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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Three: Lessons from Head Blagoslav. Harmony between People and God

Chapter Three:
Lessons from Head Blagoslav. Harmony between People and God

Blagoslav began to teach Rada, but carefully and very quietly. For the time being, he protected her from the strength of the soul that already was beginning to manifest in her.

Now they talked about the important:

“Tell me, granddaughter, what is harmony?”

“That’s when people live with each other in peace. That’s when a person to another person not only relates affectionately, but understands always what is good for another, and what is worse. This occurs when the desire of another is seen without words, and it is joyful to fulfill such a desire! And when it is mutual, then, in harmony people live. Papa taught me this.”

“And did you consider that it is necessary to live in harmony not only with other people?”

“And with whom else?”

“You can live in harmony with plants and animals. You can also always be in harmony with God!”

“About plants and about beasts and birds — it’s understandable: dad showed me this, too. And about God — you explain. How can man be not in harmony with God? Is it possible?”

“It happens… When people do not get along with each other, when they see only their quarrels, their grievances — then about their disharmony with God, they usually do not notice, they do not even think about it at all.

“But God permeates all His Creation with Himself and knows at every moment everything about everyone.

“If between people are bad relations or if different creatures, incarnated on the Earth by God, have disasters from people — then people violate the Divine Harmony in the Creation. Hence, too, there is no harmony among these souls and God.

“Therefore, the order in oneself-soul is very important for everyone. As we put things in order in a house, so in thoughts and in emotions, we need, too, to bring the order and peace — so that before God, we need not to be ashamed!

“And when one has love and peace in the soul, then this one transforms also the space around oneself: he or she makes it better and more beautiful — both for oneself and for those around.

“What do you think: is it right — to give full will to all one’s own emotions? If it becomes joyful and pleasant for me — I am happy, but if it becomes bad because of something — I’m sad, angry, irritated?”

“And how else it can be?”

“You, my granddaughter, must learn to control yourself! Do you remember when your father was angry, annoyed, offended by someone?”

“No, I do not remember that.”

“So you must learn to live like Him!

“There can be great strength in a person-soul, and it can injure others unintentionally, if one does not look attentively: how much force is put into his or her words and deeds, what feelings fill one and how one displays them.

“Look: ants on their path or bird’s nest in the grass inconspicuous — it’s easy to damage them if you walk on the ground inattentively, without parsing your step!

“Do you know how to look around and try not to cause harm?”

“Yes, I try not to hurt anyone.”

“It’s the same in the world of relations between souls: it is easy to inflict hurt, to cause pain in vain by word or action — if you do not look at the consequences of thoughts and words, if you let irritation, anger, resentment, sadness into the soul!

“If the soul is strong, then even by thoughts and emotions, one can correct the health of another person — or, on the contrary, damage it, without even spewing out evil words in anger, but only thinking evil. And, conversely, if a person lives with love in thought and in heart, then the space around is nice for others and even becomes curative.

“And if with God harmony is always in the soul — then God in that space for the soul becomes the Main Boss.

“So learn the harmony, conceived by the Great Creator for His children, to observe even in small…”

“But how?”

“Do you remember how we met the sun at sunrise?

“You learned to fill the spiritual heart with light, like sunlight, — and shine with sunrays in all directions.”

“Yes, I like to do it!”

“When the light of love shines in the soul and the love flows around — it turns out that you are in harmony with God. And to all His children — you send love together with Him! It turns out that you are doing something together with God!

“When you feel good, it easily turns out. And now you, when you want to be offended or angry, — recall your sunny heart and try to look at everything from it and to love everything around you. Then immediately offense or disappointment leaves you!”

“I will try!”

… A lot of cases were given to Rada to learn how to do this, and not always she did it.

Blagoslav taught Rada often very strictly. For faults, even small, severely scolded sometimes, for self-willfulness — also scolded, demanded full obedience.

Sometimes Rada would forget to do something, dreaming. Or she disobeys Blagoslav’s commands in some way. For example, in the forest for too long she walks or swims over the river and on the other bank collects the grass… Then for a week or two grandfather would not say a word to her, nor he would even look at her.

Rada even sometimes complained to Radomir:

“Daddy, why does grandfather lecture and reproach me? He teaches about love, but himself does not love me at all!

