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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.




God is the Flame Creator!

Svetlana Eryomina

God has created everything!

He is the Flame Creator!

He breathed life in His Creation!

And It started, it came to life,

And all became at His command!

It was born, developed and grew,

And multiplied more and more,

And stood still trembling in His Hands,

Obedient to Will invisible.

“But where to find Him —

the Creator of all this?”

“To Him is the door! It is

“In the depths of your heart developed!

“Open it — and the Aim will be visible!

“With hands, created of love,

“To the Creator of all — you gently touch,

“In Him fully immerse yourself —

and… dissolve!

“Then out of His Love — look at the world!

“With Light, and Tenderness, and Fire Glow

“Love for Creation you fully manifest!

“All living — caress, love!

“Live so — in God’s Love!”

(January 2015)

Come to Expanses of Mine!


Come out on My fields!

Come out on expanses of Mine!

There I expect you! I —

The Boundless Ocean of Love!

See how nature is gentle!

Already spring blooms:

The sky is blue, the birds are singing —

Carrying joy, happiness, bliss, love to you!

Come out on the expanses of Mine!

Strong hands of the soul feel!

Gently hug Me with them,

Penetrating in Depths of Me!

And then, dissolving in Me,

Shine with Divine Light!

And Love of Me and you

Give to the world around!”

(Recorded by Svetlana Kravtsova

in April 2015)

Soul in Love with the Creator


The soul in love with the Creator —

Its earthly life — until the very end —

Humbly gives Him,

Growing up in Purity and Love!

Each day living as the last,

Before God being on His Palm,

In joy and light lives such a loving soul,

All time of life is full of quiet joy!

Cognized the Unity, the Light of Love it carries,

The death of body —

as merging with Creator — greets,

Shows Path to travelers

Who also go to Him!

(Recorded by Svetlana Kravtsova

in April 2015)

Seek Happiness — in Me!

Sathya Sai Baba

Look at Me: I live — for you!

In every moment I’m with you!

Birds sing! In them — My Love is too!

The grass rustles about Me — also for you!

The sun rises over the land,

Its light is saturated with Me!

Waters in transparent river

Sing songs, too, about Me!

Everywhere I am with you:

Loving, Gentle, your Own!

Open the heart — for Me,

Not missing a single day!

Remember: life on the Earth is short.

But between incarnations are centuries!

Learn to live only in My Depth!

Seek Happiness — only in Me!

(Recorded by Svetlana Kravtsova

in May 2015)

What You Sow — That You Reap!


Laws are easy for people on the Earth!

Causes of miseries and happiness — in you:

What you sow — that you reap!

Sow rye — rye you will reap,

Sow evil — reap multiplied evil,

Sow good — and rises it!

All this is very easy to understand:

In life — will you receive that

Which you give yourself, but not receive!

It is you — who manages your future!

You — the sower of your fate!

It is you who taste the fruits in your life:

You sow anger — in it you live,

You sow kindness — caress you receive,

Offence — will return as offence,

Love — also love in return you receive!

(Recorded by Anna Zubkova

in March 2015)

Let Peace Be on the Planet of People!

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I hug people on the Earth

By radiant Light of my dream:

Let be in each country — the peace,

Let us live in love: both you and Me!

We’re dwellers on wonderful planet of people,

Planet, too, — of birds and mammals,

Planet — of lakes, oceans, seas,

Planet — of forests, flowers, fields!

We, people living here on Earth,

Let each for each other become a friend!

Let cease the cries and moans of wars!

We’re responsible for all this!

(Recorded by Anna Zubkova

May 8, 2015)

Yogashira’s Haiku


Dawn —

By its tenderness —

It kissed light white clouds…

And they turned pinked

Also gently beaming

In love to me-mate…


Spring came!

With the beauty of blooming gardens

The soul is full of love…

Sakura’s affection

With white-pink color

Fills the hearts!

Summer, fall, winter are replaced…

But, was born by Beauty,

Let Love bloom eternally!

Light Is Waiting for You!

Light glows in the window.

How it’s lovely, if you know:

You are waited for at Home!


“Eternal Life Power,

“Singing a song of Love,

“Where You’re hidden?”




“Eternal Life Power,

“How in the soul

“To awaken You?”

“Be in love!…

“Be in love!…

“Be in love!…”

“Who can cognize,

“How to embody in life

“These dreams of the Kindness?”





We are standing at a shore.

Glassy surface

Of lake…

Sounds disappear

But the silence

Remains always…

It has blossomed,

Like vernal flower

In my heart…

In tender love

Silence connects

Our hearts!

(Recorded by Anna Zubkova

in March 2015)

About My Path


I have never worked with a “Pyramid”, I was led differently: through the Light inside the planet. We had to be this Living Light and fill with It our bodies.

Then — mastering the Fire of the Earth Core. And — even more deeply through it — submersion into the Ocean of Divine Fire.

