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The Choice between Hell and Paradise

To Understand God/The Choice between Hell and Paradise

The Choice between Hell and Paradise

Each of us alone creates hell or paradise for himself or herself.

Coarse emotional states are hellish, while subtle states are paradisiacal.

After leaving the body, we remain in the same states to which we accustomed ourselves during life in the body. It is very easy to understand this!

Souls who have achieved the paradisiacal level of their development live in blissful paradisiacal states, and from paradise to complete Divinity, only a few steps are to be made. Namely, it is necessary (apart from strengthening the ethical and intellectual component) to grow as a soul or consciousness and to learn the methods for achieving Mergence with God.

The harmony of nature, especially during early mornings, is very close to the paradisiacal states.

Knowing this, one can, among other things, heal one’s body and improve one’s health.

It is possible to easily experience this, while attuning to the rising sun, for example.

We can place the image of the sun (the visualization of it) in the anahata chakra and later direct this light to the other chakras and extremities. After this, we can direct it to the neck, to the head, and later to other “problematic” places of the body, if there are still such places.

I clarify that in this exercise we introduce the visualization of the sun into the respective part of the organism and later fill this visualization with ourselves as consciousnesses, that is to say, we convert ourselves into a little sun and shine being it.

Those who are not very familiar with the sunrise in nature can use our materials (photo galleries and movies) presented at www.spiritual-art.info and www.new-ecopsychology.org.

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