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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


To Understand God/God


God is one for the whole universe. This affirmation is just as appropriate for God in the Aspect of the Absolute as it is for God in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness (or the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah).*

The Primordial Consciousness is the Totality (the United We) of all Those Who have achieved the Divine Perfection. It is for this reason that God uses both the pronoun “I” and the pronoun “We” when He speaks through the Quran. We can see the same thing in the Bible, namely, the Hebrew word “Elohim”, which is used to refer to God, is a plural word (even though in different editions of the Bible, this word is translated as “God”, which is singular).

In what way can one understand this? What is meant by this United We? It is very difficult to immediately assimilate this for those people who are accustomed to living only in the midst of the material objects and who, on top of that, experience themselves as material bodies, and not as souls. For this reason, when one speaks with such people about the union, they think in terms of the union of their bodies, and not of the souls.

However, to perceive only the material world is an error. The truth is that everything inside the universal multidimensional space is energy, and this energy differs according to its quality.

Some types of this energy are studied by physicists materialists.

There also exists the bioenergy, typical of a unit of consciousness (or soul) incarnated in a body. This type of energy is accumulated in the chakras, it moves through the meridians of the body, it forms the “cocoon” around it, and it is possible to learn to control it.

The souls themselves (of different ages and quality) are also energetic beings, i.e. living energy that can be aware of itself. They can live in an incarnate or non-incarnate state. Plants, animals, and humans, as well as other beings, are also souls or consciousnesses.

God is Consciousness as well, the Supreme Consciousness.

Moreover, that which we perceive to be material objects is nothing more than energy that has been condensed by the Will of the Creator and that can be decondensed and later recondensed by Him.

... For a long time, the lack of true knowledge about the multidimensionality of space and about the forms of life that live in this space was an obstacle for the scientific comprehension of God and of souls.

However, in recent years we have examined this theme many times in different publications [10,12-13,16,18], for this reason we will not repeat this information right now. I only want to emphasize the most important aspect, from a methodological standpoint, of this theme. This is about the subtlety-coarseness scale, which reflects the principle of the distribution of diverse energetic objects in the multidimensional space. The Primordial Consciousness occupies the subtlest level on this scale, while hell, the “garbage dump” of the Evolutionary Process of the Primordial Consciousness, is found on its opposite extreme.

It is only on the basis of this knowledge that we can clearly understand what God is (in His different Aspects and Manifestations), what paradise and hell are, what the Evolution of the Consciousness is, and what our spiritual efforts should consist of.

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