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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Comments: On the Path to Spiritual Perfection

On the Path to Spiritual Perfection

Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov

“God is Spirit” (John 4:23). These are the words of Jesus Christ. From them, the word spirituality came.

Reasonable people understand that it is possible to call spiritual the person who is fully committed to the cognition of God-the-Spirit — through, above all, the fulfillment of His Teachings.

Although there were other points of view…

For example, in the Brezhnev’s era of Russian history, a journalist from one of the newspapers, an aggressive fool, tried to convince me that spirituality means “going to the cinema”… [6].

In subsequent years in our country, people like her — understood under spirituality “urinotherapy” (i.e., harmful for mental health drinking of urine), or the performance of certain traditional “religious” rituals, such as coloring chicken eggs, jumping over campfires, etc.

Others, wishing that, in this way to please God, mutilate the genitals and “mortify the flesh” in other absurd ways…

And in recent years — in an environment of equally stupid people — a sect has emerged, calling itself “neo-advaita”. In it, the intellect is declared an enemy of spirituality — and special techniques of “modern psychology” are invented and practiced for destruction of mental ability…

Although the truth is that the intellect should be developed in every way — and, at the same time, one should learn to manage the mind. The latter is carried out — simply and effectively — through mastering the art of psychic self-regulation [12, etc.].

Let us understand: God does not need fools! He wants us to become better, developing ourselves in accordance with His Will! And this implies, including, intellectual development!

… In the religious-philosophical sources, there is the concept of the Straight Path [11]. What does it mean?

The Straight Path implies, above all, a clear understanding of the Purpose of our spiritual efforts and the possession of methods of spiritual work. We discussed this topic in many of our books (see the list of references).

But there are also totally absurd views on this matter! For example, these are:

There is God — and there is a material world. Each person is given the right to choose one of these two. How? The best thing is to reject the world of matter at once by committing suicide against the backdrop of the whole focus of the mind on God. That is the easiest way to enter into paradise! And for the sake of a better guarantee — I must kill with me at the same time as many as possible “infidels”, i.e., those who do not share this concept…

… But, killing oneself and others, a person does not enter into the desired paradise! On the contrary, it greatly burdens the destiny!

God does not give incarnate people the right to kill! Exceptions can only be considered, for example, when we protect others and there is no other way to repel the attack of criminals…

… Attempts to gain paradise through murder or through the destruction of one’s mental function, also through drugs etc. — these are the result of total religious-philosophical ignorance, sometimes introduced by some religious and political leaders: those who are called aggressive primitives!

… But the true Straight Way is another!

… Any adult reasonable person should have the thought: why did God incarnate us on the Earth? Is it really — only to then sort into two categories: the souls sent to hell — and the souls settled in paradise? If to think in a serious way, then this opinion, ascribed to God, looks absurd! Why is this to Him? Is it His fun?

But God’s intention for us is quite another! It is for us to develop ourselves here, on the Earth, so that, having achieved the Perfection, to flow into Him, enriching Him with ourselves!

It was for this, He created the entire material world and settled and continues to settle souls in it, blessing them for perfecting!

It is through the development of incarnate souls, He evolves! Therefore, each of us must strive to the Perfection! And those who do not do this and, moreover, prevent others from doing it — they commit serious sins in this way. And they do not deserve paradise in any way!

I understand that to perceive the full picture of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness — on the basis of only reading in this book — it is not easy. But more about this can be found in the books listed in the list of recommended literature.

I will only note now that the Path of the perfecting of souls consists of stages of development. And it is appropriate for every person to strive to master them consistently. And also — to help others in this.

These steps are as follows:

1. Study of the theory of spiritual progress.

Ethical self-correction based on the directions of God. It includes, among other things, the development of humility in oneself. [1-29, etc.]

2. Purification and development of chakras and main meridians, viewing and cleansing of bioenergy “cocoons” surrounding our bodies, mastering the functions of dantyans and “perception bubbles” [12,16, etc.].

The beginning of the refinement of consciousness through esthetic methods and control of one’s own thoughts and emotions (i.e., the exclusion of the gross, and the encouragement of the refined ones) ([12]; see also our films and other illustrative materials).

