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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Six: Meeting with Alexey

Chapter Six:
Meeting with Alexey

A few more years passed.

Rada was now learning a lot from Radomir. She studied to feel the Will of God in the soul and to manifest It. Studied — the soul’s work in mastering the new. Studied — to see, to feel by herself-soul space at a great distance. Studied — how to help people in the same way, without bodies, as non-incarnate Divine Souls do.

Rada asked her grandfather and, with his permission, went to heal the ill in the remote villages. Blagoslav sometimes allowed the granddaughter to do it. Although he was afraid for her, he understood that without practice, she would not be able to be sure of her new knowledge and skills.

The young healer surprised people by coming, uncalled by anyone, to the house where trouble was. And where she lived, where she came from — no one knew.

One late autumn Blagoslav and Rada collected rare healing plants. They left far away from the place where the community lived. They spent the night in the forest near the campfire.

Rada before sleeping had sunk into a transparent silence and calm. But… in this silence clearly and strongly sounded a call for help from a strong and clean soul.

“Grandpa, do you hear? Someone has gotten in trouble! Maybe among ours?”

“I hear… But only there is no one of us! Sleep!”

“Grandpa, let me go to see what has happened there?”

“No! This village is too close to our community, we should not be there!

“And the fear of death should not be in the soul of a worthy person: death exists only for bodies!

“And we should not risk our lives without sense!”

“Well, grandpa! How can we not help?”

“Be silent now! God not for that sends difficulties and challenges to people, so that we find solutions for them…


… But Rada could not fall asleep. So obvious and bright was the call to God for help, so bright and pure that soul was!

Rada began to look at the situation carefully with clairvoyance. She saw a sick boy and a young man who tried to heal the child and asked for help of God in that healing.

And Rada had an understanding that she should go and help, because God blesses this.

She called Radomir, asked for advice.

“It’s up to you, daughter! No one has the right to decide instead of you here. But very much in your further life depends on the choice of your will.”

He said this, hugged, kissed gently, and left.

Rada was left one for a choice.

She hesitated a little more… She checked: was what guided her choice here neither her personal desire to help everyone, nor the fear of disobeying her grandfather, nor fear of compromising the secluded life of the community members — but only God’s Will? She felt that God allows her to help that soul.


She rose quietly, so as to not wake Blagoslav.

She whispered: “Forgive me, grandpa, if I misunderstood God, if something goes wrong with me!”.

… She walked for a long time — quickly and easily, as if flying on wings. The stars shone in the sky, the moon was bright and illuminated the inconspicuous animal paths — as if the way before her spread out itself.

And the call for help was steady, strong, unselfish. Like a fire burning in space, not fading for a minute. It was very easy to see the direction to go.

In the morning, when the sun rose brightly, Rada has reached the needed village and found that house.

A teenage girl opened the door. She was not afraid of the stranger, as if she was waiting for a Divine miracle, which was about to be accomplished.

Rada saw a sick boy in the bed, a praying man on his knees in a monk’s vestment.

“The result of my self-will?...”

She had swept aside, like a gray shadow, the wave of fear that tried to come: “If the death of the body should be taken, then it is necessary to calmly and dignifiedly do it, like my father had done once!”.

She looked again by the soul on that man.

There was no feeling of danger from him.

The Light of God in his spiritual heart burned brightly! He tried to direct the Light through the hands. But he did not understand clearly how to do it. He tried to heal the boy, but it did not work out for him…

A tearful woman, standing on her knees before the icons, stood up towards Rada. There was no strength or hope in her, there was only confusion in her thoughts, depression, and feeling of guilt of her own in everything…

She was barely able to stand on her feet and was unaware of what was happening.

Rada bowed to all by earthly bow. She said that she would cure the boy.

None of those present was surprised either at the arrival of Rada, or about how she learned about the illness of the child.

Rada felt clearly the Presence of the Divine Power in herself. Calm was in the soul from the understanding that she has the right now to pour out this Divine Power, and it is necessary for both this monk, and this girl, and this unfortunate woman — to be the eyewitness…

Rada put her hands on and asked the Divine Light to spill, washing all the dark clots of painful energies from the child’s body, restoring purity, restoring the body to health.

… When she left, she looked again at the monk. He slept on the bench in the stoop…

Calm and happy face… The soul is dissolved in the Divine Light, Which filled all the space around. He had dissolved himself in the Light — as if it was his habit.

Rada has not seen for a long time such a beauty and purity of soul!…

And his face was calm and beautiful! Soft light strands of slightly curly hair… A happy smile touched the lips of the sleeper…

… Rada went back, but she kept remembering this person. A monk, a priest — but such a purity and strength of the soul!… “I thought before that it does not happen!”

She had come to Blagoslav, made her excuses, told about everything.

Grandfather listened in discontent silence, frowned.

But Rada still decided to ask:

“Let me talk with this man!”

“No! Forget it! Enough of your disobedience! Trouble can come from what you have already done!…”

… Rada obeyed.

She was not looking herself for the meeting …

She was just happy that there is such a soul on the Earth — bright and loving! And this knowledge now illuminated her life.

Rada had fallen in love.

Love dissolved in the soul unstoppably: like the spring waters, like the life-giving force of the awakening of nature!

Joy and tenderness now flooded everything around, pouring out from the soul by transparent radiant streams! It was — unstoppably! It was — the disclosure of the mysterious depths, in which this tenderness is kept until the spring comes to the soul in its time — and the flower of love dissolves!

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