the right decisions and actions.

It is desirable to bring people nearer to realizing the truth, using different methods, i.e. acting both on the emotional sphere and through intelligent understanding of phenomena, situations and events. And sometimes — by examples of good behavior and deeds of those who can serve as models.

This can be done both by personal contacts and with the help of books and movies.

God — without need — does not interfere in the destiny of people; He only creates the best opportunities for improvement.

(Written by Anna Zubkova)

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