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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.




“Man is the pinnacle of evolution!”, “All exists for humans!”, “Everything has to be in the name of humankind!” — so atheists claimed…

But the truth is the opposite to such primitive anthropocentric beliefs. An intelligent person should accept the knowledge of God-Centrism.

The truth is that the “Pinnacle” of the Evolution is God. And everything that happens in the universe, including our lives with all its nuances, exists for Him.

… God in the Aspect of the Absolute [13-14,19,24] is Macro-Being of universal scale. We — in Him — are similar to blood cells: moving, to some extent independently, but living only in Him, for Him, and are not capable of living outside Him.

And our goal is to not only accommodate this theoretical knowledge by the mind, but also to implement it practically — with oneself as a developed consciousness.

How is it desirable to start with?

You can start with the broadening of your outlook.

… I remember, in my childhood, my parents with me went for the summer holidays to Western Ukraine. We stopped in a village house, where the landlady and her son about my age lived.

The next day after our arrival that boy came up to me in the garden — to get acquainted. At this time, I was shaving a stick.

He asked in Ukrainian, looking at the stick:

“Sho ty robish? (What are you doing?)”

… At that age, I knew only Russian words, so I did not understand him and asked to repeat.

“Sho ty robish?” — he repeated the question.

He, too, did not know how to express this idea, except in Ukrainian!

He repeated the question several times, louder and louder, thinking that this would be more understandable to me. But I did not understand… Then he started to cry and ran to complain about me to his mother…

This story had resolved only when our parents had explained to both of us that there are different languages. And that those who do not speak my language — are not at all bad people.

… Contacts with a variety of situations where people live, who initially were perceived as “others”, it is very useful, especially at an early age — for the proper development of the soul. Then the opposition between me — and “others” disappears. Man learns to understand and love them such as they are. All are — initially — “friend of mine”!

… Although learning to divide people into different categories — it is necessary. But the criteria for such differentiation — are other. These are the levels of development of intelligence and spiritual advancement.

* * *

… In the “Soviet” years in Russia, a wonderful “Song about the motherland” often sounded on the radio (words by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, music by Isaac Dunayevsky; I quote from memory):

Extensive is my native land:

A lot of forests, fields, and rivers!

I do not know another state,

Where breathes so freely man!

From Moscow — to the outlying districts,

From south mountains — to the northern seas

Man is walking as the free landlord

Of all this motherland immense!

Life flows freely, widely, and fully

Seems like Volga’s water quietly runs.

Youth has everywhere chances to develop,

Old men always have honor from all of us!

Over country wind of spring is blowing!

Every day is full of happiness!

No one in the world can know how

Better us to laugh, enjoy, and love!

One cannot count towns and all cities!

Our fields cannot be grasped by eyes!

And the proud total word “tovarisch”*

Is more beautiful than any other word!

With this word — we feel all over at home!

We are relatives with “black” and “colored” men!

This word — familiar for everyone and everywhere!

With it — we find both love, and calm, and warmth, and care!

This song was heard by all — in a great performance! — almost every day. And thus its ideas were being imprinted in souls.

Although… all reasonable people could enjoy with such beautiful states of souls only, first of all, in short episodes of rest in the harmony of nature… Or — simply forgetting themselves in sweet dreams… Because some “tovarisches” of the Communist party and KGB assume the right to en masse taunt anyone, whom they do not like, and to kill them…

But still, it was a great song-meditation, which was allowing for many people to learn the functions of the spiritual heart and to expand the souls, consisting of the spiritual hearts! And it is one of the most important components of spiritual development!

Yes, on the Path to mastering the fullness of Perfection, we must learn to love both the nature with its creatures, and all the people living on the Earth (though in different ways, depending on their characteristics mentioned above) and the entire Creation as a whole.

And such love can be mastered not otherwise if possessing a developed spiritual heart.

But only a few humans have it “from birth”. For the rest — it is necessary to develop it (how to do this — is read in our books and shown in movies). However, it is appropriate for all to raise it: in fact, a limit of the improvement here does not exist!

… By the way, a feeling of the beauty and breadth of our native country — it is appropriate to recognize as only one of the initial stages of our development. Following then, it is necessary to embrace with the spiritual heart, its love — the entire planet, and then the whole universe, the entire Creation of God.

Let us remember: only if we have learned to love the Creation — we can learn to love the Creator!

* * *

… But many people feel the environment — as hostile to them.

They have — in addition to vulnerable to damaging factors egocentric “i” — also a certain feeling of a little “we”. But who are included in this “we”? It may be my dog, my family, my own criminal gang or sports team, my production or another team, the citizens of my nationality or my country, coreligionists, etc.

