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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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Chapter Eleven: Earthly Love and Love Divine

Chapter Eleven:
Earthly Love and Love Divine

Everything in Alexey’s life could now be fine, overflowing with happiness… Except here was the love for Rada…

His attitude towards her was so sublime!

At first, Alexey did not even understand that this love is real, deep!

Rada was so beautiful! Thick eyelashes, clear eyes!… They sometimes turned blue, like the sky! Or sometimes — attracted into the peace and immersed in silence…

How radiant and enthusiastic was her gaze, with which — only being near — she could embrace with kindness and calm!

Never before did Alexey think that a person could be as she! In his view, the possibility of existence of such Beauty, Purity, and Holiness could be considered only in relation to the Heavenly, Divine, invisible and unknowable world!

She gave Alexey the opportunity to brighter, more fully perceive the Divine World!

This was the most important now in his life!

But… he could not notice what was happening with them… The occasional touch of just fingertips, the touch of a strand of hair or a meeting with glances — were enough to make Alexey flooded with the sea of tenderness! Love for her has become immense — like the sea! It was happiness, in which two souls merged in an amazing unity!

Alexey realized that a love can exist not only for God, but for Rada too. And this love cannot be extinguished, cannot be torn out of the heart!

Alexey did not know how he should behave now… He — a monk — how dare he to break a vow?

Alexey decided to be taught further, but not to allow himself to think about the “earthly love”. He began to avoid glances and touches… He tried to forbid himself what would be so natural to man…

He did not tell Rada about all these experiences. But she always knew all his thoughts and emotions. And — she tried not to rush.

Rada also had fallen in love with Alexey from their first meeting. She saw and understood everything that was happening in the thoughts and emotions of her beloved. And — patiently waited.

She learned to sweep away in her emotions those which could bring suffering from incompleteness in their relationship.

She learned to be grateful for the happiness that fate had already given her. “I’ll see him again, I’ll embrace him with the soul, I’ll be near, I’ll help him!”

* * *

But internal prohibitions prevented Alexey. He did not know how to live with this…

So strong and beautiful was the fire of love for Rada that he was not free to extinguish this flame, this shining lamp in the soul!

He turned to Jesus and asked Him for help:

“My Lord, I can no longer resist what overfilled me!

“I clearly feel that this love for Rada strengthens my Love for You! And should I then try to give it up? How can this be done? Not to see her ever? But then those Heavenly Heights will not be opened to me! I mean those Heights, which Rada teaches, and to which I aspire to rise by the soul — to draw near to You!

“Is this my weakness? Is it my sin? But… how can it be a sin — to see such radiance of souls in love?!”

… Jesus said:

"In vain you torment both Rada and yourself! Why do you deprive her and yourself of the happiness that I am sending to you?”

“I have taken the vow of a monk, I swore an oath! How can I break it?”

“All such ‘rules’ and rites are invented by people, not by God! You know this already!”

“Yes… But I gave my vow on my own and that was my own choice! No one forced me!…”

“Love is a gift from God to man! Learning to love your neighbor, man learns to love God!

“Ipso facto of intimate relations between a man and a woman, who love one another, — there is no sin! This closeness teaches the great tenderness and the ability to merge by souls! It is more difficult to learn the Love of God in its fullness and the Mergence with the Creator — not knowing the earthly love!

“Now I, before Whom you made the monastic vow, — I free you from this vow! Call Rada! I Myself will bless your union!”

There was no need to call Rada. She approached — quiet, gentle — and stood beside…

Jesus called them husband and wife.

* * *

Ecstasy of merging bodies and souls… Happiness! This has not been in their lives yet!

Happiness did not fit in their bodies and poured out, covering the breadth of space around! It was — as if drops of sun-spray flew! And in each such drop the radiance of Divine Love burned!

It was a world of joy and happiness — simple and beautiful, as everything was in the Divine Creation in its pristine Purity and Harmony!

Happiness was so great both in the sky above their bodies, in the Earth beneath their feet, in all the beauty around!

… Nothing external has changed. The sun and the sky were the same as yesterday and the day before yesterday… The same were both the lake, and the sandy shore, and the twitter of birds, and the fragrance of flowers. But all this seemed to have been transformed in an incredible way!

… They bathed, then turned naked bodies with droplets of water on them — to the rays of the sun.

Then, Rada went round in an amazing dance! It was a dance of gratitude to God for the wonderful and amazing that was presented to them by the Creator-Father and Jesus!

