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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.




God created His Creation not for us. He created it for Himself.

Through the processes taking place in the Creation, He Himself is evolving. In this — His Life.

He — when viewed in this perspective — is the Absolutely Egocentric!

Therefore the man’s ego-centrism looks naive, ridiculous!

Our task is, first of all, to realize our place in this God-Centered situation.

It is not He exists for us, but we exist — for His sake.

What is He waiting for from us?

On this subject, Jesus Christ said clearly: strive to become Perfect as God is Perfect (Matthew 5:48).

What for?

To become One with Him.

We have covered this topic in detail in our books.

So, let us discard the vicious egocentric worldview!

Let us see the absurdity of the situation, when God asks us to dedicate our lives to self-perfection — but people, instead, only repeat and repeat to Him: “Give us! Save us! Bless us!”…

Let each of us compose the plan for oneself of personal spiritual transformation. And — let grow spiritually, starting, of course, with the development of the ethical components!

It should also be understood quite clearly that both God and His Teachings — are one not only for all people on the Earth, but for even all beings throughout the universe! And people should not fantasize about “national Gods” and “national religions”.

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