These people had not gone far in their development from the animal’s level. They, like those animals, quite often alienate and hate “outsiders”, defined by skin color or nationality, place of residence, by the specifics of religious beliefs, etc.

These people live in the emotions opposite to love but in hatred, anger, irritation, envy…

The severe manifestation of their ego-centrism is violence — the first of the hellish soul properties. Such people like to oppress others — according to their own whims. They delight for their own fun in humiliating others. They are ready to steal, rob, beat, kill… Jealousy — as also one of the clearest manifestations of self-centeredness — is their characteristic feature. They demand that people around do not live on mature reasoning about what and how should be done, but on the principles “so it is accepted!” or “so it is not accepted!”. They behave so, even if it is absurd in the changed historical circumstances. They hate other manifestations of healthy sexuality, especially in women. In conversations, they are rude, ready to shout, to interrupt others in every way, preventing them from expressing their views…

Such conditions lead to hell.

After parting with the material body, people fall in hell or in paradise not because they dress someway their bodies, and not because they were members of a certain religious organization. But — thanks to the emotional states to which they accustomed themselves. Those who get used to the gentle and caring love — they are in paradise. Those who accustomed to rough emotions — they remain after the death of their bodies among souls of their own kind; this is hell.

* * *

But the meaning of our lives consists not in getting paradise, but in obtaining the spiritual Perfection, in joining with our common Creator — to enrich Him by ourselves!

God in the Aspect of the Creator (Primordial Consciousness, God-the-Father) is precisely the United We of all who have gained their Perfection for all the endless history of His existence [13-14,16,19-24].

Therefore, we should strive as much as possible to develop ourselves to a greater extent according to the criteria of Subtle Love, Wisdom, and Power. They are His main qualities!

* * *

Scrupulous study of the ethical principles and ethical self-correction must be obligatory for all striving to the cognition of the Primordial. If you continue to allow your ethical mistakes (sins) to manifest — the Holy Spirits will put obstacles to you on the Way closer to Themselves. It may be failures in “private life”, diseases, loss of already developed spiritual achievements…

In each of our books, we have discussed the ethical themes. So now, we will focus on the main thing: how to fight against our own ego-centrism.

That is, we must learn to live for others: for their sake, their evolutionary perfecting!

This should be done without coercion, but on the emotions of love and with respect for the freedom of choice of a way through life — for each person.

And let’s not judge those who, in our opinion, take the wrong decisions. Because God will perfectly dispose of the fate of everyone — for one’s good!

Living for the sake of other people and all kind beings, which inhabit our planet, we gradually learn to understand what it means to live for God, that is, God-Centristically.

* * *

People are able to kill flowers for the dubious pleasure to enjoy by their slowly dying. Also — can do the same with the “Christmas trees”. Also — killing (or complicit in the killing) of any innocent animals for the sake of eating their bodies… All those actions are also quite self-centered.

But taking God-Centered worldview and reviewed in this perspective the whole of one’s own way of life, one can begin to act for the sake of God. And it is specifically expressed in helping people, humanity — by mainly the highest that one oneself can do. Dissemination of the knowledge about God among people, about the meaning of our lives and the possibilities of its realization — it is the highest form of service to God and people.

At the same time, we should not forget that the personal spiritual perfecting of each of us — also needed to God. And the Holy Spirits encourage each such step of every spiritual seeker, prompting, directing, flooding with the Supreme Bliss.

* * *

Let us feel ourselves in clear and calm weather — being gentle and pure souls — above seas or steppes, forests, mountains.

Then — above the surface of all foreseeable by the soul part of the planet.

Then let this feeling pass to the realization that this is me! “I am above all this!”

Then — “I am it all!”

All this is filled with God, Who is Love! And the direct perception of Him gives the bliss!

The criterion for success in this meditation is gaining the ability to look from the space filled with Him and me — to the direction of my body.

Thus, in particular, it may be the correct growth of me-consciousness, the main part of which is the spiritual heart.

And then — “there is only Him; individual separate me is not!”.

So we begin to gradually develop a state of being dissolved in Him.

* * *

But this — is not all that is possible to do.

The fact is that the Absolute is multidimensional.

The world of stars, planets and all the material on them — this is only a “manifested” (for the normal human perception) part of the Absolute.

And His Main Essence is to be searched and found in the depths of the multidimensionality: in the subtlest layer. (More on this — in [13-14,16,19-24]).

Having reached, by means of the methods of growth and refinement of the consciousness, we, if we are allowed by Him, — will be able to enter into the Mergence with Him, becoming a Member of His United We.

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