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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Comments of the Perfects, Speaking on Behalf of One God

Comments of the Perfects, Speaking on Behalf of One God

The talk is written down by
Anna Zubkova.

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov

Adler [11]:

“There is only I — the Universal God! The whole Immensity of the universe is My One Organism!

“I am the Lord of the universe! And I live in you and in each of you!

“This is the reality! Come into it! In the Great Silence of Transparent Calm [12,15-18] — cognize the Oneness of the Primordial! Let there be nothing in the perception at this moment, except God! There is only the Ocean of God — outside and inside, above and below in relation to your body and your planet Earth!

“Sprout in the Infinity many hands of the soul — caressing, loving!

“And then learn how I live, entering each of the eons of the Absolute and, at the same time, remaining One God!

“Learn to work by a Mahadouble [11-12]! When you unite with My Infinite Love — feel that My and your hands reach anywhere on the Earth, and Love allows you to grow as the Mahadouble where there is an Intention of God to carry out the necessary Work.

“The incarnate person then becomes God when he or she has combined him\herself with God into One.

“At the end of the Calpa, all the Holy Spirits pass into the Transparent Calm of Turiynity. It is a rest for Them, “Night of Brahman”, as Krishna said [1,3,11]. And the matter of the planet disappears, because I take Myself from it.”

Sathya Sai Baba:

“There is the Primordial Ocean, not divided into Divine Individualities. But each of the Great Souls making up this Ocean, when proceeding from Him, can say: ‘I am God!’ and manifest Power, Love, and Wisdom of the Whole.”

Silvio Manuel:

“The whole Absolute is One Living Organism! The highest achievement of the Spiritual Warrior consists in becoming identical with the Power of the whole Absolute, not of this or that Individual Manifestation. Then — the Spiritual Warrior is able to do any miracle: miracles — for the sake of turning to faith people of the material plane.”

Jesus Christ:

“God is behind every ‘door’ — right behind the gate into the spiritual heart. Here should be found the Infinity of the Ocean of God, the All-Embracingness of His Love!

“Learn — together with Me — to knock on these ‘doors’: into the spiritual hearts of other people. Those, who are ready, will hear and open! And then — I will show Myself for them and will show more and more!”

Sathya Sai Baba:

“When you are in Me, when We are One, then you can help to do this for millions of souls! I and all of Us — will do it together with you!

“I will smile from the pages of your fairy tales written by you — for toddlers!

“I will teach teenagers kindness, care, and understanding, awareness in life!

“I will tell the grown-up souls about the steps of the Path and lead them by the hand, and then — by Myself — open the passage to the Primordial!”


“Sometimes you can observe in a person the absence of ‘feedback’ with other people. This is an egocentrism that has flourished in a lush color. Such one lives by manifesting one’s proud lonely self, instead of living for the sake of others, instead of living, feeling them as oneself.”

Jesus Christ:

“Acquisition of the sensation of others as yourself — requires unceasing efforts!”


“Never get upset if something goes wrong against your desire! Everything always happens the way I want it!

“Watch what I want to tell you, learn to understand what lesson you need to go through! As soon as the right understanding comes and your life begins to match along this new understanding — the situation is changing. Or — it starts to please you, not upset.”

Babaji from Haidakhan:

“It happens that the zealot on the spiritual Path ‘surrenders’, being only a few steps from the set Goal. He or she says something like this: ‘I did everything I could! If the greater does not work out — then it is not necessary for God, and it’s time for me to ‘dump’ from here…’. And this is when to the state of Full Unity with My Love and Power — within one’s reach!…

“The time for leaving the body is determined by the universal United We. This means that as long as there is life in the body — there is also a task for which this life is given!”


“The principle of life of a spiritual person is this: every day of life to use in order to draw closer to God and each time grasp the moment when you can put a shoulder to God for the Evolution of Consciousness.

“In other words, it is required from everyone to help people in all good and especially with regard to the dissemination of spiritual knowledge!”


“A great feat is performed by one who lives on the Earth for God’s sake! This is the Way of Jesus, Sathya Sai Baba, each of Those Who have appeared and are appearing before you as the Holy Spirits!”

Babaji from Haidakhan:

“The complete Unity, Immortality, and work ‘from My side’ in the presence of a deified body — is a reality! And deeds on the Earth for Service to God and Evolution — are a lot!

“The one, who enters the final Mergence when parting with the body, is dear to Me! But more may be done!

“The one, who dared to take the last frontier, while still incarnate in the body, is the Great Hero of the Spirit!

“The Manifestation of God, revealed through Man Who Became an Avatar, walking the Path of the heart, is invaluable!

“Visible miracles are only a tiny part of the manifestation of that Power! They are like splashes of waves, but the Divine Power is like the whole ocean!”


“You are the bearers of unique Knowledge! You have placed in your understanding the entire Path: from man to God! And now it will be necessary to present these Treasures to those who want to accept and can begin to fulfill this in life.

“Carefully, not mixing up the steps, not pulling up those who are not yet ready, — help everyone! For anyone who wants to become better before the Face of God — there is such an opportunity!

“This Knowledge should be available — like light, like air, like water! Do not be sad if someone breathes — and does not notice it, drinks — and does not thank the Source…

“All Creation lives in My Light and is created by My Creating Fire! But not everyone can see and understand this.

“Such is the natural course of Evolution.”

Jesus Christ, Apostles Mark and Matthew:

“You are entrusted to continue the work of Jesus Christ on the Earth! So — that people of the whole Earth will know about the New Testament of the present times!

“First of all, this must be done through the publication, replication over the world of the most important books. And there is still a lot to be done!”

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