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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Five: The Freedom

Chapter Five:
The Freedom

Pythagoras became a father, teacher and friend for Hamilcar! Never before in Hamilcar’s life had this happened!

He grew up without his father and he almost did not remember his mother. She belonged to a noble Phoenician family. As a teenager, his mother fell in love with the Nubian prince who became Hamilcar’s father. But that reciprocity was short-lived: they were separated by the will of their parents.

Hamilcar’s mother was married to a noble and wealthy man. She lived after this for a short time… After her death, Hamilcar’s step-father sent the child to grow up in the temple.

Since then, Hamilcar was always alone; he was for himself, never trusting anyone.

He just wanted freedom and power!

He wanted to be independent!

He even dreamed of becoming a high priest, as it seemed to him that this way he would gain freedom from suppression by other people!

He dreamed of a power that would make him invincible!

He was not just dreaming — he acquired the strength of body and the power of soul, learning from all those who had been sent into his life as his mentors.

However, the powerful and cruel people were not able to teach him to be cruel. He “closed” himself to all such people, just trying to get only really valuable skills and knowledge.

He also studied the rituals that supposedly were needed to ensure the protection of the “gods”. And he observed how this enriched the material wellbeing of the priests — and did not help the rest of the people…

He was looking for that God Who is Truthful!

He studied for this purpose in many temples…

But now…

Pythagoras and Hamilcar lived as if in a different world — the world of Light and Love, not altogether in a world where their bodies were prisoners. The teacher and the student have found each other!

The knowledge of Pythagoras in everything shocked Hamilcar! But most of all, Hamilcar was surprised by Pythagoras’ mild tenderness and care toward those who surrounded him. Sincere Love and surprising Calm as if it filled all the space around him! These states he created and manifested himself as a soul!

… Every day Pythagoras opened the new horizons to his disciple:

“Did you want to acquire freedom, Hamilcar?”

“Yes … But now I am already feeling myself more free than ever before! All the time I rushed off somewhere, looking for… but now I see the entrance to the Infinite Freedom where you live now! All that is left is to enter into It!”

“Did you think before that there is a true Freedom? What does it consist of?

“Aspiration of Freedom… leading a person for a long time from one slavery to another. For example, one can change his ties from poverty to the slavery of owning wealth, the slavery of luxury. Or one changes his status of a prisoner who is forced to obey the orders of other people to a different kind of bondage which consists of his own possibility to rule over others and to command…

“The capability to seek for the True Freedom is growing slowly in the soul!

“The majority of people are not ready for freedom! Look: they want orders for themselves — how they should act and what they should do. They usually obey the authority above themselves, but at the same time, they hate and condemn those who rule over them.

“The violence of tyrants deserves resistance and counteraction.

“But sometimes the initiatives of governors that lead to progress meet the protest of a crowd, disturbed by ‘violence against their free will’. At the same time, cursing and condemning the governors, the crowd still obeys them…

“If those people are left without leadership, they sink into laziness and other vices!

“Understand that permissiveness is not a freedom at all!

“And idleness and sloth decompose the souls!

“This behaviour is the fate of small and weak souls. But this is the majority of the people in all nations. Those people are like the children, who should mature and become stronger, kinder and smarter! But this growing-up is not happening very quickly. Many incarnations will be required for this!

“However, there are some souls which are matured in many of their successful incarnations, so their strength and mind exceed a lot in comparison with the average majority of souls. They can aspire to independence and sway in their life, for example, leading and managing others.

“And the best of these souls, the most pure and full of love, are capable of great acts of kindness and of the sublime creativeness for the sake of others! In such a way, the great devotees, for example, poets and sages, manifest themselves.

“It is only the mature souls which begin from a young age to think about the purpose of one’s life and seek the True Freedom!

“Yes, Freedom for the soul is possible! Although the ability to become free does not mature quickly.

“The soul can be a prisoner of one’s own emotions and actions that have the roots in negative qualities.

“Hence, moral purification and transformation are necessary.

“Besides, the souls are also strongly attached to the earthly material world by their own desires — and the liberation from this occurs very gradually!

“Every soul during an incarnation in a body fuses with it on different levels of subtlety.

“This process already begins in the mother’s womb.

