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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Two: Is There Really Death?

Chapter Two:
Is There Really Death?

The death of his only son imposed a heavy imprint upon doyen Blagoslav. And not only for him alone, but for the whole life of the community. About helping other people — Blagoslav now did not even think. He ordered not to come close to the villages!

They lived even more secretively than before, hiding in remote forests far from settlements and roadways.

Blagoslav himself became not just strict. For disobedience — he was ready to expel from the community, without pity for the guilty. People were afraid of this — to stay alone, without the community. Therefore, now they did not object to the doyen, even in the small…

The spiritual life of the community also seemed to go out — because of the fear, which, like a rust, imperceptibly grew in the souls…

It seemed that everything was according to order, by agreement… But the concern about how to survive, how to hide from persecution — became the main concern in the lives…

People obeyed Blagoslav implicitly in all matters, relating to the life of the community. They were afraid of his rigor, they did not dare to object, even if they did not agree in some way with him.

But only Rada took to the severity of her grandfather easier, as if it did not concern her. She could have listened, she could be punished for her own little self-will. But there was no fear in her at all! She loved grandfather and understood his pain about Radomir…

* * *

Rada now saw her father Radomir often: she admired His Luminous Appearance, felt, as before, His Hands consisting from the Power of the Light and the Great Love — stretched out to her… They protect, they were ready at any time to support, embrace, guide…

The first time, she saw Radomir so soon after the death of His body.

That time, Blagoslav stopped people for the night rest during a heavy rain — in a large cave, which was dug before by someone in a steep cliff.

It was late at night. Everyone had already gone to sleep, tired of the day’s march.

Rada awaked and noticed how her grandfather came out alone. She went after him to see what was happening. She stopped at the exit from the cave and saw through the rain a sorrowful figure of her grandfather near the river. He stood under the cold streams of rain and cried.

Rada was already able to perceive and understand souls. And she always felt very clearly her grandfather… Now she knew that there, beside the bubbling stream, he stood and wept for the deceased son, exposing to the rain the face from which the cold streams washed away burning tears… And he asked God for help in their hard way into unknown lands…

Rada wanted to come to comfort her grandfather.

But she suddenly saw Radomir — so clearly saw that she rushed to hug. But her hands passed through the shining non-material Appearance.

Radomir said affectionately:

“You must hug Me by hands not of the body, but of the soul! Do you remember how I taught you this?”

Rada was still in such familiar tenderness of her father’s embrace… Though now, these were His Hands consisting not of flesh but of the Divine Light!

“So, You are not dead?”

“I had to leave My body that time, my dear daughter. But I am and will be always with you!”

“But grandfather — why does he cry so much? I’ll tell him that You are here!”

“Wait a bit: I’ll tell him Myself!…”

… Since then, Rada was always able to talk with Radomir, to ask advice, to tell about sorrows and difficulties, about joys and her discoveries.

… Once, when the community already has settled at a new place, she told grandfather about it.

He shook his head sternly:

“Yes, there are souls without bodies, granddaughter! But only do not let go to dreams and fantasies! In a visible and tangible world, you have to learn to live, but not to look at all kinds of visions!”

“Is papa a ‘vision’? And you can also see by the soul! Why do not you believe that I can see and hear papa?”

“You believe or you do not believe — here you are! I believe you! I believe! But now — I tell you to obey in all things! Go now weed the kitchen garden!”

… More Rada did not tell her grandfather about her father, but she often called Radomir and talked with Him. And it was the most reliable comfort and protection from sorrows and difficulties in her life!

* * *

Blagoslav could also see his Son, could talk with Him… They often spoke. But only there was no such rest and happiness in him, as in Rada.

He used to argue with the Son.

Radomir stood before him in a body made up of Light, but Blagoslav cried out to Him, as if he was reproving the disobedient:

“Why had you to die?! For those who are not of our clan-tribe, for strangers You had given Your life!”

“It’s not true: you yourself know that I did not die, but only left the body! You understand yourself that if I did not go there myself, you would not have time to save people! And my disciples would be cruelly tortured! But so — after all, it cost!…

“You know, father, that the death of the body is not terrible — for the One Who has attained the Unity with God!”

“Maybe I know, but maybe not yet… It’s easy for You to say ‘from the other side’! And I do not know yet: have I manage to achieve?… Death — yes, I’m not afraid of it already for a long time, but Your leaving is a great grief for me!”

“What kind of grief is this?! Here I am, you can both hear and see Me!”

“Sometimes I can, yes… But I cannot go quietly to rest! On whom will I leave the community? Who will tend Rada?

“It’s wrong when the children leave before their parents!” — he sighed and grumbled.

They often spoke about Rada, about her upbringing.

Blagoslav reproached his Son every time:

“You left your orphan — to whom?”

“On you, father! You must teach her now!”

“She is still small…”

“No, she’s not small! She will be the Great Soul, with the Great Power! And she must become the Light-Bearer for people! But for this — both body, mind, emotions — should grow in full harmony with God!

“You must teach Rada — really teach! But you do everything to make the Divine abilities of the soul — forgotten!”

“Yes, I do! And I will continue to do it! You — would be better near and teaching your daughter! Why do You tell me now?! I do not want her fate to be like Yours!”

“I do not order, father! I beg! But if you will not listen to this request — I will demand! Because this is not My own, but God’s Will! And, if you do not begin to teach your granddaughter, I will not come to you more!”

Terrible for all in the community, with unyielding will, the old man had wrapped his arms around his head and groaned, as if from pain.

“Very well, father!” — he was affectionately embraced by Radomir’s Light: — “We should not trample down sprouts that are stretching towards the light! Teach Rada, and I will help!

“You also understand, how it is difficult to explain for the embodied soul, what he or she must know by the mind. Without you — to teach Rada the Great Knowledge — it will not work!

“We must save the treasures of the Knowledge of the Divine — so that people will not be obligated to search for them again with the hard unbearable labour!

“After all, we are saving the community not for the sake of extending the lives on the Earth for our people! But in order that the Wisdom and Clarity of the Divine Peace be revealed to those who want and are able to accommodate!

“You see yourself what times have come… And if you do not start working on the cultivation of the young souls, who will be able to perceive the Divine Wisdom, Love and Power in Their entirety, — then that Dawn of Light will not come on the Earth, which we are called upon to care for!

“Forgive me, father! I know that it’s hard for you…

“But now you and then Rada — must weave your destinies in the Life of God! You can consciously begin to do — what God wants to do through you! This is not an easy Way! And not for weak souls is this life with God!

“But for you both — it is within your power to keep the Flame of God in yourselves and to light the Divine Light in other souls!”

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