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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

About Violence

To Understand God/About Violence

About Violence

Many years ago I had an occasion to observe the life of a young couple.

They got married in church and registered their marriage in the corresponding state agency...

Then she suddenly came down with a very strong flu and stayed in bed without strength.

However, he, because of his young age, wanted to have a lot of sex with her at any cost.

So he violated her despite the fact that she begged him not to do this!

She moaned: “Please, don’t do this! I feel so bad! I can die!”

Nevertheless, he, violating her again and again, repeated the same phrase: “Are you my wife or not?”

She did not die because of this nightmare, but she understood well how deeply ethically depraved her husband was and, after recovering, started torturing him by herself. She repeated her reproaches to him throughout the day, day after day, and asked him hundreds of times: “Don’t you want to become better? You must become better!”

Frequent repetition of the same requests and demands is called tiresomeness. It is manifested bioenergetically as a “suction” of energy from the person to whom the request or demand is addressed. This is one of the inadmissible forms of violence as well.

It is very difficult for victims of such tiresomeness to endure these situations. They instinctively want to tear themselves away! And if it is impossible, they can react with coarse acts of self-defense.

This is what happened to that husband several times. He, having got mad, began to break dishes by throwing them to the floor, flinging, against walls, glass jars with canned vegetables that his wife made and stored up for winter... Everything in the room turned into a stinking rubbish heap with fragments of glass...

Then he himself cleared up this mess and cried out of repentance. In spite of this, his wife did not stop being tiresome, and everything repeated itself again and again...

I believe that young families are often broken apart because of this exact reason...

I do not know whether that family lasted long. It became boring for me to communicate with them; besides, I did not know at that time how to help them. However, when I met this man years later, I got to know from him that he had become an “orthodox activist”*, which means that he did not become better...

I say so, because God constantly teaches us to look, first of all, at our own defects and fight against them instead of aggressively sermoning others!

Aggressiveness, violentness, and the emotional coarseness that accompanies the first two are qualities that are opposite to the qualities of our Creator, Who is the Subtlest One [12 and others], Who is Love (1 John 4:8)! That is why, the future destiny of people who have these qualities and who oppose themselves to God is “the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 8:12).

... I will give you another example. A granny from a village went to some doctors. She started complaining that she had a nail in her head and asked them to remove it. The doctors did not believe her but finally did an X-ray and, in fact, found a huge nail in her brain!

“How did this happen?” they asked.

The granny told them that she was trying to persuade her adult son to stop drinking vodka. Instead of this, he, being drunk, hammered this nail in the top of her head...

I am not justifying the act of her son in any way, but I want to stress that there is no sense to fight against alcoholism with the help of tiresomeness, because the effect can be just the opposite!

The doctors dared not remove the nail from the head of this granny...

She probably kept bothering her son but this time also about the nail in her head...

... And no one explains to people in Russia that sexual violence of men towards their wives and violence-tiresomeness are manifestations of coarse ethical vices observed and disapproved by God and that it is desirable to get rid of these vices!

... And the newly married couple about whom I spoke of before called themselves “yogis”. Why? It was due to the simple fact that they practiced Hatha Yoga exercises.

I draw your attention to this, because I am sure that these kinds of exercises, if they add a feeling of superiority to one’s already present vices, often cause more harm than good... In other words, we should speak about the development of ego or the lower “I” in such people. In these cases, the term vainglory is used, which means vain and groundless glorification of oneself for imaginary virtues and achievements.

The truth is that spiritual development has to be started with the acquisition of general knowledge about the spiritual Path and with the study of ethical principles suggested to us by God.

Ethical purity is the first thing that God wants to see in us, and only to those who progress in this, does He opens the further Path to Him!

To practice different methods of self-development, such as Hatha Yoga or martial arts, is not bad on the early stages of ontogenesis! However, it is not bad only if such activity is accompanied with serious work on studying and mastering the ethical laws established for us by God [9,11-13, and others].

* * *

Violence, of course, is manifested not only in the sexual sphere or in the form of tiresomeness.

There exist justified forms of violence towards criminals, mentally ill people, and also children, when they act in a dangerous way for themselves and for others. Another example of justified violence is peace enforcement, when masses of aggressive primitives are compelled to peace.

However, there are opposite examples as well.

I learned this one from a TV program. A person with intellectual disability, who was recognized as such by doctors, was recruited by a military registration and enlistment office to participate in one of the recent wars. For successful murders, he even received a medal...