“After being born, a human inevitably learns how to interact with the dense layers of the Universe with the help of the body. Other people and all the surrounding material space motivate the development of the child’s desires and abilities — the most approximate to the dense material layers.

“The child learns to see, touch and hear with the bodily organs. With their help, the child also eats, drinks, walks, talks. The child learns to live only in the world which can be visible to the bodily eyes, and usually nobody teaches him/her to interact with the subtle and subtlest worlds, with the Divine worlds. Moreover, nobody teaches how to live in these subtlest worlds. In such a way, the soul adheres to the material world.

“So this attachment does not disappear, even strengthens with the growth and maturity of the body.

“This attachment may decrease only in the consequence of conscious aspirations of the soul.

“The soul can be very tied by earthly thoughts, objectives, emotions and desires so that it becomes similar to a sluggish turtle which creeps on the surface of the ground, not being able — by virtue of its own natural ability — to straighten and then to come off of a material substratum.

“This is usually common in young souls. They will need to live more than one incarnation in human bodies in order to crave for freedom from the material world and to acquire an aspiration for the spiritual world: for the true Freedom, for the Divine Light!

“At the next stage, the soul can strive to the highest Goal and have only a solid support in the terrestrial world. Then it is similar to a man who walks in harmony: he puts his feet on the ground one by one; he lifts the first leg from the ground only when the other is already placed on the ground. One of his feet is all the time in connection with the ground, while the other is looking for a new footing. While moving forward, such a soul strongly relies on earthly things, so this soul can perceive and master much more in its own spiritual development.

“When the soul has greatly matured and has acquired wisdom over a number of incarnations, then it strives rapidly to the True Goal, sweeping away everything superfluous and unnecessary from one’s life; then it is like a runner who only touches the ground in order to give acceleration to the body! For this soul, everything material just means minimal necessary things which can help to accumulate strength and wisdom for the sake of achieving the main Goal. And soon, such a soul can learn how to be absolutely free of all earthly things!

“Then, like a bird, the soul hovers above the dense material world and is no longer in need of earthly supports for its own movement. And the Freedom comprehended in the Unity with the Whole — this is a great Victory!”

“So, is it fully possible to not depend on the material world at all?” Hamilcar asked.

“Yes, this is possible! There are Those Who even have control over the matter of their own bodies and all other material objects. This can be done by Those Divine Consciousnesses Who have joined the Power and the Will of the Whole and made their bodies divine, i.e. made them immortal!

“The soul is capable of growing together with the world of Transparent Calm and Divine Fire! Moreover, the body can be transformed by these States! Then the matter itself becomes the Spirit and the body will not recognize death, as the Great Thoth-the-Atlantean said!

“So this is how the Great Teachers of the people on the Earth have lived during the millennia in Their immortal bodies. Free and ubiquitous, They have lived in the bodies for centuries, but they have not depended on the bodies and earthly circumstances. They were deciding the fate of civilizations, in accordance with the Will of the Primordial Consciousness!

“Let’s direct our efforts now to the full freedom of the soul but not to the immortality of the body!

“The freedom of the Immortal Soul, One’s Divinity, is for you now the first significant and real Goal!

“To grow oneself as the God-man is an inalienable right of the soul!

“The Freedom from the bodily flesh enslavement and the Unity with the Divine Light achieved by one’s own will of the soul, this ability can be achieved by those who strive to do this and who are ready for this!

“Having the material body, allows for the soul to rise into God!

“So, it is a reality! Many people have traversed this path — they are Those Who we can see and hear in the Great Light of the Whole! They are the Souls Who have achieved the Fullness of Divinity!

“They are presented like the Unity of All — United We of all the Perfect Ones. They come from the Unity of the Primordial Whole and They carry the Creative Fire in Themselves! They can be justifiably called Gods because They are united with the Primordial Divine Consciousness!

“But let us move on to the practical steps!

“You know a lot and you, as a soul, are strong. You will soon acquire the freedom of yourself-soul from your material and dense body. Then you will cognize that Transparent Calm — That becomes available through the peace of mind and the great silence!

“I can show you the True Freedom! You, as a soul, are only partially connected to your body. And soon you will acquire the capability of the soul to live absolutely free from the body. However, your body will remain quite alive and able to function!