God filled all the surrounding with His Light and Love: sunbeams, glare on the water surface, foliage on the trees, blades of grass, flowers… And the same Light streamed in the bodies of Rada and Alexey, hugging from all sides — both her, and Alexey, and everything that was around!…

He tried to put into words what he had felt:

“How amazing it is! And people could live like this! For this, no special conditions are needed — so that, like this, with God, to merge in love and harmony!

“Is this the paradise?”

… Rada smiled tenderly:


“There is in the universe the power of love-attraction. Usually, people have the first touches to this energy, when there arises between them a mutual attraction and a desire for unity, for creation of a family and birth of children.

“But, if this connection is reduced only to pleasures of flesh, then such people impoverish themselves…

“Everything, which is inherent to the flesh, remains in the earthly world, when souls leave it. But the developed love — remains in the eternal life of souls!

“The love between a man and a woman — can be beautiful! So it was conceived by the Creator! It teaches the merging and dissolving — just like the natural beauty as well!

“All people, living on the Earth, are given the opportunity to experience the joy of such being — and to develop themselves through it!

“Jesus also had a beloved… Her name was Mary Magdalene. She was His disciple.

“And Jesus never said that the love between a man and a woman is a sin!

“The lust is a vice. Lust is the desire of a human self to possess what is desired at all costs…

“The love is a mutual giving of happiness, bliss, tenderness, caring! In this gift and acceptance — a person can muster the most beautiful state of the soul! This is the prototype of the love of the soul for God! Through it — the ability grows to understand of an other, to live in the mutuality, in unity…”

Alexey had seen the face of Mary Magdalene in the play of Light. Thick brown hair, brown eyes, tender hands… Jesus was also present. But now Mary was speaking. She said:

“I’m now with Jesus. Through love to Him — everything was transformed in the soul! Through that — I was approaching to the Heavenly Father!

“Such a love does not end with the death of bodies! In the Great Ocean of God — you can be forever with Those Whom you love!

“True love between a man and a woman is beautiful and pure! It must transform human lives and bring closer to the Perfection.

“But people have turned this most beautiful emotion, arising between souls, — by their bad thoughts and “rules” — into the “forbidden” and “sinful”…

“How many people make sins, which are created as if in secret!… And then — like by a worm — it’s a gnawing in the soul… This state of eternal guilt and sinfulness becomes more and more persistent…

“Only the purification of the soul from vices makes it possible to throw off those fetters, to start the new pure life — before God!

“It happens that, where one is not really clean, — this one thinks oneself honest and righteous…

“And it also happens that people’s opinions are false about sins…

“Living both in fear or melancholy, in the struggle against other people for possessing the desired — very many souls forget how to feel the subtle shades of love, bliss, tenderness, and endearment! They are as if blinded and deaf, they see only darkness around! It’s as if such souls are paralyzed and cannot move under the weight of their vices, their cruelty! As if by a impenetrable wall, people fenced themselves off from God! This was, what I was, before meeting with Jesus…

“And Jesus returned to the blinded souls the ability to see, to deaf — the ability to hear, to paralyzed — the ability to heal themselves and move towards the Light!

“The main awakening of the soul is the ability to unselfish love! And many of those who have been so awakened, after will want to cognize the Heavenly Love…

“Two mutually loving human beings are like two vessels, of which the water, which was in them, was combined into one! Before, two separate vessels were — and now there is a new state of souls, which already cannot fit into the previous boundaries!

“So also the perfect Soul flows into the Creator. It’s like a small vessel which pours its waters and — through it — becomes Part of the Ocean!

“So, many of Devotees poured Themselves into this Divine Ocean — as Transformed, Perfect Souls — and through that the Heavenly Kingdom multiplied.

“In this way, Jesus once had become One with the Heavenly Father. And after — He had come to the Earth — as the Son, Who is One with God-the-Father, — to remind people that this is possible, and just for this they live on the Earth!

“In this Unity — there is a higher Happiness, which can be cognized by souls!

“The world of the Creation was created by God so that people could cognize all it and grow, develop through this — up to the Mergence with the Divine Love!

“How We would like — to return them the ability to live in harmony with God and with His Creation! Then — a little more — and you can immerse yourself in the Depths! There — the Endless World opens, the Infinite Ocean, where there is only the Creator — One in Multitude, Who represents by Himself the Great Love, Wisdom, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence!

“When a soul opens for itself the life in the heart love — then the Path of growth to the State of Divinity becomes revealed before it! This is the Path to the Unity with the Divine All-Creating Power!”

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