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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Four: Joint Meditation

Chapter Four:
Joint Meditation

In the tradition of the community was to conduct joint meditations.

That day at dawn, everyone gathered in a clearing.

All this was new for Alexey. And that’s why it was especially interesting for him to participate in everything, about which Rada told him a bit before.

Blagoslav went out to the people in a new white shirt. He bowed to the earth obeisance on all sides of the world.

He stood for a while without a word, while a kind of transparent silence seemed to gather around him.

Especially wonderful for Alexey was how Blagoslav himself changed, when he conducted this meditation for all. From a person endowed with great personal power and a lot of knowledge, he turned for a time — into only an individual broadcasting from God. Everything personal disappeared in him, it dissolved — and the passage has opened for the Divine Words, the Flows of the non-material Light-Fire. He — by himself — opened the expanses of the worlds of the Divine: as if the gates had been opened into other layers of the universe!

Alexey was already used to those Manifestations of the Great Divine Souls, having male or female Forms, Who were the Incorporeal Participants of what was happening. Old Slavic Divine Teachers became for him gradually as clear-minded as Jesus.

If at first Rada, teaching Alexey, tried to use the understandable for him naming of Divine Manifestations, — then both she and Blagoslav told him a lot about the ancient Knowledge, preserved for thousands of years, and about many Divine Souls.

The understanding that the same Divine Messengers could be called differently by people of different countries and that throughout the history of the Earth such Messengers were many for different nations — it was no longer stunning for Alexey.

… Blagoslav was beautiful, standing in front of the people and broadcasting from God!

His speech was flowing fluently! From the great Depth, where the Mergence occurred, the words were raised which filled the hearers with deep peace and a sense of the unity of all. These words… — they just were sounded with the help of the material body of Blagoslav.

The former sometimes stern old man disappeared without a trace: his face, his eyes, his whole body shone now with a special Light, visible only to the sight of the souls, but felt by everyone, even by those who have not yet reached the fullness of the clairvoyance.

He spoke from God, not from himself, and he was listened to by souls — in special silence with great reverence — all who were present.

He was the open passage for the Flow of Divine Power, Love, and Wisdom.

Blagoslav smoothly led everyone into a common meditation, in which the consciousnesses of the community members were connected with the Divine Light in the Depth, which was accessible to each of them.

It was as if a powerful and smooth river of Light flowed. And which everyone entered in one’s own level, to an accessible depth. And for those, who were already ready for more, this Stream of Light allowed to flow into the Ocean of Divine Unity and dissolve in It.

In the joint execution, the perception of each soul in meditation increased with particular strength and brightness.

Living God was evident to all, He filled the bodies, pierced by Himself all the space around.

Brightly shone in the space of the universe the passage into the Divine world, which was revealed by Blagoslav — and through this passage it was easy to plunge into the Divine Subtlety and Shining Light.

Even those, who were not yet very great souls, experienced the greatest Bliss from contact with the Divine Consciousness — the Majestic, All-Powerful, Almighty — and at the same time the kind and gentle, called, in Slavic, Rod Initial or Svarog…

The love and unity of the Divine Souls and the souls, striving for Divinity, — were so beautiful! Through such joint meditation, everyone present could advance in one’s own development, gaining experience of being in Divinely refined states.

… When the meditation was over, the state of the great transparent silence of space was preserved for a long time…

… The community members gradually left the clearing.

Alexey still tried not to lose the amazing feeling of the soul, which has thrown off the “earthly fetters”. It seemed to him now that this state was so near, dear…

He sat at the edge of the clearing, leaning his back against the tree trunk.

* * *

Suddenly he has recalled that he had experienced something similar to this unity of souls of the ascetics in joint meditation before… But when?

The images surfaced as if by themselves, and Alexey was their participant as real as sometimes it is felt in a dream. But it was not a dream…

… He saw himself in one of the communities of the first Christians. It was he, but, at the same time, not quite he…

Alexey has moved into the other time and space; the present material world around disappeared from perception entirely.

The one, who was now Alexey, participated in the meeting of that Christian community.

He felt like a not young, slender man with a surprisingly clear gaze.

The congregation was addressed by the head of the community, who was preaching the Teachings of Jesus.

The Divine Lights embraced the speaker and all his listeners. The Light flows through his body. This Light filled the spiritual hearts of the hearers and favored the union of souls in the one Heart of Christ…

How each such soul rejoiced from contact with this Great Divine Light! How they all were filled with the happiness from the sheer sensation of the Presence of God in their bodies and everywhere around!

Alexey felt himself like a bit different person, but, nevertheless, it was he himself…

He was there as one of Christians which loved Jesus and were aspiring to live according to His Teachings!

All were also illuminated by this inspired aspiration.

… Pictures of that time came to life: people, their dwellings…

They were in modest, clean clothes, their way of life could be described as meager, poor. But it was not so at all! Their life was complete: full of food for souls and of the desire to live with Christ in every spiritual heart! It was a spiritual fulfillment which made their life so happy!

There were men, women and children in the community, and they were all like one family to each other, although they were not related according to the flesh.

… After the speech of the head of the community, people in turn repented to all the community members in their wrong thoughts or actions, which they themselves considered unworthy. Everything that they noticed as the evil in themselves, was bared to be eliminated. Sometimes they asked for forgiveness for such actions and thoughts which most people would not even consider sinful. They all tried to reach such crystal purity and honesty before God and to each other!

Everyone, who listened to the confessor, was looking for in oneself even little traces of the debauchery that might cause a sin, and he or she aspired to cleanse oneself of that possibility.

How sincerely they all loved each other! How he loved them all! How aspiring they were to the acquisition of life in the Kingdom of Heaven!

… And then he saw soldiers with spears and swords…

He has heard the cry: “Romans!”

There was no panic. People did not defend themselves. They were ready to die — following their beloved Christ…

But when the warriors became rude, like a herd of cattle, to drive everyone and tie up, some children began to cry, several women succumbed to fear and began to scream.

The head of the community began to speak, trying to reason with the attackers and calm his own people. And he was immediately killed.

That man, who was felt by Alexey as himself, rushed to cover by his body the lash of the scourge to a woman, pressing a baby to her breast. He tried to say something to stop the attackers, but his body was pierced by the stab of a spear of one of the riders.

… He saw his bloody body from above… Then he lovingly thought about Jesus — and saw Jesus stretching out His Hands for the Embrace…

* * *

Alexey returned to the reality of this day: “What was that? Was this the reality? Was it really with me? But how is this possible?”

Blagoslav went up:

“Well, now do you know how you lived in a different body before?”

“Is it possible to see the past like that?”

“Yes… You are now aware of this!

“The ability to comprehend, cognize — for the human soul is very large. You can see your past, the past of another person, and the past of whole countries, peoples…

“But you do not need to get too involved in developing these abilities now. It’s enough that you have cognized the real possibility of this. When it will be needed, God will show you everything that is necessary. Now you know this already from your own experience — and this is enough for now!

“Always — in eternity and infinity — people should seek the One Divine Origin, the Primordial Consciousness! You should devote to this your efforts. It is the ability to be in Unity with It, having dissolved in It the self-separation!”

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