“You already possess a powerful, clean and strong energy — both in the body, and far beyond. The magic exercises of the priests have developed in you the will and the strength. And the size of yourself as consciousness is already very solid! But we have to start from the beginning in order to create in you a source of the subtlest tenderness and love!

“Only this allows the soul to develop properly! The rude force will eventually lead to the dead end on the way!

“The soul must be pure in order to be trained consciously under the guidance of Them — Omnipotent Gods!

“Tell me, Hamilcar, did you think about where the body, the soul and the Divine Light can have the main connection?”

“No, I didn’t think about it. I was taught that the human thought, his intention and will power are the basics of magic.”

“Nevertheless, there is a place where the man and the Ocean of Great Power of God, giving life to everything, can find the connection! This is the spiritual heart of the man!

“It is not located in the matter of a body, neither in the body’s organs, nor in the brain, nor in lungs, nor in the physical heart nor bones. But this center is originally located in the chest: approximately in that place where the person feels one’s own center when breathing. For this reason, in the traditions of some spiritual schools they give such an attention to the breathing exercises.

“In this heart center, the person has the opportunity to comprehend what love is.

“For this purpose, it is necessary to learn how to shift into this center.

“Feel yourself in this cordial center. Here is like a transparent sphere which can be extended to infinity.

“Try as if to immerse yourself in this sphere entirely, as in some transparent ball where the walls can be stretched, enlarged by the movement of your hands — hands of the soul.

“Try to look at the world from this center!”

… Hamilcar with some effort plunged into the space of light inside his chest. This space began to expand by the movements of his hands of the consciousness. And the state of soul has changed! The love and joy have filled Hamilcar, as if the door to the world of Light has opened! That was such a bliss — to love and to feel that you are loved! As if Divine Mother and Divine Father have embraced and accepted you into Their world! And as if the fetters have fallen off, restrained love and tenderness which always were inside of him, yet never previously allowed by him to manifest outwards!

Pythagoras continued:

“May your first step be to send love from this center of the soul to all souls that live in the Universe! Direct this flow forward and send love, bliss, tenderness, peace and calm! Let it feel like the Supreme Power, in agreement with you, bestows the Light and bliss like the solar wind, which embraces a vast space and glides freely His boundless Flow to all creatures of the Earth!


“Now direct this Flow in all directions in sequence. To the left, back, to the right, upwards and downwards…

“Do you feel now that you are connected to the Divine Light?

“Not everyone can do it all at once!

“But the fulfilment of this daily attitude of sending love from this center of the soul is essential in order to refine the soul and to accustom oneself to be loving!

“You came to this life already knowing the Divine states. But in the last incarnation you did not have time to comprehend everything that is necessary in order to keep yourself in the Unity: you were not strong enough. So that is why in this life you aspired and looked for it without understanding that it is the Freedom that attracts you …”

… Hamilcar barely heard the words of Pythagoras. So great was the happiness of feeling the Divine Love!

Here it is, what he was looking for all his life! This bliss of Mergence with the Divine Consciousness, it turns out that it was necessary to look for it right inside of his own spiritual heart! Apparently, that is how simple it is to open the door to the True Freedom! So if he could, he would stay in this Mergence forever!…

But Hamilcar lost that feeling soon…

Pythagoras consoled him:

“Not for one time the new states of soul are strengthened, even if they were comprehended before.

“For those who come to this stage for the first time, the ability to feel in the chest one’s face, including the eyes, the lips can help to master the life by spiritual heart. It is possible to look at the world from the spiritual heart or to turn the sight of consciousness back. And then, the vast expanses of the Divine Light will be nearby, right behind the back of the body!

“When the soul enters into an interaction with the Divine Light and Harmony of the universe, then a new life begins for this person!

“This ability to live by spiritual heart cannot hurt anyone!

“And this simple initial exercise will also help your future disciples!”

“The disciples?”

“Yes, having mastered what I can teach you, you should give the received knowledge to other people!

“This is the task that we must accomplish on Earth!

“And it is really simple to make this first step on the spiritual Path! For anyone who strives for Virtue and has accepted the true moral principles into one’s life — it is necessary to do it!

“The next thing you should master is the ability to control your emotions.

“Oh, if only people would have desire to find out how this truth is simple, pure and important: Love is the Power of God in the universe! Love is the only Direct Path of comprehension of the Divine Whole and Mergence with the Creative Power of God!”

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