Soon the war was over, but he could not stop killing... He kept killing and killing until he was arrested...

... Other guys with intellectual disability, being accustomed to unrestricted violence on the same war, having come back to their military units, began to beat, without any external reason, other soldiers who had not participated in military operations...

They practiced beating and humiliating others for no other reason than for fun!...

Women of any age also often become victims of such amusements...

... Another interesting case that I once saw is the following: a mother walked her son on a leash with a collar, like a dog. What was it? Was it a cruel act of humiliation carried out by the mother? No. The fact was that her son was attacking all the passersby, like an angry dog. He burst to kick them or punch them... And if the mother began to pull him by the leash, he manifested his aggression by spitting at people... That is why he also had a muzzle on his face...

... The soviet invasion of Afghanistan is another example. During it, the presidential palace was assaulted, the palace in which, by the way, soviet doctors and nurses worked.

Almost every one who was inside was shot down.

After years, one of the commanders of the attackers shared his memories with obvious delight about the fact that even the floor in all the corridors of the building was completely covered by blood, and the bloody streams flowed everywhere...

... Hatred, cruelty, and admiration of himself for being the one who carried all this out are the qualities that can be seen in this man...

... According to the resolution of the Nuremberg Trials, the execution of a criminal order is considered a crime.

This is the evaluation of criminal acts from the perspective of reasonable people.

However, how God evaluates the actions of a person is much more important for everyone.

God is not somewhere “in the sky”, far away! God is under every molecule of our bodies, on the other side of the material world. He knows all our thoughts, observes all our emotions and acts, and on this ground makes His decisions on our future destinies.

In this case, it is not only about cruel violentness but about all criminal acts, including bribery, extortion, stealing, fraud, etc.

* * *

The process of evolution of souls takes place on the Earth. These souls are sent here by the Creator for their development.

However, people have freedom of will that allows them to choose their path in life.

There are those who develop qualities recommended by God, first of all, tenderness, care for others, and subtlety.

There are also others who cultivate aggressiveness, angerness, and violentness.

The first ones secure paradise for themselves after disincarnation and, at a later date, the next stages of cognition of God and Mergence with the Creator.

The lot of the second ones is hell, i.e. a life among similar coarse and cruel primitives, and possible future incarnations with very bad karma. For example, God may incarnate them as victims of primitives similar to them.

* * *

It is very important to understand that the qualities of souls can change under the influence of their upbringing.

In the case of children, such upbringing can start with the explanation — using language that is understandable for them at this age — that God exists and that He has sent all of us to live on the Earth so that we can learn to be as He wants us to be...

And then one can speak about a great number of things related to this topic.

For instance, we can teach them that they can rejoice by looking at living flowers and inhale their aroma with delight, but that we should not kill them unjustly by tearing them off.

We can teach them that we need to love birds, fish, and other kind animals and try to please these animals. We can also explain to them that only bad people, people-predators, kill animals for fun or to eat their bodies.

Additionally, we can teach them to attune to the beauty of nature, especially during sunrise and sunset, and to attentively listen to the subtlety and tenderness of spring voices of birds...

All this can predetermine the course of further favorable development of these souls.

The mastering of basic psychophysical exercises and functions of the spiritual heart can also be of great help for the correct development of the emotional sphere [10].

Now, in Russia (and in other countries as well), a lot of children, on the contrary, learn violence and cruelty through computer games... Thus adult “educators” program children to hell...

* * *

I want to draw your attention to the fact that deceitful politicians use such dangerous methods as “whitewashing history” of their own countries and misrepresenting crimes as acts of heroism.

Here are several examples:

... It was not that Napoleon Bonaparte attacked Russia! Till 1812, the Russian army unsuccessfully waged war on the territory of Eastern Europe against the mission carried out by Napoleon to liberate Europe from the “Holy Inquisition”. The Russian army was defeated by the French one, and its remaining integrants came back to Russia.

So, it is not surprising at all that Napoleon led his army after the Russians.

(You can read about how the Holy Spirit, Adler, evaluates the activity of Napoleon in the book [11]).

... Suvorov indeed was a marvelous commander, but his “crossing of the Alps” gives rise to doubts, to say the least.

There is such a phenomenon as weakening of intellect in old age.

That march was the last one for Suvorov, and he died three months after it due to old age.

The question is how many rations and ammunition could unmounted soldiers take with them in their backpacks, taking into account that they had to climb mountains.