“If I do something good — he rarely gives praise. And if I’m wrong or do not listen to him — he as if is angry like I’m a criminal… I’m still learning! But he…

“And if I propose well, then he will never do according to my opinion…”

“And you, daughter, don’t protest against nonsense, thinking: ‘I want!’ or ‘I do not want’!”! You — obey! If you learn to obey grandfather — then it will be easier to learn how to understand and always obey God!”

“But sometimes, I see that grandfather is not right — and then I cannot remain silent! And he is indisputable! Always, as he says, so it will be: whether it leads to goodness, or to harm…”

“What a rebel you are!

“Daughter, your grandfather — he not for no reason is sure in his convictions. He vested a great responsibility on himself — both for all people in the community, and for you too! When you understand this, you will know this confidence in him better!

“In the meantime, do not resist the small things of his will! If it seems to you now that he is in something wrong, then obedience will temper the self in you and teach wisdom!

“On your correctness you will insist, only when you are firmly convinced that this rightness is coming from God, not from the will of your own self! That — your little personal ‘I’ grows up attempting to dictate to everyone around: ‘I so want!’, ‘I know best!’, ‘I understand it myself!’, ‘I know how to do it better than others!’…

“When a small personal ‘I’ is reconciled — only then you can firmly know the Will of God!

“And more: you should discern when your rightness means something only to you — or it is significant for many people!

“But only in the calm of the mind and in the love of the heart — the Voice of God is clearly distinguishable!”

“As is yours?”


“And is it possible to make it so that this little nasty ‘I’ is completely removed, so that it does not interfere with life, does not generate conflicts among people?”

“Then what will remain of you? You — think yourself!…

“And it’s not always that this little ‘I’ is nasty! You, in fact, are a growing strong consciousness! Both the ability to think, and will, and emotions — compose you-soul, which enables by both mind and heart to learn kindness! This personal small ‘I’ can only be removed forever, when every part of you-soul is replaced by the Divine ‘I’.

“In the meantime, if you will learn to see in yourself the manifestations of ‘nasty’, as you noticed correctly, then you can learn not to allow the bad part of yourself to command your life! Learn to remove evil from yourself and nurture the good!

“And you yourself learn from your grandfather how to manage the community’s economy! He has acquired a lot of wisdom in his long life! And you must learn a lot from him, and not argue over trifles!

“And how to pickle mushrooms and when to collect honey — you do not have cause to quarrel!

“You are talking about great harmony, conceived by God, you have important conversations, but you yourself do not live always in harmony…”

“Yes, it is…”

“And yet, understand, daughter, he needs your love, tenderness! His severity is external: it’s hard to him!… And you could help him not only with deeds. Your love is a great support! But you, instead, — argue with him on trifles! It’s wrong!”

… And Rada was now very much trying to help Blagoslav in everything.

* * *

There were only few children in the community, and Rada did not have many friends of the same age. Also children’s games did not enthrall her.

Often she was feeling the world and people around not as a child. She already could see and feel a lot — as the big soul.

She very much wanted to know everything about the world of the Divine! When someone among the community told about meditations — she ran there and listened. And she tried to fulfill the meditations as she herself understood them.

Then she asked grandfather about it.

But Blagoslav usually dismissed such questions: it’s early for you to know about it!

Rada again and again now was seeking the Oneness with the Divine Love, from which comes the harmony between man and God. She was looking this — including, in what she heard about meditations and about God in the conversations among community members.

Once she asked grandfather:

“Show me God!”

“Yes, here He is, look!” — Blagoslav answered, smiling humorously. He waved his hand around.

But Rada realized that she did not see what grandfather saw and knew.

And she did not back down:

“Veliyar said that we can connect with Divine Wisdom and Power — only through our ancestors. And that it is you who have to teach us the meditation ‘the family tree’, through which we could use their wisdom and power. But you — do not teach! Are you hiding it? What meditation is it?”

“Why do you need it?! You can always talk with your father! Or — ask me! Why do you need to hear all such conversations of Veliyar?”

“He speaks beautifully… Many people listen to him…

“I tried to imagine a tree in which all the souls, who were in our genus, were represented… And the deeper the roots of that tree, the earlier, it appears, our ancestors lived… But how to determine who was the first in the genus? That one also had parents… So, is there no such ‘first one’? And it began to happen by itself such that it turned out that the deeper I look, the more people are united…

“And if to share the image of the tree on all people, and then — on everything, living on the Earth, it turns out that all human beings and all other beings are the children of God. Every person is a tiny branch on that tree of life! The tree, which I pictured, turned out so beautiful! In a single stream of the Divine Power, everything in it lived and grew! Dad looked and smiled. And did not explain…

“You tell me: does it mean that all people were born according to the Divine Will on the Earth? And are all they relatives to each other? So should everyone love each other? And why everything around is not so? Why do we hide secludedly from all others?”

