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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

About Monasticism

To Understand God/About Monasticism

About Monasticism

One can cognize God only in monasticism. This is the truth.

However, it is also important to understand what true monasticism is.

Well, the true monasticism is not about living in a monastery, wearing a certain uniform, receiving a new name, and so on, but about dedicating one’s life to God.

The life on a monk includes, above all, the application of the methods of spiritual self-development and helping others in this process.

In this regard, it is essential for each person to try to understand if one method and idea or the other is offered by God or if it is simply part of the tradition of one sect or the other.

I do not want to debate or insist on this, but, in my opinion, celibacy (the renunciation of sex for religious motives) is a mistake that impedes the spiritual progress of those who practice it. I say this as one who knows very well both the Goal of the spiritual quest (i.e. God) and the sexual aspect of our lives.

* * *

I will once again say that monasticism includes two main directions: work dedicated to perfecting oneself, and helping others in this process according to one’s own possibilities.

Other than this, it is essential to pay attention to supplying the material needs of one’s own life. The parasitism of monks, preached by some false religious movements, should not be considered as a norm.

“Mortification of the flesh” and the tendency to consider the body as something dirty and shameful are indications of profound spiritual ignorance. We can only feel sorry for those who, under the influence of some ignorant leaders, rejected the observation of the basic hygiene of their bodies or locked themselves in caves, thereby hiding themselves from the beauty of God’s Creation! Instead we must do the opposite, because it is impossible to learn to love the Creator without first learning to love His Creation!

The Holy Spirits live in a state of joyous Bliss, and They advise Their worthy disciples to learn the same thing while living in a material body!

And where are those people who desecrate love and beauty? It is not difficult to guess! They are in hell!

* * *

As I have said, monasticism consists in dedicating one’s life completely to God by only doing what contributes to His Evolution.

In this case, it is desirable that one chooses to serve Him in the highest way that one is capable of doing among one’s individual possibilities.

While we are realizing this service, we should continue cleaning ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions and try to not cause unjustifiable harm to anyone. In this respect, it should be noted once again that we should not cause harm to only people, but to animals and plants as well; and, which is even more important, we should not cause harm to God by hindering, even in small things, His Evolutionary Process.

Therefore, for example, the correct nutrition from the point of view of ethics, bioenergetics, and physiology, is a killing-free nutrition, i.e., one that excludes our participation in the assassination of animals.

I want to clarify for uneducated people that birds, fish, mollusks, etc. are also animals.

Through the Bible (Genesis 1:29 and 9:1-4), God gave us a criterion to distinguish between food that is recommended and food that is prohibited for human beings, namely, if blood is seen in someone’s body, do not eat this body! Nevertheless, almost no one follows this advice and, as a consequence, these people have diverse illnesses and are unable to advance on the spiritual Path [1-2,5-20,23-29,34-35, and others].

It is also crucial that one’s nutrition provide the body with all the essential components, including amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements. For this, it would be useful to study the sound literature dedicated to this topic.

In addition, it would be good to have an idea, at least a general one, about the medical aspect of our lives on the Earth, for example, what different symptoms may indicate and how we can easily get rid of the disease that they produce, which is especially important in the living conditions in the midst of nature.

Some synthetic fabrics, with which clothing is made, impede the bioenergetic interactions of the organism with the environment. Therefore, it is best not to constantly wear clothing made with these materials.

A very important element of spiritual work is attunement with the subtle phenomena of the environment. Some of these are the beauty of nature, children (and not only the children of humans, but of animals as well), and erotica, as long as it is sattvic*. Those who have assimilated this later obtain the possibility to delight in the Beauty of the Holy Spirits in Their different Manifestations that vary from Mahadoubles to the Divine Fire [13,15-18].

The materials published by us, among which there are movies, photo galleries, poems, and texts in prose, can help everyone who desires to more deeply comprehend what we are discussing now.

I emphasize again that sattvic erotica is an important element of the spiritual beauty!

It was God Who gave beautiful bodies to people deserving this! The beauty is from God! Why then should we refuse the opportunity to become better — purer and subtler – by attuning ourselves to this beauty? Those who reject the beauty of harmonious bodies can be pitied, because they deprive themselves (and often others as well) of a way to become better before God! In addition, by opposing God, these people form a very sad destiny for themselves.

Among the Holy Spirits Who have helped us in our development and have led us to success, there is no one who has despised the body and has tried to desecrate the beauty [12]. Sex was also a normal part of life for at least most of Them and, despite this, They have attained the Divine Perfection! Jesus demonstrated in front of His disciples His tender Love for Mary Magdalene [12,14], and now She is one of the Holy Spirits [12].

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