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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Five: Conversations with Radomir

Chapter Five:
Conversations with Radomir

Soon Veliyar and his wife left the community altogether. He thought that along with him other community members should follow, but it turned out that he had expelled only himself.

For all people of the community this time was not easy.

Rada was upset about the departure of Veliyar — as a great disaster. Although Blagoslav told her that this was a relief and one should rejoice that Veliyar walked out by his own will. This way — it was not necessary to expel him.

Rada after, too, talked much with Radomir. Father praised her:

“Well done, My daughter! You spoke well before the people: you were not afraid to say words from God!”

“How is it — from God?”

“That’s how it happened: God — through you — spoke, My daughter! And from now on, you will learn how to distinguish the Voice of God in yourself!”

“I could say something, maybe I even said… But is there much sense from this?

“Too much in our community have now become not well…

“For example — Veliyar and his wife have gone…

“Many people are afraid of my grandfather. They listen, but they themselves do not agree with everything, they think differently… Veliyar — he was not afraid to talk about what he thinks against grandfather, but the anger in him has grown, and everything has ended so that I cannot imagine anything worse…”

“Why do you think that it has ended badly? A lot of people have understood much due to this event! And the lost sensation of the Presence of God always in their lives — they have begun to resurrect! It’s not enough just to remember this, but everyone should feel God by one’s heart, by soul — and live so constantly!

“And people cannot be driven into the Divine Abode by bondage! Everyone has one’s own fire in the soul! Such a fire of love can be united with the Divine Universal Fire!

“As long as personal desires are the main rulers of the soul, while self-concealment obscures the understanding the Divine Will, — that means that such a person is yet not ready to live in Divine Unity!

“… How would you manage the community? Thoughts?”

“To manage the community — I could not… But to live like You, I would like: to help people, explain about what I know… And grandfather used to live like that… But now…”

“And what is now? God is not around?

“In yourself, my daughter, you have to look for the solutions of problems! Maybe, it would be good if you always shine like a sun — in your heart! And — for all the people you would be an example for imitation in the desire to connect one’s life with the Divine Life!”

“I try, but cannot do this always…

“Why sometimes, suddenly, it becomes so empty in the soul? I sometimes think that I forgot how to be happy, how to rejoice… I do what I must, but there is no joy in it… It’s like I have grown old before my time! It’s if I live in captivity! Like a birch, which is rooted to the ground and cannot escape from the place on which it grew…

“I need You to be close!”

“But I’m always near!”

“I know this… But it’s not so as before, when we were nearby in bodies…

“You helped people, taught, healed… And I? I’m learning from my grandfather, it seems, it’s necessary, but nobody needs what I know now!…

“In joy it would be — to help someone even just a very little!…

“Do You understand? — no one needs my such life! And how to change this?

“I thought for a while that if I will love anyone, I’ll marry, I’ll give birth to children, then, at least, I will teach them…”

“Well, daughter, does not anyone take your hand in marriage?”

“No, many would be happy, they lost in admiration… But the heart does not love any of them… And without this — all that makes no sense…

“You, please, ask grandfather to let me heal people in the villages!”

“I’ll try.

“And you — try to have that joy always in the soul, which does not have a cause outside of you, but inside you is born and spreads in the spiritual heart!

“You can do it, but you do not always live so! You now cognize, how this joy of yours can help all around to survive in harsh times!

“You yourself said that when you feel the Father-Svarog, there is no limit to happiness!”

“Yes, that’s it! You’re right! But just this is not enough to enable me to live this way all the time!… Meditation has ended, in which I was in Mergence with God, — and as if the sun, with which I was shining, is shielded by a cloud — and everything is now gray and sad around…”

“You’ve said about a birch tree that it cannot escape from the place where it grew up…

“So, take an example from that birch! Where the place for the birch was determined by God, it grows and gives all its beauty and love, fills the air with its own breathing, this air brings health and strength for all around!

“And if no one admires it, then this does not stop the birch from giving its beauty and love to the world of God!

