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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

How Should We Live?

To Understand God/How Should We Live?

How Should We Live?

On one side, there exist the Teachings of God about how we should live on the Earth and, on the other, the perversions of these Teachings created by people.

What are the reasons for the creation of these perversions?

These reasons can be:

— political, when governments want to further enslave the population of their country by inculcating, among other things, the fear of a god who punishes people for all their faults both real and invented;

— economical, when priests inculcate the idea that people do not know how to pray and that the priests can bear the “burden” of the prayers instead of these “weak people” if these “weak people” are willing to pay the priests both well and on time in return;

— psychiatric, when someone with a paranoid personality proclaims himself or herself as God, or as His Messenger, or as a reincarnation of some venerated religious leader who lived in antiquity;

(The same situation can also be created by psychically healthy scammers who have mercenary interests).

Everyone himself or herself can analyze what is preached in the religious tradition to which he or she belongs by using the following criteria:

— Is it the love or is it hatred towards all those who have a different appearance, who speak a different language, or who have different beliefs?

— Is it the tenderness or coarseness and violence?

— Is it the humble perception of oneself or the arrogance and haughtiness?

God exhorts us: “Forget nationalities!” [8]. He does not evaluate us by the color of our skin or other bodily features, but by the level of our spiritual advancement! We must also try to learn to evaluate others in this way!

I would like that more and more people direct themselves to God, the Source of authentic religious knowledge!

Then the life of each person, of the populations of entire countries, and of the whole Earth will change for the better, because in this case everyone would understand the Will of God for himself or herself and would be aware of his or her personal responsibility for every act before Him!

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