This is achieved by mastering the initial foundations of the art of psychic self-regulation [12, etc.].

3. Mastering self-perception (i.e., localization of oneself as a soul) as a spiritual heart — in the chest, then around the body, then — forwards and backwards.

Extensive expansion of oneself — as a spiritual heart — in clean (in terms of energy) spaces, for example, over large reservoirs.

Looking from there — towards the body.

4. Acquaintance with the Holy Spirits. Development of dialogue with them. Accepting Them as the Divine Teachers.

Creating our own Mahadoubles.

Development of the hands of the spiritual heart.

Mergence with the Holy Spirits.

5. Mastering the state of “no-self” leading:

— to a complete loss of egocentrism,

— to life with the sensation and, if possible, with the satisfaction of the objective interests of others, rather than my own desires,

— to life and activity for the sake of other beings and for the sake of our common Creator.

6. Work with Kundalini, cognition of protomatter (protoprakriti, dark matter) and other components of the Absolute with an emphasis on the state of Transparent Calm of the Creator and His Divine Light-Fire [11-12,14-18].

7. Mastering being the Transparent Calm and Divine Light-Fire — on a universal scale.

Replacing the energies and matter of my own body with these states, which leads to the possibility of controlling the matter of my body and other objects.

* * *

Why is there so many false concepts and methods in the spiritual field?

Let us see that if we do not have enough significant knowledge about the Purpose of our spiritual efforts (that is, about the Creator), but have a greatly inflated propensity to “invent” in the absence of a critical assessment of one’s own “inventions”, — then in such a situation easily arise bad fantasies…

Example: There are seven colors of the rainbow, also — seven chakras… So, they say, we need to put that color gamut on the chakra system… Chakras should be colored…

As a result… — the dramatic consequences for the victims of this fantasy… In fact, all chakras should have a transparent-white luminosity with a golden hue. But “imprinting” other (coarser) colors in them — maims them and permanently and seriously prevents practitioners from further development.

Or — it is just as harmful a sentence to accustom oneself to concentrating in the initially grossest and usually most contaminated head ajna chakra. This tendency not only does not bring the slightest useful fruit, but coarsens the consciousness, bringing it closer to hell. And it moves away from the Purpose of spiritual search: from the Creator, Who is the Subtlest of all existing Consciousness.

“Ajnic” people become “hard-to-bear” in social communications. They also become addicted to mental disorders.

The ajna chakra is one of the most difficult in purification and refinement. Therefore, Krishna offered to apply special efforts to equalize its state according to the standard of Atmic Energies [12,14-17].

The latter must first be cognized through communication with the Holy Spirits and through working with the Kundalini [12].

I also note that Hatha Yoga and other similar practices should not be carried out against the backdrop of “killing” nutrition (i.e., with the use of animal bodies), because this leads, among other things, not only to the accumulation of coarse energies in the body, but also intensifies the coarsening of consciousness.

It is possible to mention many more examples of such harm to people seeking a spiritual path. They are:

— the intentional destruction of a night’s sleep,

— the hope for “security magic”, which so often leads to the development of gross psychopathology (the concentration of attention not on God, but on the beings of hell — with the emotions of mystical fear — which namely attract those beings),

— drunkenness for the purpose of tracing the moment of separation of consciousness from the body and attempting to realize oneself in the “astral” world (among disembodied alcoholics and other degenerates),

— inept attempts to work with the Kundalini without even realizing that this Atmic Energy is not in the coccyx (as is commonly believed), but outside our material bodies [12]…

All this and similar harmful pseudo-spiritual mud are associated in the understanding of some people — with the word yoga, creating an inappropriate attitude to the Teachings of the true Yoga! (You can get acquainted with true Yoga, including, in books [1,6,9-10, et al.] and the films listed at the end of the article).

Often such and similar distortions become popular, especially in the youth environment, because of their extravagance. And some enterprising businessmen start selling them, teaching for a large fee… All such persons are united by the fact that they do not act for God’s sake, not for spiritual help to people — but only for their own self-interest.

But it is correct — to live and act just the opposite: following the interest of God, taking the feasible part (sometimes — self-sacrificing) in His Evolutionary Process.