“That’s what you have thought by yourself! And you ask me about it! Correctly you understand everything!

“But relatives in one family do not always live in peace and calm! And you want all people in the world to live by consent!

“Look: we call God by the name Rod*. But it is not because only one, our single kin is from God. But because God — is the Parent to all that exists.

“And we also call Him Svarog — that is the Creator. All Divine Souls live in Him in Unity. But, at the same time, each such Soul can also reveal His or Her own Face, give advice to an incarnate soul, like your dad does it, for example.

“But those, who have not achieved this Unity, — they live in other non-Divine worlds, they will have to be born again on the Earth.

“And not all ancestral relatives of people possess wisdom and holiness. And not all of them can give wise advice…”

“And in which such worlds do they live? Tell me, grandpa!”

“It’s enough for you to talk about it! Then — you will understand this! Go better into the garden to weed beds!”

“Why, grandpa, do we now live like this, as if we do not have other worries besides caring for the food of our bodies? What I ask you — you immediately invent for me any work!”

“Well, if you do not want to — go for a walk! And I myself will go to the kitchen garden to weed.”

“Why are you so, Grandpa? I’ll weed the garden!”

“Wait, granddaughter! Sit down here, let’s talk!

“Do you know, what is hunger? Not when you just want to eat, not when people do not take food for a week or two for inner cleansing. But when the whole community is without any food in winter… You do not know this! And it’s good that you do not know!

“But I — know…

“Long ago it was, you were not even born then… And your dad was still a child… A poor harvest came that year… And, too, — a great forest fire ruined a lot… We barely managed to defend the village… And the barn with the stocks of grain burned down…

“And the mushrooms — also did not grow… All that grew in the autumn — at once the hungry people ate… And they did not stock the mushrooms, did not dry the herbs…

“In those days, I was not yet a head. But the reserves of common grains, which were saved from the fire, I stored for the community, then — distributed equally…

“It’s good that you did not see the suffering in the eyes of mothers, whose children were crying and weakening from hunger… My heart was bleeding then, but I understood that if I give more immediately, then we all will not be able to survive up to spring…

“Then I ordered everyone to cook aspen rind and pine needles, as well as thin branches of willow…

“… Your grandmother left that year. She saved your father from disease and hunger, but did not survive herself, she went off… That’s when I understood a lot about myself, about our people… I decided to become a doctor.”

“But why did God allow this?”

“God teaches people in every way. Sometimes gently and quietly, sometimes — through suffering…

“It’s good to believe that God will always help: He will send both sustenance and luck… But if people cease to take care to that themselves — then there are bitter lessons…

“Our hear then understood his guilt and put his hands on himself — closer to spring… And the rest — how to live?…

“I was then elected…”

“Forgive me, grandpa, I’ll go to the kitchen garden and do everything.

“And you after teach me to cure diseases! You, in fact, — are able!”

“Good! I will teach you! Step on!” — granddaughter has smiled.

* * *

Grandfather of Rada was a good healer. He knew a lot about the properties of medicinal plants, he was able to change much by the power of the soul in the body energies of a patient. This knowledge was passed on from generation to generation and preserved in their community for centuries.

But in the Blagoslav community, people were sick very rarely. Usually, help was needed only for animals.

Blagoslav willingly, but not in a hurry, began to talk more to his granddaughter about medicinal plants. Together they collected herbs, dried them, then prepared the extracts.

But he did not hurry to teach Rada the knowledge of the world of the Divine and various other worlds of the invisible. And he trained her in economy of the community and loaded her already as an adult.

But, nevertheless, Rada was not satisfied with everyday life, conducted almost solely in the care of the household. She again and again was seeking for spiritual knowledge, sought answers to her questions:

“Grandpa, but how can you recognize other people’s thoughts when they do not tell you about it themselves? Can you teach me this?”

“Can. But why should you be able to do this?”

“You were talking about how to live in harmony with everyone around… If to understand what people think about what they want — then it will be easier for me to do it!”

“Man-soul can feel any other soul. Both plants, animals, and other people can always be felt by another soul, if to embrace them with love and attention.

