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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Ecologist Who Studied God

God-Centrism/Ecologist Who Studied God

Ecologist Who Studied God

Ecology is a science of relationships of an organism with the environment. (Although in recent years the importance of this term in the mentality of many people, who are far from science, has unjustifiably narrowed to only the fight against environmental pollution).

Having bio-ecological university education and then the dissertation as part of the same subject, I was working in the future in different fields of medicine and biology (regularities of behavior under the influence of environmental factors, neurophysiology, sexology, obstetrics, psychical self-regulation, ecopsychology, etc.).

… By the way, today, most people do not remember that in the atheistic Soviet Union was not the word psychology that means the science of a soul. No souls existed in limited materialistic thinking! There were only bodies, which, for some reason, were born, and then, having lived, nearly die…

The word ecology — in those years, when I graduated university (1968), in the Soviet Union also did not exist officially; it was substituted with the term theriology — the science of the Earth from a purely materialistic sense of the word. I then, apparently, was one of the first or even the first who dared to use the word ecology: it was included in the title of my university diploma thesis.

… Gradually, watching the growth of my potential as a scientist, God began to show me Himself. It started when I lived in this body already for 30 years. (This is discussed in detail in the biographical book [11]; you can see also [22]. But one needs to understand that many years have passed since the publication of both these books.)

I began to study this new for me information. I included God and non-incarnate souls of different quality — into the bio-ecosphere of each embodied being. For God and souls, though often invisible to usual human vision, — but, because they are alive, they can be studied as parts of biologythe science of life!

God — happily agreed and began to strongly encourage Himself to be studied!

I quickly realized that the approach to Him may be done neither by moving one’s body somewhere (for example, to the “holy places”), nor through rituals, — but, above all, through the ethical self-transformation, to bringing ourselves into the quality in which God wants to see us.

Moreover, I easily took the Wish of God for me to gradually replace, in my feeling of the world, the emotions and actions of ego-centrism — to God-Centrism.

God is the Main Component of the ecosystem to every creature! And it is He Who disposes our destinies! (The “Law of karma” is the external manifestation of His educational work in relation to us).

It is also important to note that people aspiring to self-perfection and spiritual cognition of God, must abandon the “slaughter” food and other options of murder of animals or complicity in these killings.

… As well as the performance by myself and my companions on the ethical work on ourselves — God gave recommendations for the bioenergy cleansing bodies and further improvement of souls. (The most complete information can be found in my book [13].

After overcoming a variety of arranged by God test “filters” (up to the attack by a band of primitives of strange sects, followed by two clinical deaths, then — the hunt me for years to murder by the maniac, the creator of one of the nazi parties), — I managed to pass the Path of cognition of God in His different Aspects. It helped me in this, above all, the knowledge of the Teachings of Jesus Christ. In particular, I then refused to be engaged in dialogues with all that abomination “in their language”. On the contrary, I just wanted to go further by the spiritual Path, without being distracted by the confrontation. Including — I renounced revenge on my killers.

As a result, God — in the Aspect of the Holy Spirit, and the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator, God-the-Father) — became perceived by me as easily as embodied beings. Mutual communication between me and quite recognizable Holy Spirits has become everyday practice. Studies from them are continued and will continue until the last days of my life in this body.

With the gradual cognition of God, an understanding has come that human prayers can have only a small positive value, strengthening the belief in the existence of God. But, by and large, they are not needed either for God or for praying people. They give “a great benefit” only to priests… But God wants from us something quite different: us to become better — according to His Teachings! For the sake of this, He sends us to study to the Earth in material bodies!

The majority of “believers” are completely satisfied in their religious lives by references to the word God in one or another human language. But God — in reality — is not a symbol, but He is a living Organism of the universal scale! And the true faith must lead to a desire to cognize Him, to fulfill His commandments about how we can improve ourselves, also to an intense desire to serve Him and to merge with Him in love!

It may be a question: how? But it is now studied, and it is available for adequately developed intellectually people! (See our materials on web sites such as www.swami-center.org, www.spiritual-art.info, www.new-ecopsychology.org).

… The Path to God, for the past few years, was not only fully cognized by us, but also depicted in our many books and videos. Now everyone can easily obtain information from them about this Path — to the extent that corresponds to the personal needs and opportunities at present time.