And He always actively helps to satisfy the desire for approaching Him — for all who sincerely and unselfishly serve Him.

Thus, in particular, He has conducted by the Straight Path of cognition of Him — the author of this article and his companions, who managed to ascend to the highest stages of spiritual growth.

Now — from the achieved positions — it is easy for us to see and distinguish between true and false trends in the sphere of spiritual search and spiritual knowledge.

… Now it is appropriate to ask the author of the article the question: how can one, having been familiarized with new techniques, determine whether they are true?

The first thing, which I can offer, is to consider the correspondence of the trainings, offered to you, — to the above-mentioned sequence of steps of spiritual ascent.

For example,

— if the teacher does not take into account the ethical component of the work and the need to follow through the refinement of consciousness,

— if there is no emphasis on the development of the spiritual heart,

— if the teacher him\herself systematically commits ethical mistakes,

— if he or she does not understand the place of the proposed program in the general scheme of spiritual improvement,

then I can advise to move away from such a pseudo-guru.

In particular, I advise you always to determine the correspondence of the proposed curriculum to the ideas of Hesychasm [12].

The essence of Hesychasm can be described as follows: the aspiration to cognition of the Creator, which can become effective only against the background of inner calm, found in a purified and developed spiritual heart. (More about this — in our books and films).

The term hesychasm is of Greek origin: hesychia means inner silence.

But most in detail — in the historical perspective of consideration — this theme was depicted by the Chinese Sage Lao [1,4,11,19,27].

Hesychasm — as a Christian trend — was prevalent in Eastern Europe.

To develop effective methods of Hesychasm and explain this methodology in a modern popular science language — God entrusted us: Russian specialists in the field of spiritual knowledge.

I will also note that throughout the history of the existence of mankind on the Earth, God has brought worthy spiritual seekers — regardless of their nationalities, places of residence, and local cultural characteristics — to the same knowledge, including specific methods of human self-development. (You can read about this in detail, including, in the book [6]).

At present, God asks to provide with this knowledge the population of all countries of the Earth.

… But sometimes someone asks: why do you not publish a detailed sequence of not only initial but also higher methods of self-improvement?

But it cannot be done. The reason is that all people are very different. And to read the details of applying higher methods to oneself — this would not be useful for most of them: they, like small children, will not be able to properly use such information.

Moreover, one must understand that not only the age of souls and, accordingly, the intellectual possibilities differ. But, moreover, everyone living on the Earth, accumulated some virtues and vices — and this has become the quality of each particular soul. There are, among others, hopeless degenerates — candidates for complete destruction in hell. There are also highly developed souls, but these people usually do not remember how they themselves, by what steps, walked along the spiritual Path — and therefore they do not know now how to help the younger decent souls…

For the same reason, one should not strive to create large groups for studies on mastering high and, especially, higher levels of improvement: there will never be a large number worthy of such help — at a particular time and in a specific place. And trying to “drag” to the spiritual heights those who are not yet mature intellectually and ethically — it will be no more than causing them harm.

Such an order of transfering the spiritual knowledge is optimal: general information is provided to those who wish — on the situation in which they reside, being incarnated on the Earth, and about the tasks facing them. Plus — common “milestones” of the Path with warnings about possible mistakes. And the speed of advancement is determined by each going — personally: depending on their own needs.

A good illustration of what has been said is presented in the book [20], where the author self-critically talks about how her basic vital interests have consistently changed: the stage of love for cats, then it was replaced by the love for houseplants… But God in her life — in a serious way — had no place…

But significant success on the spiritual Path can be achieved only when attention is — naturally, not by coercion and not “for the company” — entirely devoted only to the realization of one’s love for God. Such love is made up of a sincere desire of cognition of the Main Beloved, of Merging with Him and serving Him. But to such a state, the soul must grow in its development.

Therefore, I can advise the following: to study relevant literature and other useful materials, to make up for yourself the personal plan for work on yourself — and every day to strive for its implementation! Also — to unite in spiritual progress with other seekers! Working together is always more effective!

And most important — we must always listen to the directions of God: He is the Main Teacher for all people, for each of us!

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