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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Eight: In the Community

Chapter Eight:
In the Community

Rada has led Alexey into a small hut.

Alexey asked:

“Why did the head, your grandfather, tell me that I must decide whether to renounce the faith?”

“Don’t be afraid, Alexey! You do not have to utter any words of renunciation, or perform some new rituals!

“Rites of all kinds, renunciations, new baptisms… — all they are only human conventions… You yourself said that at the table! The Living Knowledge, the Living God — does not fit in human ceremonies and rules!

“You do not have to renounce your faith in Jesus! Jesus — He actually lived on the Earth, taught the Divine Knowledge!

“But if you want to know what are the laws of the Divine life, according to which everything in all worlds has its own being and development, — then you will have to know that the ministers of the church will consider this as sins and heresy, because in the church books the Teachings of Jesus Christ were not saved in its fullness!

“Yes, there is much in the Teachings of God that is not written in books!

“Even if you learn all that Jesus knew and could, then, do you think that the ritualists will consider you as a saint? Do you think that they will listen to you? And if you will start to preach that every person — according to the commandments of Jesus — should learn to live so as to become Perfect, like Heavenly Father is Perfect, — what do you think: what will they say about you then? In what will they accuse you?”

“Does this mean that you know everything that Jesus taught?” — Alexey raised a clear, radiant gaze to Rada. He now listened to the most important for him in her words.

Rada smiled tenderly, gently:

“But not only Jesus taught about God! Many were Those Who were like Jesus! And They came to the Earth in different ages — to tell people about the Single Teachings of God!

“And there were times in Russia when very many people lived according to the Divine Laws, not only one Divine Messenger Who spoke to people the words of God… People knew about God, heard Him, saw Him, understood Him and learned from Him to muster skills and strengths, which God granted to each person — as an opportunity! But now most people do not even hear about it…”

“Can you...? Do you know everything about how to do what Jesus knew to do?”

“No, I cannot yet do everything… But I’m studying…”

“But you have healed the boy! You, in fact, healed him by the Power of God! Right?”

“Yes, Alexey. I already know it in part — to favor God to manifest His Power through this body.

“The most important that I learn now is to live in such a way that I and the Heavenly Father, as Jesus said, become One. And — so that, what Jesus explained, to become the essence of the soul…”

“Tell me: what is your faith?”

“It would be wrong to tell about it only in words. It is not a faith at all, it is life itself in the union with the Divine world and with the earthly world created by God!

“You have the faith in what is written in the New Testament. You have read it — and believe that all was namely so. It is because you have been taught this way: you were told that this was so — and you do believe. Much that there was written, in fact, was. And something — was composed later. And most part was not recorded at all…

“I, after I saw you then, decided to read everything that is written in the Bible. I read the Gospels especially carefully. I was reading — and as if watching — as if existing now — everything that happened there then. And I listened to the explanations from Jesus Himself.”

“Can you see Jesus?”

“I can… And you can also see the Light of God, see Jesus! For you, sometimes it turns out too! True?”

“I do not know… I thought, those were illusions… I did not dare to believe that this was a reality…”

“You told our people about your faith — and Jesus was near! Did you feel Him yourself?”

“I did not see… I did not think that it could be so…”

“But grandfather — saw. And others, who already know how, have seen. They have recognized the purity and sincerity of your words — thanks to this!

“You asked about our faith.

“For you, God is Jesus Himself, also — the Heavenly Father, also — the Kingdom of Heaven, which only after parting of the soul with the body can be cognized and gained by the soul if it deserves that…

“And for me, everything seems to be different. In everything — I see and feel the Divine Presence: both in birches, and pines, and in grass blades, and in flowers, and in that Power of God Which quickens all this and even the bodies — both yours, and mine, and of other creatures!

“I see this Force-Light by the soul. And I see, too, Those Who are sending this Force to this world. There are a lot of Them! They can also be called Gods! They are like Jesus!

“Jesus taught many people! But then almost no one understood Him, except for a few Disciples. And now — even less people understand about the life of Jesus, about His Teachings.”

