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Chapter 12: The Pyramid is “The Fire from Inside”. Meditation of Thoth-the-Atlantean

Chapter 12:
The Pyramid is “The Fire from Inside”. Meditation of Thoth-the-Atlantean

“Tell me, Hamilcar, what did you think when you saw the pyramids for the first time?”

“I thought how great was the strength and wisdom of those who had erected them! I also thought that these are qualities that I would like to develop!”


“Do you know that the word 'pyramid' in my country’s language sounds like 'Fire from inside'? What meaning do you think the Greeks put into this word? Nowadays some people believe that the external radiance of the pyramids which reflected the light of the sun was the reason for this name… It is naive! Verily, the word 'pyramid' itself keeps a secret! Now I am talking about the meditation 'Pyramid' of Thoth-the-Atlantean.

“This meditation has several levels of execution.

“At one time the rites of initiation in these sacraments were held in the inner rooms of the main pyramid of Egypt.

“But the same thing can be done in the nonmaterial pyramid, consisting of the Light and erected by a disciple or by a Divine Teacher from the energy of the developed soul.

“So, a pyramid is a temple for the initiation of the soul. The image of the pyramid allows one to penetrate into inner hidden chambers of the Divine Consciousness. Such a pyramid should be immense! When the consciousness consisting of Light in the form of a pyramid rises above the surface of the Earth, it is possible, having filled the top part of this form, to plunge through it into the Depths. It is necessary to perform this in the Divine subtlety. In such a way, it is possible to grow the soul to the volumes comparable to at least the size of our planet. Moreover, it is possible to perceive the Divine Creative Fire under the base of such a pyramid, and to dissolve in It by the soul, feeling Its Boundlessness!

“Many of these entries into the Depths allow us to realize the successful growth of the soul. As a result, the beingness of the Divine Fire gradually becomes habitual.

“This Fire is the one whole, united Flame of Souls Who have attained the higher worlds. They are the Masters of Life Who are working in the great Unity!

“This Fire can be raised and then It fills the entire pyramid from within. It also can be brought into the body of the disciple.

“Feel deeply this reality:

“The souls may become huge, like a pyramid. Nevertheless, the pyramid, created in the meditation, rises only by a small part of itself above the surface of the Earth. And its main part and 'foundation’ are in the Depths, in the boundlessness of the Creative Fire!

“… Over the course of time, you will be able to cognize the Divine Fire above the planet, as well as the identity of 'That which is above and That which is below', by performing the meditation hidden in the symbol of the hexagram. The Divine Thoth-the-Atlantean will help you to master this.

“I should also tell you that the form of a pyramid can be filled not only with the Fire but with the Transparent Calmness as well. These are two main states of the Primordial Consciousness.”

… Now, during the walk, Hamilcar was trying to retain in the new states and become established in them.

… In a few days, when almost everyone in the camp was already sleeping, another significant event took place.

That evening Pythagoras and Hamilcar were talking about which Gods of different nations are real and which ones are only the inventions of the priests or the characters of fairy tales and myths.

The topic of the conversation was so interesting to Hamilcar that his questions did not end.

And Hamilcar asked Pythagoras about Thoth-the-Atlantean:

“You told me that the great Thoth-the-Atlantean is your Teacher. Is it the same God Thoth Who is highly esteemed in Egypt? According to the legends, He was one of the Egyptian rulers in those ancient times when this country was governed by the Gods.”

“Yes, Thoth-the-Atlantean is one of Those Divine Teachers Who came into bodies from flesh and carried the knowledge about the Highest to many nations. He is quite real!

“Thoth-the-Atlantean was one of the Great Divine Mentors Who were completing my education in the temples of Egypt. He was doing this in the body, consisting of the Great Light, i.e. not using his material body. He revealed the knowledge to me which has been lost or has not been understood by the priests under whom I studied before.

“Like all the Great Ones, He is not bounded by a necessity of births and deaths in the circles of reincarnations. And They always remain in the Eternal Unity with the United Divine Consciousness.”

… At this moment, the Stranger approached the bonfire. He passed very close through the guards but they did not notice Him. He was invisible to them.

With a great respect Pythagoras got up to greet the Guest. Hamilcar followed his example.

His body was not material — but quite real. Gentle smile, imperturbable and the deepest calm, shining from His whole appearance…

“Let me introduce you to my Great Teacher — Thoth-the-Atlantean!” Pythagoras introduced the Guest.

Hamilcar was amazed!

Although the body of Thoth-the-Atlantean was non-material, it was perceived as a greater reality than anything else around!

Thoth-the-Atlantean, seeing Hamilcar’s interest in His appearance, started to explain:

“In reality, there is no such self-existent 'material world'! All Creation is created from completely mobile energies through their certain 'densification', allowing the objects to be 'manifested', i.e. to be perceivable by incarnate beings.

“Now My body is condensed enough so it is convenient for you to see it. If I will manifest it a bit more condensed, then it will become perceivable to the guards as well, but this will be unnecessary.