“Let’s go to that birch!”

… They approached a young slender birch tree, which grew near on the hillock.

“How beautiful it is! Young, slender, rustling leaves… It is a little older than you. You — embrace it, feel what life is in it! Try — by the soul — to connect with the soul of the birch!”

… Rada gently embraced the white trunk. The birch swayed slightly from the light waves of the wind… The birch trunk, its branches with delicate green leaves were joyful… A lot of twigs, all of them were stretching to the sky, to the sun!

… As if from afar, the voice of grandfather had come, even though he stood beside Rada:

“And now — feel its roots, which connect the birch with the Earth-Mother, which gives food and strength to the body of the birch!”

… Rada was surprised to realize that she could feel the space below the surface of the Earth. And then — it seemed, the whole planet had begun to be felt as the basis, from which both Rada and the birch grew! And everything in the life of this birch, Rada had felt as if — for a while — she herself became this birch tree!

“That’s how man-soul can understand any other creature! So — also God can be felt and understood!

“But to know so everything about people — it’s not necessary: not everyone wants his or her thoughts to be revealed… You meanwhile study to be friends with trees, birds, understand them! And, when it is necessary, you will always understand another man!”

… And they went back to the house.

* * *

Rada often asked her grandfather to tell her about God, about how the world is controlled by Him. She wanted to know all about it! And Blagoslav had to cede more and more to her aspirations.

So, one day at dawn they went from the settlement to the forest.

They walked for a long time and did not speak with each other.

Rada thought that grandfather would show her one more special place, where they would collect medicinal plants.

They came to a small deep and transparent lake of incredible beauty. The sky with light clouds reflected in the water.

When they approached, then — at some point — it seemed to Rada that they crossed a transparent border and entered a special magical world. Nothing around had changed outwardly. But suddenly — as if the transparent Light, visible only by the soul, intensified… And there came a kind of thickening silence…

This silence pervaded everything around.

In it, everything seemed to slow down and dissolve in transparent calm…

It was enough to look at a blade of grass — and it seemed that its whole life was on the palm of the soul. Here — a butterfly flew and dropped the proboscis into a flower, enjoying the nectar. Here — a robin flew up and sat quite next, looked into Rada’s eyes with its curious eyes and sang. Here — a hare left the forest with a leisurely gait.

Blagoslav and Rada stood quietly, without stirring, and the hare did not notice them. It was sitting a little — and then went further in its hare deeds…

The sun was rising higher — and the dew droplets shone like little suns.

Rada has seen all this more than once, but… not so…

Now she suddenly realized that she herself is an integral part of this beautiful world, the same as dewdrop, like a bird, like a hare. And there is God — the Great, Infinite, Loving, Who has created all this, Who fills it all with His Life, His Love, Power, Beauty!

And it could be observed, felt how His life-giving Energy flows in small grass and in huge trees… Everything was pervaded by His Presence…

Rada felt how this Force filled her too! Both body and soul — everything exists only because there is He — the Creator, Parent, Father and Mother!

The silence was filled with the presence of the Living, Affectionate, Infinite in extension Ocean of the Universal Consciousness…

Blagoslav had begun to speak very quietly and slowly:

“You wanted to cognize God, granddaughter… Here — is a special place. Here, it is easy to feel God — if to dissolve in space by the soul and proceed by your love to Him.

“And it’s not only you want to feel God, but God wants to show Himself to you! Look, listen, remember!

“God is everywhere. But here — He is especially clear for us.

“And we — need to learn to perceive Him so clearly — everywhere and always.

“If you always will be with God, as now, then all your life will be in harmony with Him!

“This is what we should learn every day of our lives. And when we learn fully — we become One with Him — like your father, like a lot of Others.”

… Rada was glad to see Radomir’s smiling Eyes, His gentle Hands, and then many-many other Divine Faces and Hands which permeated and supported life on the planet and its beauty.

A clear understanding had come that God is in her, around her, that He is present in everything and in everyone…

And He is the living tender Love!

… Rada woke up, as if from a dream, and looked around.

It was the same beautiful lake, grass, sunlight caressing shining drops of dew…

But that feeling of Oneness did not return.

Rada looked at her grandfather.

He stood motionless and, apparently, still perceived the world, which for a short time was perceived by her.

… Then they slowly returned home, collecting herbs.

Rada now knew that she must learn to feel always this feeling of Unity with God. And — to live so: in God and with God in herself!

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