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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Two: On Recognition, on Power of a Soul and Temptations of Pride

Chapter Two:
On Recognition, on Power of a Soul and Temptations of Pride

Now Alexey had many opportunities to talk with Blagoslav. He often raised the theme of the possibility of transforming the religious life in the country.

For Alexey, these were not just conversations, but also an attempt to understand how it would be done in reality, taking into account the knowledge that he acquired now.

Blagoslav did not leave talking. On the contrary, he told what he knew about the past history of the state. And sometimes — he expressed his opinion about the current situation in Russia.

Looking at Alexey, he often seemed to recognize his son Radomir. They were united by the desire to actively replace the darkness of spiritual ignorance — with the light of true knowledge of God, to tell people about the essence of good and evil, about how the fate of each person is built — on this basis.

Sometimes, when Blagoslav strove to “lower the dreamer to the ground”, he saw that, on the contrary, the certainty became even stronger in Alexey that it would be possible to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Refusal to attempt to influence what was happening in the country was seen by Alexey as wrong:

“Does it mean to live so for years? And do nothing to help people: to stop the horror, the cruelty that many people are doing today — as if in the name of God?!”

“How did you manage, Alexey, to enter the monastic life, if you are so concerned about the worldly order and the welfare of the people? The origin of you — a nobleman, you could have become an adviser to the king…”

"But I’m not talking about worldly prosperity,” — Alexey smiled, — “but about the righteous spiritual law for lay people and for people, who accepted on themselves church vows and want to serve the Lord! Without it, no peace and prosperity can come in the state! Without the true spiritual knowledge — the life of the mundane is so meaningless! And impossible is a real order in the church life under such conditions!”

“So, do you want to add one more new faith to those which already exist? Do you think that all people will accept it, if to devise this?

“But — it does not happen like this! Everything will be turned inside out — and only a new war with ‘heresies’ will be accomplished!…

“Look: Bashkirs are rebelling now… They name One God as Allah, but up to this day they rely on their shamans and ‘the gods of the former’!

“And how many other different nationalities live in the country, and everyone — professes their own faith! Do you guess?

“Will you offer all of them your new faith? Do you think that everyone will want to believe in your version?

“And do you think that you’ll be able to eliminate the split in the Orthodox Church by only your one book?…”

“I do not know yet what to do…

“You say truly that it’s impossible to unite all by one faith: only new violence will come!…

“But it’s possible to issue such a law so that people know that One God is behind all beliefs! And — so persecutions and killings because of the faith are banned!

“They say that the young king today is ready to establish new orders in everything. He began to change life in the country! Maybe he could do useful things also in matters of the spiritual?”

“Yes, I heard it!… He ordered boyars to shave their beards, to wear clothes like Latins — both men and women… I do not see a big meaning in this!…

“He also ordered to build ships, he wages wars to show to the whole world the greatness and power of the country… But will it work out well, if all the neighboring states become afraid of the power of our country?… I do not think this is good!”

“That’s why it is necessary for him to be offered the spiritual life reforms! It is also necessary to tell him that it is shameful for a great state to continue serf slavery, where people can be sold like livestock!”

“Well spoken! But who will listen to you? They will kill you — and the whole tale!…

“And you still do not have the strength to rule countries and to advise the rulers how to conduct properly matters of the state!”

“And what? — is there such a force?”

“It happens… Yes, but it is only rarely, when they use it for the good…

“It is good when God protects one from personal might, which one cannot yet comprehend and endure!

“If you understand, God gives to everyone the strength to live and make good decisions — and that is good! But if one’s strength exceeds the understanding of this person, then great troubles can come from that: with the man individually, and for others nearby!

“I’ll tell you a little, and you then think for yourself!

