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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

About us

About us


Peace to you!


The Scientific-Spiritual Ecological Center ‘Swami’ from Saint Petersburg, Russia, greets you.

We are about 10 specialists, including two with the Ph.D. degree (in biology and physics), all others — with higher education. We carry out research, write books, produce films, create methods of spiritual self-development.

Our activity is scientific research. We have created a new branch of science — Methodology of Spiritual Development.

By us:

— a perfect system of psychical self-regulation (which uses the chakras and basic meridians of the organism) was developed and described in publications,

— historical experience of people from various countries and cultures was studied and generalized in the field of religious concepts and practices,

— for the first time, the structure of multidimensional space is practically investigated and described in our books — from the position of scientists,

— a new scientific direction — Methodology of Spiritual Development — was created; its system of methods of spiritual self-development allows worthy seekers to achieve direct personal cognition of God and Mergence with Him. The basic methods includes regulation of emotions (getting rid of negative emotions and stresses, finding steady inner joyful calm), and — the main thing — development of the spiritual heart.

We describe the essence of the nature of God, the meaning of human life and lives of other beings — as participants of the Universal Evolutionary Process. Our experience of providing spiritual help to people and observation of efforts and mistakes made by other seekers allowed us to describe many nuances of spiritual advancement and features of teaching, and to distinguish very well between true spiritual Schools — and false sects.

The manuals created by us (books and films) are suitable to people of very different levels of development: everyone can take from them what they comprehend now. We have helped many Russians to find Way to ethical purity, to spiritual perfection, to God. Our books are translated from Russian into a number of other languages and serve people in many countries. We have received a lot of thanks for our materials — from experts from some countries, first of all, from the USA and Canada.

Let the young generation also learn this knowledge and principles, and this can become the most significant contribution to the revival of the society as a whole. Let children grow, being guided by the true knowledge about God, the Evolution, the meaning of our lives, the structure of our organisms, about our human opportunities.


With best regards,

Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology), and collaborators


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