The army indeed crossed a dangerous mountain range covered with snow, attacked by surprise a French detachment, and killed everyone there... However, the army then found itself encircled by the French army and without enough provisions and cartridges...

With great losses, the rest of that Russian army managed to break out of the encirclement and come back to Russia.

And the territory that was freed at such great cost was occupied by the French once again...

So, was the “crossing of the Alps” a heroic deed?

... Another example is the protected cruiser Varyag.

Nicholas II began war against Japan. Varyag was in the lead of a flotilla consisting of only 2 ships and was blocked inside a bay on the territory of Korea by a Japanese squadron. The Japanese showed their nobility towards Russian sailors, because they understood that it was not these Russians who were to be blamed for the beginning of war but their tsar! So they offered them to disembark and return to Russia.

The command of the Russian squadron, however, decided to start a suicidal fight (what for?) and, naturally, it was lost.

What was it? Can we really call this an act of heroism when both Russian and Japanese sailors had to be killed, crippled, and underwent terrible suffering from wounds?

... Nicolas II “contrived”, among other things, to begin and to lose two wars during his reign. As a result, there were millions of killed, wounded, and crippled people, and not only among soldiers but also among civilians, including women...

Grigori Rasputin tried to dissuade the tsar from beginning war against Germany. He even predicted that Russia would be defeated, but the tsar did not heed his warnings...

So, what attitude should we have towards such a monster?

It is surprising but the opinions of contemporary Russian diverge here! This tsar is even proclaimed saint by some!

In my opinion, however, he is one of the criminals of planetary scale.

By the way, let me say a few words about Germany. Ever since my childhood, I have heard from mass media the false information that it was Germany that started two world wars... In this way, all people in USSR, including some professional historians, became convinced of this, despite the fact that one could draw correct conclusions even from the article on this topic in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

Everything began from the murder of the presumptive heir of the Austrian throne by Serbian terrorists, which provoked the local conflict between Austria and orthodox Serbia. The Russian tsar intervened on the side of their orthodox brothers and began to threaten Austria with a war. Germany verbally stood up for Austria. Nicolas II was indignant at this, ordered a general mobilization, and then sent military guard units to fight against Germany. He sent them separately, by two columns that moved by different routes far away from one another. The German army easily defeated them one by one. Thus, the entire Russian guard was completely destroyed...

Afterwards, France and Great Britain entered into the war as the allies of Russia. They had to do this due to previous international treaties. That was “The Triple Entente” or the alliance of three countries that attacked Germany (later other countries joined the alliance).

The war lasted years. The German army seized a significant part of Russian territory. However, all the other countries of the Triple Entente defeated Germany and its allies. The peace Treaty of Versailles was concluded, and according to it, Germany had to, among other things, give back to Russia its land, and it fulfilled this.

Historians believe, and this is well-grounded, that the unfairness of the beginning and of the results of this war, including the Treaty of Versailles, predetermined to a significant degree the fact that a lot of people in Germany welcomed with enthusiasm the appeals of Adolf Hitler for the restoration of justice by defeating countries that offended them.

May no one try to see in my words the justification of fascism, which is militant ethnic intolerance.

But we need to understand that it is God Who controls the process of the incarnation of souls (of each soul) in certain bodies. That is why national differences that exist among incarnate people on the Earth are created by God. And negative attitudes towards certain people because of their nationality are the rejection of the actions of God, the opposition to Him, and the animosity against Him.

Another thing is the activity of harmful sects that appear because of the lack of true knowledge about God or as the manifestation of yearning for leadership of energetically strong and aggressive primitives (“devils in flesh”).

And no matter how strongly the members of such sects make themselves believe that God is with them and no matter how loud they shout this statement out, this does not change the attitude of God towards them in any way!

God Himself is Love (1 John 4:8) and gives Himself-Love only to those who come closer to Him by growing themselves as love!

Those who, on the contrary, follow the opposite path obtain for themselves a destiny of being far away from God (in the sense of the stages of the scale of multidimensionality), a destiny deprived of love and filled with suffering.

... I once received a letter from a man who considered himself Muslim. He wrote that he had read some of my books and that everything was very interesting to read... However, further in that letter, he stated that all this was not related to Muslims and that I must indicate that Muslims have another path, a special one...