“And you? Do you understand everything?”

“You, Alexey, do not get excited! Much that I myself know and understand, I’m ready to tell you without secret. But explanations only in words are of little importance! They would only shake your faith…

“If you want to, I’ll teach you everything I can.

“When you will not only hear the words from me, but you learn to see and act by the free soul, — then everything will be perceived differently!

“But only — you decide this: will you want that?”

“I want it! How could it be otherwise?! All my life I’ve dreamed about it! I asked Jesus for it!”

“And will you not be afraid that I will enchant you?”

“I will not be afraid! I know that God brought me here to you!

“And will you teach me to heal any illnesses miraculously, like Jesus?”

“I will teach all that I have already cognized… But only — not all in a row from all diseases should be healed. Jesus, too, did not heal all the ill!

“Jesus — healed by the Power of the Heavenly Father. In order to heal so, it is necessary that it should be, as Jesus explained it: ‘The Father Who abides in Me, He does deeds…’.

“I will teach this, as I can.”

“Can you talk with Jesus?”

“I can…”

“Then ask Him…”

“Wait, Alexey!… If you want, then afterwards you will have conversations with God yourself! And there will be no doubt then in the answers!

“And now you need to wash your body.”

Rada extended Alexey the white shirt embroidered on the collar and sleeves with a pattern, trousers, putties, a woven belt:

“Here — clean clothes for you… I hope it will be right!

“And I will wash your vestment and dry it…”

Alexey was confused:

“Better — I myself! Show me — where?”

“Mikula, our blacksmith, has already heated up the bathhouse, let’s go!

“And I’ll put you to sleep for now.”

… After the bath, Alexey, dressed in clean, accompanied by Mikula, returned to the hut, where Rada was waiting.

He wanted to ask a lot more, but the fatigue of the last days took its toll. Alexey fell asleep in a blissful and happy sleep.

He dreamed of Rada, her eyes, her hands, her tender voice…

… In the morning he confirmed his firm desire to learn.

“How it’s good!” — Rada did not hide the joy, which filled her heart, her happiness from what was happening!

She smiled to Alexey:

“Let’s go to Grandpa! It is necessary for him to know about your decision. But he will not immediately induct you into the community. It is necessary to think: how to arrange everything…”

* * *

Blagoslav greeted Alexey gently:

“Well, sit down, guest! I’m glad that you want to study! You are not afraid!

“And did you think about how to live on?”

“I do not know yet… It’s if the old life is over, and the new one has not started yet…”

“And why is given the life to man, in general? Did you think about that, Lexey?”

“I thought about that a lot, but I could not find an answer… It is evident that this is why I sought the answers from God, but not from people…”

“You speak well!

“Okay, we need to think about our affairs now.”

… Blagoslav explained about the difficulties that they need to resolve in order to carry out the desired:

“In a cruel world, we must now live, Lexey!

“Now, if, knowing about our community, you will express your opinion on us in the confession or elsewhere, then you will betray us to those who seek to eradicate all people who do not believe as they believe, do not, as they, glorify God… What will happen then?

“And here, in the community, to stay forever — is dangerous too… You, perhaps, will be searched for…”

“I will not betray you ever! Even if they torture me! I will better take death!”

“A person does not always know about oneself, what level of pain he or she can endure, as well as what fear of new tortures… The executioners are now inventive…”

* * *

Blagoslav, Alexey, Rada, and the community members discussed for a long time, how Alexey’s training could be better arranged.

As a result, they decided that Alexey would return to his hermitage, so as not to cause even small suspicions among people in the village. About his visits he can warn beforehand — and search for him then will not be. In those days, there were monks who went to live in caves or in forest shelters — through even more ascetic life — to approach God. That’s how Alexey will explain about himself.

They also decided that Rada will teach him, without bringing him into the community without a special need. She will find a place for meetings, where it is inconspicuously possible to tell and show Alexey the main. And then it will be seen, how to continue to be with him in future…

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