Broadly speaking, the spiritual Path starts, first of all, with the adoption and implementation of ethical principles, taught by God — to us, embodied people. Then follow the steps of cleaning the body of bioenergy impurities, refinement and growth of the soul. Thereafter, the souls, refined up to the proper level and grown in quantity, infuse into the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness. Such a person acquires the ability to help other embodied people — from the Divine level of existence. (Details — in [8,13] and our other books).

The Holy Spirits repeatedly stressed for us that the established with our participation system of methodological knowledge is precisely Their creation. The role of embodied me and my colleagues was mostly only in perception, checking on personal experience, and design in a convenient form for human understanding — the knowledge derived from God.

Jesus, in particular, said it this way: “Let Our books be — as the open windows and doors into the Immeasurable Space of Light and Love, where God is obvious! All, who will read these books, — let them feel Me under every word of them!”

… Yes, we were able not only to cognize God but also to tell other people how to do this.

Since then, as this knowledge was published in its original form, it began to be expressed — by the creatively developed people — in the forms of artistic and philosophical literature, poetry, vocal-instrumental activity, through photos and film art. Enthusiasts began to translate them into different languages.

On the basis of this fundamental knowledge:

— The system of psychic self-regulation was developed. It became the top of ideas of ancient Hesychasts (see in the book [13]). The initial steps of this system were — over the years — taught to thousands of people; they acquired health, studied to regulate their emotional states without the use of any psychotropic drugs. No adverse events were observed at the same time, except for a few cases, when few ones grossly ignored the commandments of God.

— The contribution to the science of parenting children was introduced (see the books [7-8]).

— The knowledge of psychotyping people was significantly complemented; I mean the study of the causes why people are so different.

— The principles of prevention of various diseases and the possible disposal of those chronic diseases, against which the materialistic medicine was powerless, became clear.

— The principles of the evolution of souls and of the Universal Divine Consciousness were explained. It became clear — why we are sent by God to live on the Earth, that is, the information on the meaning of our lives and of optimal variants of its implementation were presented in full. It saved so many people from suicide, drug addiction, and being involved on the way of crimes. On the contrary, many people rushed to get better before God.

— It became possible quite definitely to talk on esthetics: which of its trends are favorable to the spiritual advancement of people and which lead to the opposite direction. Works, subtling the emotional sphere, — lead to paradise and then to the Primordial Consciousness. The opposite works, programming coarsens, lead to hell.

Our emotions — are the states of us (as souls, consciousnesses). So, to what emotions we accustomed ourselves during the life in the material bodies, — in that state we continue to live after their death.

— The mechanism of repentance has been analyzed. It is intended not to beg forgiveness from God! But we need to learn not to sin, that is, not to make wrongs before God. It concerns our emotions, words, and actions in relation to other beings.

For this we should remove the roots of our sins — vices.

— Looked at the role of sex in spiritual perfecting, it was determined, what should and should not be our sexual relations (see [4,8,23, et al.]).

— The information has been set out in detail, how we should understand the word God: because it has different meanings. This word should most frequently mark the One Organism of universal scale, Which inhabits the initial layer (eon, loka) of multidimensional space. He is One for all people. So it makes no sense for people to have enmity against others, who name God with other words. And there is no reason to insist on a supremacy of “our own”, “national” God or “gods”.

— The concept of the “Trinity” was explained in detail.

— It was explained for the first time what is behind the words of the Holy Spirit and Absolute. The photographs of working sites of the Holy Spirits — together with the Owners of these places — were published. On these places, Their disciples, worthy for this, can be taught by Them, in particular, the art of meditation.

— Much attention was paid by us to the explanation of differences between the true followers of the Teachings of God — and sectarians [11,20,23-24].

— Were first introduced to Russian readers, the competent editions of, in particular, such fundamental historical proceedings as “Tao Te Ching” [8,17], “Bhagavad Gita” [8,10], “The Gospel of Philip” [6,8]. Also the Teachings of Jesus Christ was analyzed and assigned thematic chapters — on the basis of the New Testament and some Apocryphal Gospels [18].

— Phenomena such as “dark matter”, “black holes” and so on, which are difficult and uselessly “rack the brains” of physicists-materialists, have become easy to explain: you only need to enter (by the developed consciousness) into the corresponding eon — and see all with own eyes of the consciousness. Now it is clear, also such oddities as “reversed time”, which is supposedly recorded by devices: in fact it was just a joke of the Holy Spirits on the negligent physicists-atheists!

And this knowledge must for a long time serve generations of people embodied by God to the Earth!

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