He did not specify the details about his understanding of that path, but it was clear without this. Namely, he was a member of the sect in which the “internal jihad” — the “holy” war against all “infidels”, i.e. against all the people who were not in agreement with the conception of this sect — was violently preached. And the members had to “earn” paradise by killing such people, even using such tactics as suicidal bombings in the places where these “infidels” were gathered...

This sect has a great number of followers in different countries right now! So, how can we resist it? I believe that, first of all, we need, by all possible means, to spread the true knowledge about God, about the meaning of our lives, and about the methods of its realization among all people of our planet.

While doing this, we need to understand that the fundamental principles of the methodology of spiritual development are common for all people who were settled on the Earth and on the entire universe by One God. [11 and others]

... As for the Second World War, the point is that Germany started it in alliance with the USSR. Now it is not a secret for anyone that there existed the pact (and its secret supplementary protocol) signed by Molotov and Ribbentrop. According to this pact, all of Europe was divided by military means between the USSR and Germany. Finland, the Baltic countries, the significant parts of Poland, and Romania went to the USSR... It was Stalin who prepared Hitler for that war by providing him with strategic reserves of wheat, coal, metal, etc. The “Holodomor”, which inflicted so much suffering on millions of people in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and in some other parts of the country and which took an endless number of their lives, was caused by the fact that Stalin ordered to give all the harvest of wheat to Germany...

In a series of following events, the Soviet and German armies met in the midst of Poland, celebrated the joint victory over this country, and held a military festive joint parade...

In those years, it was popular to call the newborn babies Adolf (Adik, in short), but then... they were massively renamed Edik (Eduardo)...

... As a result of the Second World War, the fascism that arose in Germany and in some other countries was defeated.

However, it is appropriate to think over the following statement of the ancient Chinese Sage Lao-Tse: “The victory has to be celebrated with a funeral ceremony.” [4,11]…

... Another ambiguous figure is Vladimir Ulyanov (alias Lenin). Initially, God’s qualities were attributed to him: “Lenin is always living! Lenin is always with you, in affliction, in hope, and in joy! Lenin is in your destiny, in every happy day! Lenin is in you and in me!”, but then people started to hate him and damn him.

Let us not analyze his life, ideas, and acts in detail. I only want to stress that he was an atheist, and it is very difficult for an atheist to be a righteous person before God...

Nevertheless, I suggest taking into account the fact that he was against the criminal attack of Russia on Germany in the First World War, and he was undoubtedly right.

* * *

There is an opinion that the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament, in Christian terminology) is a holy book. However, what is the purpose of praising something or someone as holy? The purpose is to learn through the examples provided by things or people that are designated in this way.

But what does the Old Testament teach us?

It begins with an absolutely worthless fairy-tale about the “creation of the world”, and then another absurd fairy-tale about Adam and Eve follows...

Why do I call it absurd? Well, what does “Adam’s Rib” have to do with all this? Was it mentioned just to humiliate women? I cannot agree with such an approach!

Another thing is that one of the sons of Adam and Eve killed his brother Abel, for which he was banished from those lands. So he went to another land and found there a lot of women, from which he had a lot of children. Does this mean that Adam and Eve were not the first humans? So, why does no one notice this nonsense, speak about it aloud, or write about it?

Moreover, in the Old Testament, there are the instructions of Moses on whom to kill among people and for what reasons.

Another example is the story about the Israelites who left Egypt and roamed for forty years in the desert. The story also tells in detail about their perfidy during the murders of the inhabitants of the cities that were in their way.

The following question is pertinent: what did the followers of Moses eat during that long wandering? The answer is quite clear: they robbed all the villages that they found in their way!

(Of course, modern Jews do not bear responsibility for those crimes of their distant ancestors. Every person himself or herself is responsible before God for every ethically significant element of the life that he or she lived!)

And what about “the Ten Commandments”? Do you really think that what these commandments offer is enough for God?

By the way, have we paid attention to the fact that Moses was the first who violated the commandment “You shall not kill!”? And after that, very few people recalled this commandment, especially with regard to animals.

I do not think that reasonable people are ready to acknowledge this book as a Holy Textbook for their lives!

I believe that it has only historical significance.

... Now let us talk about the phenomenon that was named Christianity.

We spoke in detail about the beginning of this religious movement in the book [5]. So now I will only limit myself to the following thought: quite soon after the accomplishment of the great spiritual feats by Jesus and His Apostles, Christianity was turned into something completely different, although it maintained the same name. I mean the “Holy Inquisition”. In order to “whitewash” the history of Russia, Russian historians emphasized that the annihilation of heretics, including by burning them alive, took place only in Western Europe. But no, the same thing happened in Russia right up to the Lenin Revolution of 1917. (You can find more details about this in the relevant historical literature [5]).