“Yes, there are such difficult times of our lives, when it is difficult to find origins for joy in the external. And all events are not as we would like… In such spaces of time, you can learn to very deeply connect yourself — as a soul — with God! It is necessary not only to seek for oneself peace and protection in His Love and All-Power, cognizing Him — the Great, the One, the Endless. But we must begin to radiate His Love! In the gray dark that has thickened around — you can shine like a sun, while little! To this sun, God gives His Power — to shine!

“Such a life with God can transform the energies of sadness — into the radiance of love or into a gentle calm-caress. Try it! If thoughts of sadness prevail — do not just hide them in yourself or drive them away, but rather transform them into love!

“Do you remember? — Grandfather taught you how to dance in the morning: how to greet the sun, how to greet the world with the sunny joy! You know — how! And why do you not do it yourself every day?…

“Begin every morning — with the sunrise dancing in the soul!

“The heart, united with the Divine Love, can shine like the Sun!

“If you have cleared within the body and soul the space for God, also if your love for God is strong, pure — then God fills your spiritual heart! Streams of the Divine Light, like streams of a fountain, can then pour through your hands! Your love and God’s Love unite in your spiritual heart — and, having been merged, they can flow, shine, radiate!

“Grandfather taught you so to meet the sunrise in the morning.

“But it is important — the Sun of Divine Love to rise inside, in you! And not only at the dawn, in the morning it can and must shine! This state must be very firmly connected with the soul within the spiritual heart! Give your heart to God — for Him to shine, love, to create through you!

“Cognize that such a flow of your love, connected with God’s Love, can flow from above or below, from behind, or vice versa, back! Learn to direct such flows! Let them stream in all directions at the same time or assemble into a directed Ray! For — through your body and you as a soul — the Love of God to illuminate this world!

“Learn to pass such Flows through your hands! Then — it will be easy for Me to teach you further!

“Learn to live as the soul — huge, free from the body!

“You used to see Me in a small Appearance. But look:”

Radomir showed Rada that the whole space above the surface of the Earth and below it — for huge distances — is enveloped with His Light and Love.

“Well, hug Me Whole!”

Rada tried — and understood how small she is still: she could not envelop all that Light of Radomir, could not sink to the end in those Depths that He could reveal!

“Here you see! And you say that you are bored and sad to live, nothing to do! Better learn — while there is time for this!

“Learn to give all the space around — the harmony, which, in Union with God, you are cognizing yourself! It must always be, whatever you do! Even if you just travel somewhere, or you are conversing with someone, or you admire the beauty of nature, or you are cooking porridge — all this can be illuminated with God’s Light that burns in you-soul!

“It is necessary to offer God to show for people and all beings His Love-Tenderness — through yourself, with yourself! This is how the soul gets Oneness with God!

“And then — you will be able to learn at any distance to see, hear, help people, prompt to them true decisions!

“Why did you learn to feel the hands of the soul, if these hands idle now, though they could become all-embracing? Why did you study to see and warm all with the Ray of God’s Love, if now you forget to do this work? While the benefit of your work is not great so far, this is not an excuse for spiritual idleness: ‘I do not know how much I can do!’”

“But one does not need a body for such help at all! You can do it better now!”

“But, if I can do it better, then why you should not master it?

“Not this way!

“And your hour will come, do not rush! Learn — while there is time! But do not waste it in vain!”

… After Radomir had a conversation also with Blagoslav.

Blagoslav played it cool in public, but what had happened in the community — that was hard for him. He felt his guilt.

Radomir was easily perceived by him. He easily understood also what will be discussed.

Radomir started:

“Father, weaken your will by which you hold the community! This has turned into the obedience to you!”

“Do You want everyone to defect like Veliyar, who wanted to live by his own free will? No! I will save the community!”

“Don’t get excited!… Do you remember how you taught Me as a child — to ride a horse? You talked about how to get along in harmony with the horse:

‘If the rider weakens his will completely and allows the horse to command — it’s worthless!