“There was a very ancient time, when for the Magi, whose strength and skills were not deprived, it was necessary to decide: what to do so that their knowledge would not be lost in the darkness of ignorance…

“I told you already before that some of them, wise, went to the forest, began to live secretly, and then that knowledge was passed on to the worthy righteous successors and keepers — from generation to generation…

“But there were also those who decided to share particles of their knowledge and skills to at least some outsiders. They accepted the beliefs of the new rulers ‘for the sight’, tried to include scraps from the knowledge into the new rites and rules…

“Some of them possessed great strength of the soul… And where there is power — there a multitude of temptations appear in using it.

“Ingenious are temptations to the pride of man! There are many dangers, from which the purity of the perception of the Divine can be very easily lost!

“For example, some of them accepted the new faith only ‘for the sight’ — as if to preserve the lives of people and valuable knowledge… But the lie — has entered their lives!… And, the further the more that lie imperceptibly enslaved such souls: here people distort the truth — like for the benefit of the other people, there — they add a little fiction to the truth…

“Some on this way — had become dishonest altogether…

“And they justified it by saying that they are doing it for the good of people and saving the lives of many…

“Others of them were tempted by the earthly riches…

“And some have made pompousness predominant in the religious management…

“Some — wanted to win in the battles for ‘our’ people over the ‘strange’ people…

“It happens that it’s easy for souls with great power to achieve what they want… And the result is often sad… The unclean minds of such persons distort the understanding of the Truth!

“Even the Revelations perceived from God — a selfish mind can start to falsify, even ‘attach to God’ one’s own opinions…

“Usually a person, blinded by pride or vanity, does not notice this, processing with him or her. Imperceptibly so — lie with truth get entangled!… And one, who is a great and strong soul, rarely has doubts in oneself! Too sure this one is — in the ‘rightness’ of one’s own!

“That’s how the leader between people turns out to become a person, who does not doubt that God acts through him or her… And such person convinces everyone in this…

“From the greatly increased self and pride, one is very near to falling into rudeness, hatred, tyranny!…

“Magic white and magic black — what differences do they have? What do you think? The goals are good of the white magic, and of the black magic — sort of like, evil? And who will distinguish the border between them? Are you getting into it?”

“Yes, but how to understand? How not to be mistaken? Do not touch at all the knowledge about the Power of the Divine? Do not use that knowledge?

“In Orthodoxy, this is called a temptation or seduction, that is, the machinations of the devil… And they are afraid of all the fears of such temptations! For such a soul they consider it a perdition — with eternal burning in hell in punishment!

“Even the thought of admitting that God can be heard and seen — the priests are now afraid… If one has developed in oneself these vision and hearing — then this one is ‘from the impure’!…

“But Jesus showed the Might of God! And He did the miracles for people — to believe Him! And it was obvious to them that from God is this Might!”

“Yes, this was the Mission of Jesus… However, not all people had recognized Him then. Many doubters were there: is He of God?

“But look: Jesus, indeed, had the Power — to avoid the death of the cross, to punish the executioners in the face of the whole people… How do you think: why did He not do this?”

“In fulfillment of the prophecies… And in order to show the power of love and faith…

“And yet — He showed the greatness of forgiveness to those who persecuted Him and killed His body.

“And the miracle of the Resurrection — without the death of His body — would not have been revealed!”

“Yes, that’s right! Jesus showed much to people — both Love, and Humility, and Power!

“But what is now going on with His Teachings all over the Earth?!

“There is still much that you, Alexey, have to know — in union of the soul with God! Do not rush! And then — both Wisdom and Power will prevail!

“And it can’t be yours — this power! It is God’s!

“Also — it’s not easy: to live when all the people around are like children to you!

“For me, only our community members are like relatives! And the rest of people — I’m just learning to love them with God’s Love. And you — how you have decided it: ‘The Orthodox priest of all Russia!’… I’m kidding, of course! But how much responsibility such love imposes — you still have to understand!

“You now learn to weigh each step, every word, every action! You have already become a soul not small! And your every thought, emotion, every decision and action — not only leaves a little mark in the space of the universe and dissipates after. But you can already influence significantly many events and fates connected in a certain chain… Take responsibility for this! Act so that for your every word and deed you could give life! Do so, not to be ashamed — both before people and before God!”

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