“Embodied people usually have limited vision and are unable to see those energy structures which form the material world. Speaking in very general terms, microparticles which reside at the most densified state between themselves are perceived by ordinary human perception as solid objects. The substances from less strongly bound particles — as liquids. And when particles are located even more freely — like air— invisible to the ordinary human eye.

“But beyond the range of perception by human senses is revealed a boundless multidimensional expanse!

“The soul can learn to see the Great Creative Power and Its Creation at different levels of refinement.

“You are already familiar with the Divine Light and Fire. When you will become accustomed to them to a much greater extent, you will be able to observe everything created — from there, from the Depths. And then you will cognize that everything existing in the whole universe is really the One Whole Living Organism!

“Harmony is the Main Principle of the life of this Organism.

“Any violations of this Principle are considered as undesirable and violators are at risk of becoming the unfulfilled elements of the Whole.”

…The radiant figures of Divine Men and Women were approaching the bonfire. Thoth-the-Atlantean introduced His Great Friends to Hamilcar:

“Ptahhotep — is My Companion at work in Egypt! He is one of Those Who also taught Pythagoras.

“Cairo — is one of the Divine Rulers of Egypt in the ancient past [6].

“Imhotep — is the great architect and sculptor, in addition to all His other skills. You, My friends, should pay special attention to His advice in the future!”

… After bowing softly and majestically to Pythagoras and Hamilcar, Imhotep settled comfortably around the bonfire and continued:

“Yes, the art is a kind of 'bridge' between the Divine and the material worlds. It is a convenient way for many people to convey knowledge to them. And many souls may pass over on this 'bridge'!

“Creativity itself teaches the souls to be similar to the Creator — Who is creating everything in the Universe!

“It is a creativity in the arts and sciences that can become a major transition stage in the development to a life on Our level of beingness, among Us.

“I shall always help you when it is required!”

More and more Divine Teachers were approaching. Each of Them had not only a corporeal appearance, but were also similar to the whole sea by the hugeness of Oneself-Soul. Each one was bringing One’s Own radiant Divine Presence into the surrounding space.

Hamilcar barely had time to perceive the slightly distinguishing features of the Divine Guests: the shades of Light, the states of Love, Calmness, Power and Majesty.

When Hamilcar turned to Pythagoras, he saw that Pythagoras was the same as Them although he had an ordinary body from flesh.

And then the Radiance of the Light became so significant that the material plane seemed to be washed away from Hamilcar’s perception. He dissolved into the Ocean of the Light, consisting of many Divine Souls …

Then Hamilcar heard the voice of Thoth-the-Atlantean:

“This is a very beneficial experience for you, Hamilcar! In this way, the Souls Who have attained the Perfection usually abide in a mutually dissolved, merged state. They create Their own Forms only for deeds in more dense layers of the Universe.

“You can learn to recognize Them by these Forms.

“…There is a Central Divine Fire of the Earth, ‘based’ in its core. This Fire — under ordinary conditions — connects the core of the planet with the Universal Divine Fire.

“You already know that the Divine Fire consists of Them — mutually merged Ones.

“Those Who have attained the Mergence with the United Divine We work on the Earth, coming from this Fire to incarnate beings. And This Fire is Their Source of Strength.

“You will be among Them soon.

“Now you are getting access to the Treasury of Divine Knowledge, whose Bearers are Those Who have attained the Perfection. Here you can gain any knowledge in any quantity. The only one limitation is an ability to understand the answers.

“This Knowledge is indestructible because it is preserved by the Immortal Souls — the Bearers of this Knowledge. Even when the history of this planet will become a thing of the past in the history of the universe, the Great Ones Who have worked here and Who have cognized the Unity, will continue Their work on other planets.

“So now feel your Unity with the Divine Fire again! Indeed, this already became a reality cognized by you!

“Then become a Source of the great Flow of Divine Love and Power!

“There is no longer room for your individual will! Only that — which is not only offered by yourself but also approved by All, — can be realized!

“Now your destiny is unbreakably fastened with the Great Divine Power.

“When a person reunites oneself-soul, flaming huge in size like the Sun, with the Universal Creative Fire — then begins a new great stage on the Path for the One Who Has Attained Divinity.

“What is behind these words? Every one of Us acts from the United We! It is a great responsibility to be always the One Who doesn’t manifest the personal will, but the Will of the United We!”

… Hamilcar with difficulty returned to perception of the dense world where his body had remained. He would love to stay forever in the world of the Divine Love, Calm and Light!…

Pythagoras consoled:

“You have already learned how to enter into the Divine eons. These eons are always near us just as all our Divine Teachers Who are inhabiting them! But a person who has a body needs to develop the skills and a habit of always perceiving both worlds: Divine one from where he gets guidance, knowledge and strength, and the other — material world. This is what we shall master in the near future.

“In the meantime, you need a rest. You may be pleased that you have been accepted in the Divine Light as an equal although you still have to work hard in order to have this as a durable achievement.

“You should know that when you leave your body in the event of its death, the Divine world which has been cognized by you will become the Abode for you! This knowledge will add to your courage and fearlessness — joy and calm in the moment you face the death of your body whenever it approaches!”

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