Another fact is that the “conversion into Christianity” of the Russian population was not Christian at all but anti-Christian, inquisitorial, with horrible tortures and executions by burning people alive...

I had to present many times in literature the thought that the real Christianity does not consist in accepting baptism and then participating in rites but in the fulfillment of the great Teachings of Jesus Christ!

In my younger days of this life, when I conducted a spiritual search, I did not manage to find any organization among those which call themselves Christian where the Teachings of God, presented to us through Jesus Christ and His Apostles, were seriously studied! Therefore, God Himself offered me to make a literary analysis of these Teachings so that this analysis would be handy for studying. You can read about this in the books [9,11-13]. And because I was the first person who used this analysis for his own development, Jesus and other Holy Spirits helped me to cognize God in almost all His Manifestations (see [15,17] and our other books).

... To set all one’s hopes only upon the corporeal forms of activity in religious and semi-religious groups and organizations is a very dangerous phenomenon, because everyone can easily superimpose any ideology, including a criminal one, on such an activity!

And it is not by accident that the New Testament was hidden from the population of Russia for centuries after the “Christianization of Russia”. Why? Because people could find the Truth, which was not in the plans of their “pastors” who implanted only the practice of prayer and rites... What for? For material profit and for maintaining and strengthening their own social prestige.

But God wants something completely different from us! We can briefly formulate that He needs us to cleanse ourselves from the vices (defects) of the soul and then rush towards the Creator by loving Him!

* * *

There is such a phenomenon inside existing religious movements as “fundamentalism”. It manifests itself practically in the violent instilling of external religious attributes into the masses of believers. For example, it is imposed how they must dress their bodies, which indeed has no positive significance at all!

It is not important because one can directly communicate with God wearing any kind of clothes or even without clothes at all!

Thus, in some countries in which the most primitive sectarian Islam is spread, women do not even have a right to sunbathe and to swim in the sea or in other natural bodies of water. On the contrary, even in the strongest summer tropical heat, they have to dress their bodies in black shapeless garment that covers even their faces!

... And how did it happen that a male circumcision appeared? Does it have any positive meaning for the inhabitants of civilized cities and villages?

... A long time ago, one man who was respected in his neighborhood got sick with thrush. One of the typical symptoms of this very unpleasant disease is that the inflamed tissue of genitals (at the border between the skin and the mucous membrane) shrinks being pierced by the numerous hyphae of a pathogenic fungus. If one tries to stretch such skin, it breaks and forms small chaps, which causes sharp pain. This results in the inability to uncover the glans penis. In the case of women, the entrance into the vagina completely closes. Sex becomes impossible for the sick representatives of both sexes, and even urination becomes a painful act.

Seemingly, there were no methods of healing thrush in those times and in those lands.

So, that man decided to make a desperate move, i.e. to cut his foreskin off with a knife... Well done!

Since he was a respected person in a religious environment, people began to... imitate him!

Nevertheless, it was necessary to invent some theoretical ground for this innovation... So it was said that the foreskin should be “sacrificed to God”!

From that moment on, millions of boys among Jews and then Muslims had to undergo the “circumcision”.

How intellectually undeveloped must one be to believe that God needs... foreskins that have been cut off?

Instead of dedicating one’s foreskin to God, it would be correct to dedicate oneself as a soul to Him and one’s entire life! [14-15,17, and others]

And what about women? Primitive men wanted to make them suffer as well! So they started cutting off their clitorises! And they did not do this in their babyhood but in puberty and without any anesthesia!

This awful tradition is widespread even now in some of African countries...

* * *

Even at present, aggressive primitives inculcate into half-educated youth and weak-minded adults the idea that to violently compel people to follow stupid “religious” rules is the fulfillment of their duty before God... In this way, sects are formed whose world-view is based on hatred, violence, murders, etc.

... Why do I write about all this? Someone can exclaim that it is unpleasant to read such things!

However, I believe that it is useful for everyone to know about the existing evil. This is one of the lessons of psychology given to us so that we can learn to distinguish good and evil, so that we may not become, due to our ignorance, the victims of evil or, even worse, its adherents!

I would like to think that with this article I will manage to help many people to escape from the obscurantism about which I had to speak so much right now to my regret.

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