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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Evolution of God

To Understand God/Evolution of God

Evolution of God

God, One and Universal, is in a state of constant Evolution. We can see how this takes place, for example, on our planet. Namely, God incarnates energy units of consciousness (i.e. souls of different ages) into the material organic bodies of different species, so that they may develop in these bodies.

By perfecting itself incarnation after incarnation, every embodied soul can reach the human stage of development, in which it will have to develop intellectually, first of all, and free itself from ethical imperfections. Then such a soul can advance towards the cognition of the Creator by refining itself according to the coarseness-subtlety scale, by growing quantitatively, and by developing the ability to live in love-union with other consciousnesses.

All of this is normally achieved over the course of many human incarnations.

The Creator allows those who have obtained the proper subtlety, who, as a consciousness, have grown up to a large size, and who have developed the ability to live in union-love with similar consciousnesses — to approach His Abode, to cognize Him, to learn to interact with Him, and then to merge with Him thereby enriching Him with themselves. From this moment on, Such People, from Their Divine level, will help incarnate humans in their development.

The main state of Those Who have reached Perfection is the United We, which is the Blissful Union of all the Perfect Ones. However, Each One of Them can also separate Himself or Herself for a time in order to accomplish one task or another.

If such Divine Persons still have a material body, They then make all the important decisions in Mergence with the United We, and not individually.

It also needs to be emphasized that embodied people who have not yet attained Divinity have free will given to them by God. This free will consists in the right to choose whether or not to follow the Path offered by God. Those who have chosen the Path to the Creator gradually approach Him by the quality of themselves as souls; those who do not hasten to do this are educated by God (more exactly, by the Holy Spirits) according to their karma; and those who have demonstrated their absolute inability to approach Him are destined for complete destruction in hell.

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