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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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God is Tender Love

To Understand God/God is Tender Love

God is Tender Love

So, God in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness (or the Creator) is not a monster who punishes sinners. On the contrary, God is the United We That stays in the subtle states of tender Love and Care. This United We is composed of the Perfect Ones, that is to say, it is the sum total of all those people of different sexes and nationalities who have successfully developed themselves spiritually.

These Perfect Ones can also be called the Holy Spirits or, if They are currently incarnated, They can be called Messiahs.

From this it follows that, in order to become closer to Them, it is not necessary to pray to God asking for His Forgiveness or to hate everyone who worships differently. Instead, one should purify oneself as a soul from all coarse and dirty emotions and develop subtle emotional states.

We should understand that emotions are the states of ourselves as consciousnesses and that we can accustom ourselves (as consciousnesses or souls) to either positive emotional states or negative ones. This (and not our membership to different religious organizations or our participation in one ritual or another) is what brings us to paradise, or hell, or to the Abode of the Creator!

I would like to repeat the same thing that Jesus, Sathya Sai, and other Perfect Ones [12-14] have said and that I have come to know from my own experience: God is Love! For this reason, we must also try to become similar to Him in this, that is to say, we must become Love that is tender, calm, and wise, while eliminating coarse emotional states so completely that we cannot even experience these states even if we try.

One can learn all of this quickly and become convinced that all of this is real by using the methods of psychical self-regulation created by us [13 and others].

I am reminded of the words of a little old lady who at one point in time took a class from me on these methods [7]. She told me that the most important thing that had happened to her was that she began to sincerely love her neighbors in her communal apartment*! Whereas before, she hated them merely because she had to see them every single day!

I remember with joy those difficult years of my spiritual youth, because I was able, at that time, to save many people from hell!

Now our books and movies serve the same purpose.

By the way, I hope that I will not have to create more books, because it seems to me that I have already told you all that is necessary.

And, perhaps, now you, my readers, will strive to share this knowledge and make it accessible to all people in all countries. For this purpose, one could teach it in schools and other educational establishments, talk about this on the radio and television, donate these books to libraries, etc.

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