‘If the horseman only imposes his will and does not feel his horse, it is also worthless: the horse wants to be not a slave, but a friend! And the one who is in slavery — will betray in a difficult moment!

“One needs to make a horse a friend, to learn feeling it as oneself — every step of it, every leap!

“If the fear of a fiery obstacle or a jump from a height can arise in a horse, then the able rider can preempt this fear with his will! One needs to unite the horse’s strength and one’s own strength! It is necessary to make united the will of a horse and rider!

“Then such a horse will be a friend: it will not fail both in battle and on the road, it will bear a wounded-insensitive rider from misfortune!”

“Look at You! You are now without a body — but remember!…”

“I remember, father! I remember that because you taught Me wisely! But now feel that you convert our people into slaves…

“But people are not dumb animals! Every man is endowed — by God! — with a free will! Therefore, when people are deprived of freedom, the protest grows in them!

“Even difficult and unpleasant work — if by one’s own will — the person in joy will do it! But, if by coercion, without the internal consent — then the work as if becomes convict labor!

“When understanding the need for a work is realized by a person, then joy accompanies him or her both in spiritual deed and secular, large, little, daily, and hourly!

“But in captivity, even the free birds do not sing! Love dies in them! And in people — that is much more!

“And Rada can also be extinguished if you do not support her aspirations for God, if her desire to help people is suppressed always!

“Even she, though she is not afraid but loves you, but, in fact, she also feels distress from your sternness!”

“But what is her grief?”

“Here’s an example: she sewed for you a shirt and embroidered it, but you did not even try it on!”

“But the old shirt — it’s still fit!…”

“Yes, it is. And your granddaughter has gotten sad, because you were not pleased!… Trifle it is, of course. She has forgotten about that long ago. But from the little things, such a lot in your lives is formed. She is doing everything good for you, is trying to display love, but you — as a due take all the good from her and only draw attention to drawbacks — and scold her… She does not have enough love! She needs, at least, the good word from you!

“And people in the community have already forgotten when your smile was last seen!”

“What am I to them: a kind of buffoon?”

“No, father! But people had begun to live in fear of you! For their deeds, they wait for not God’s Opinion, but they are afraid of your displeasure! Not good it!”

“Yeah… It’s all wrong now…”

“The fear destroys love!

“You yourself taught Me how the will of one person, fighting with the will of another one, — frets, violates a harmony in the space around.

“And you yourself explained how the combination of strength, intentions of good, and gusts of creating love — simultaneously in many souls — multiplies force and energy for actions!

“You taught me all this! And souls, united in love and work, — they become a great force! It is for this reason — people began to live in communities! And if God is in that unity — the Chief, then, you yourself know!…

“You care about people, about the community you live. Through that — the giving of your love is accomplished. Through that, you yourself feel the benefit of your life in the Service for God. Understand how significant it is! As our people do not have enough of the same!

“It is impossible — only for oneself to cultivate perfecting and not ‘sour’ like cabbage soup, which no one eats for many days…

“You, father, compare others with yourself. But not all have love-aspiration for God as strong as in you! Not for everyone — God in life has become already so important that any test seems a trifle!

“For this reason, people began to live in communities, because it is much easier to burn with love for God alongside others who are also flared up!

“If the campfire burns — then all the twigs and logs in it create a joint flame. Just so — the community should live!

“And if to make a mess of a campfire, then one by one the twigs will only weakly smolder and die away soon. Maybe only the large logs will burn for a while, but they will extinguish soon too…

“Do you remember how you before conducted common meditations? You helped all then to feel the Unity in the Divine Light. Do you remember how you gave each spiritual assignment, and not just on the au pair? Can you revive this for the people?”

… Since that conversation, Blagoslav has changed in many ways. He both caresses Rada often, and with people began less to manifest austerity, also explained now: why he so decided and for what it is needed.

He returned the custom of common meditations. Love for God and love between people — strengthened.

Again peace and joy returned to the community.

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