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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter 14: The End of Hamilcar’s Apprenticeship

Chapter 14:
The End of Hamilcar’s Apprenticeship

Pythagoras and Hamilcar were released and given freedom by Darius who had ascended to the throne.

Darius said Pythagoras at parting:

“Now I am the king! I will conquer the whole world but first I will let you follow your path!”

“Why do you let me and my friend go now?”

“If I will listen to you further, I will not be able to accomplish my plans! Take everything that you need! I will command that all your orders be fulfilled. I shall provide ships, oarsmen and everything necessary. You and your disciple are no longer captives! You can choose where to direct your path!”

… In the bay of the city of Tira, two ships ready to set sail were waiting for an order to sail.

On the shore, two people were standing: Pythagoras and his disciple Hamilcar.

Pythagoras pronounced:

“Yes, if Darius would become our disciple, many things would change in the history of the Earth… But there is a freedom of will for every soul! And even seeing the failure of all the grandeur of possible achievements, it is not allowed to force another soul to make a right choice!”

“I would like to go together with you now, Pythagoras, and to be your assistant in everything!”

“I would like this too, Hamilcar! But the Higher Will is different. Now you yourself will begin to realize everything in your country that we have planned!

“Understand, my friend, that the availability of this knowledge for so many people also depends on you too! If each of us begins to do this in his own land, we can achieve more rather than if we will start acting together in one place.

“Go ahead, Hamilcar! We will be next to each other all the time, although our bodies will be at a distance! But the aspirations of our thoughts and deeds will be united!

“Create for the humanity on the Earth that which we have been entrusted with! And know: our efforts will not be in vain! Those non-incarnate Teachers Whom you know now, and even Those Whom you do not know yet, will assist you fully!

“In the world of darkness, war and moral decay you should glorify Truth, Beauty and morality, making them desired! And to determine the Perfection of a soul in the Mergence with the Creator as a purpose of life for every human being!

“Yes, it will not be easy to talk about morality when even the so-called 'gods' of many nations easily commit crimes in their legends, strive to dominate one another, fight, kill, betray, punish people at their whim…

“But that is why it is vital for humanity and we have to tell them!

“You will lead your disciples from a small space of cordial quietness where God becomes evident to the great boundless Transparent Calm and to the Divine Fire in which the individual 'I' merges into the United We – Oneness of All the Perfects!

“There are immutable Laws of life for the initiated ones:

— they no longer live for themselves,

— they no longer perceive what is happening to them from the point of view of the individual human 'I',

— they live here, in bodies, for the purpose of performing the Will of the Primordial: for the perfection of the souls, so that the Wisdom, Love and Beauty of the Divine Consciousness can appear to the people,

— they always look at what is happening — from the Unity with the Primordial One,

— they resort to force only in full accordance with His Will,

— they are ready to accept the death of their bodies — for His sake,

— they do not use that Force that they live in Unity with to save their own bodies,

— they are always ready to completely leave the world of matter and go to the Divine Light but they remain here, among people, only for the sake of bearing the gifts of Divine Knowledge to the people!

“You can learn to live this way all the time — from the Unity already cognized by you!

“Good luck to you, my true friend! Good luck to you, Hamilcar from Carthage!

“I do not say goodbye: because that Unity of Those Who have attained the Perfection is indissoluble by the earthly distances!

“The One in whom the Creative Fire of the Divine Love is burning inextinguishably cannot be separated anymore from the One Whole!

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