(Recorded by Anna Zubkova

in March 2015)

On Love for Myself, Self-Hatred —
and Love for God


In recent years, some members of the “modern psychology” began to widely implement the slogan: “Love yourself!”…

Interpretation of this topic may be: “If you do not love yourself, you will never love others!”, “Make love for yourself — and be happy!”, “If you do not love yourself — you will not be loved by others!” And so on…

Such slogans permeated a lot of “psychological” practices and even penetrated into the advertising of cosmetics, food, clothes!…

But this is a total perversion of the very idea of love! This is the preaching of total self-centeredness! This is the direct opposite of what God expects from people!

… There is also the opposite version of self-centeredness. It is self-hatred for ourselves as we are: mired in vices and unable to cope with them…

We note that from hatred towards myself — hatred for others comes easily: it is based on envy other’s happiness and successes…

Hatred is the most coarse and pathogenic state of the soul. Hatred — in any of its versions — is destructive! In particular, it includes ‘a program of self-destruction’.

It is curious that, in order to “cure hatred”, now sometimes the “modern psychologists” try to apply the opposite vice: “love for self”. Yes, the “love for self”, displacing the emotions of hatred, allows someone for a while to get out of depression…

But it would be much more appropriate to send your love to others!

… God encourages people to love other beings in all forms of love, even if it is — as long as this is only the very first sprouts: such as appropriate emotions directed to plants, pets, family members, including children…

… Everyone has the opportunity to experience how God involves Himself in our emotions of giving love. To do this, you can at least try to perform exercises such as “Giving away”, “Cross of Buddha” [13].

But love — it is necessary not only during exercise performances! Let love become a way of life!

Only by mastering it in relation to other creatures, which exist in Creation, we can learn to love also our common Creator!

And without the love for God — it is not possible to cognize Him!

… Even the initial emotions of love for God allow us to feel repeatedly the reinforced responses of His Love!

Unity with God is possible only through the developed love for Him!

(Recorded by Anna Zubkova

in May 2015)

On God-Сentrism


It is a great happiness when over you there is no other lord, but God!

This is a great freedom and a great responsibility, when, knowing Him and understanding Him — you take His Guidance in your life!

This achievement is one of the greatest victories on the spiritual Path!

* * *

To begin with, one needs to understand intellectually the subject of God-Centrism — and then take it as a task to implement in one’s life.

It is possible to cognize the God-Centered states only through meditations of Dissolving in God, Merging with Him.

It is the love that allows for such a Connection and Mergence. At the same time, the human “I” becomes a Part of the Great Divine Love.

First, it occurs in brief moments, then — during minutes. And over time — in longer and longer durations.

Love for God levels the state of the soul to the Divine Subtlety. Such one feels the Divine Love, learns to love like God loves — so to learn to be God.

… Such one is realizing the first states of feeling God — as the greatest Bliss! (You may use to designate them a Sanskrit word Samadhi — in its meaning as Krishna understood it [8,10]).

One needs to learn to stay in these states for a long duration; it will take time to be mastered.

Here begins as if the next layer of the huge work for transforming oneself-soul. One needs — repeatedly — to carry the concentration of oneself into the Divine Consciousness, to learn to look at the situations in the material world through the Eyes of God, to think, to make decisions in Mergence with Him.

That’s right so — gradually — one moves in his or her development to the Divine Perfection.

… From these states, the ascetic inevitably has to go back to the previous worldview. But each episode of being in Unity, adds to the personal experience new skills and knowledge.

At this stage, the danger of being trapped in pride increases. It occurs — when the Unity with God disappears, but there is a memory of it. Then many persons declare about themselves that they are already “enlightened” and cease efforts to further improvement. So a stop occurs in their development.

… Ethical work on oneself must be carried out from the beginning — up to the very end of the Path. Initially the rough layers of imperfection are eliminated. Then — more and more carefully, must be monitored and eliminated all that is not taken in the Light of Divine Love.

So — all evil qualities should be removed.

But one needs, too, to grow in oneself the new — Divine — qualities and skills.

Namely the aspiration by love to the Subtlest Center of the Absolute allows one to make the transformation of the me-soul. This permits — as a result — to flow in the United We of All Who have attained.

* * *

A start on the Path must be a disclosure and further development of the spiritual heart. The ability to love — is the key to the success! The soul must become the subtle, wise, and strong love! And the mind has to be immersed in the spiritual heart.

Head chakras should also be cleansed up and transformed.

… When a human soul becomes adequately refined love — there is an opportunity to combine the refined consciousness with the Divine Consciousness of the United We of all the Perfects.

It remains to accustom themselves to live so — always.

Gradually, the perception of the state of the entire universe from this Unity —replaces the usual before perception of themselves as separateness, the center of which is in the head.

It is by such Path, the God-Centrism is mastered. This is the highest Nirvana — Life in the Divine United We!

These, Who have attained, manifest the Love of God, proceeding from Him, — and help on the Path the worthy!

(Recorded by Anna Zubkova
in May 2015)

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