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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Seven: The Inner Quietness

Chapter Seven:
The Inner Quietness

Now Hamilcar was meeting each morning with joyful anticipation for the communication with the Living Divine Light!

The love naturally flowed from his spiritual heart toward all beings.

That love which he could give now to all around, and the reciprocal Love of the Divine Father and Mother as if finally recognized by him — surrounded him, met him and immersed him into a new life in the Light!

His training with Pythagoras has continued:

“Next, you need to master the ability to communicate with specific Divine Souls in this Light! This way, it is possible to learn how to perceive that Knowledge from Those Who know much more and who are always ready to share it with us!

“In order to perceive the Divine thoughts, it is necessary to clear and calm one’s mind. For this purpose, it is necessary to learn the inner quietness.

“Only through this is it possible in the subtlest worlds to become one with that Light, that Love and that Transparent Silence which you are learning now.

“Great Divine Consciousness reveals Its Secrets only to that person who has learned to listen, by comprehending the quietness of his own mind.”

And is it possible not to have one’s own thoughts, not to think at all?

“However, when I saw you for the first time, it seemed to me as if you carry the Silence by yourself, a certain special Calm… How do you succeed in this?”

“For the beginning, plunge into the space of your spiritual heart. Perceive from your personal experience that you can continue to listen to me without transferring concentration to your body’s head. You can listen to me through yourself-soul, immersed in your spiritual heart! At this time, the ears of your material body will be helping you to listen; however, in the future you will be able to listen to me even when our bodies will be divided by the sea. But it is going to be later and now you should hearken and do!

“So, it is necessary to leave the three upper chakras where the mind usually thinks and evaluates events. It is inherent to that part of yourself as a soul which lives by being fastened to the material body.

“By transferring the perception of yourself into the heart center, that which you are already able to do — you penetrate into the space where there is no rushing flow of restless thoughts.

“Exactly in this way, so easily we can force our mind to be silent!

“In order to merge with the Divine Consciousness and to perceive the knowledge from the Divine Souls — it is necessary to retain constantly the level of subtlety that is inherent to Them.

“The rough cannot penetrate into the subtle and become one piece with it!

“The air filled with dust is not suitable for breathing! The water mixed with dirt is not suitable for drinking!

“In the same way, the soul which is unrefined from coarse impurities and filthy states is not capable of pure perception of something extremely subtle and Divine!

“I shall repeat: the coarse is not able to enter into the mergence with the subtle!

“Only when you get used to Their Subtlety — is it possible to learn Unity with Them! Always remember this!

“And the inner quietness helps to learn it.

“People create sounds. Nature is filled with sounds too. Many sounds touch on our hearing now: noise generated by human bodies, by hooves of horses, the creaking of the waggons, distant sounds of sea waves, rolling to the coast…

“While the Divine Consciousness in His Abode is the Owner of absolute Quietness.

“In order to comprehend this, it is necessary to start listening to the Transparent Silence with a completely purified and expanded spiritual heart.

“Let your love embrace the space further and further!

“In such a way, you will master the Transparent Calmness of the Divine Existence which remains underneath everything.

“In this state, it is possible to hear the Primordial One!

“And then — to dissolve in Him!

“The first stage of such a connection is the cognition of the state of 'non-I'.

“Look at any sound that you have made. It spreads like the ripples on water from a thrown stone, overspreading further and further. Its nature is the manifestation, the emanation of the individual ‘I’ from the center of itself.

“And now perceive the reverse process. Now — you listen!

“As far as you as a soul are capable of, you embraced with your spiritual heart the vast expanse of the desert, and the depths of the planet, and far beyond its borders…And you are hearing everything that happens everywhere there, but you are immovable and transparent yourself, as if you are empty inside. And the former you almost does not exist, who was in the center: you are dissolved in all other existing things.

“The soul has the hands! Dive in using the soul’s hands deeper and deeper, as if in the depths of the ocean…

“There — Living Silence of the Depths absorbs you from all sides and fills you up with Itself…”

… The Great Ocean of Silence and Power has filled up with Itself everything around and has also penetrated into the body of Hamilcar.

Hamilcar either could feel himself as a whole Ocean — or soar in Its depth…

“If the body will disappear right now — what will change? I am as an Ocean — and in fact shall not cease to exist!”

… But, nevertheless, this state could not last longer.

Pythagoras continued to explain:

“You should study this state very well! Because the Great Silence and self-dissolution in It allow the purification of the soul from all impurities of not-truth and to perceive the Divine Voice!

“The voices of Divine Teachers are clearly audible to the adept if he asked a question and plunged into this Silence.

“One can even see in the Light the faces of those Greatest Who are ready to render assistance.

“In order to make this possible, it is necessary to clear the mind completely from selfishness, including pride.

“And the great deeds become realizable only when the thinking of the soul unites with the Divine Thinking!

“Then the body becomes an instrument for the manifestation on the material plane of that which the Divine Will requires.”

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