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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

What Do We Need to Become Divinely Perfect?

God-Centrism/What Do We Need to Become Divinely Perfect?

What Do We Need to Become Divinely Perfect?

“… Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect,” — Jesus Christ taught (Matt 5:48). So He outlined the goal of human life.

“Sin! The main thing — then to repent! Sinning — it is necessary, because otherwise you become proud! And pride is the most terrible sin!” — Many people in Russia believe in such suggestion! And they, for some reason, consider themselves Christians… But, in truth, they are opposed to Jesus Christ!

We have considered in detail the Jesus’ Teaching in the books [8,13,18]. But now we will briefly summarize our tasks for its implementation. These conclusions are based, in particular, on our own experience of communication with Jesus and other Divine Teachers (Holy Spirits) and study from Them.

So, we should work:

1. To understand what namely God wants from us. For this purpose, it is necessary to thoroughly study His Teachings. It is presented, including, in our mentioned books.

2. To clean ourselves ethically based on His Commandments [2-25,34,36,40,43-62].

Emphasis should be placed on the removal of coarse and egocentric emotions, thoughts, and actions.

It is necessary, in particular, to learn to act not for ourselves, but for others, helping them in everything good. Let it be perceived as our active input in service to God, as our small contribution to the progress of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness. This Evolution is carried out, including, in each of us and through each of us [8-25].

Useful things for God can be both helping others in providing housing and food, and health care, and proper upbringing of children, and the protection of people against the encroachments of enemies, and which is most important, the spread of true spiritual knowledge, etc.

Jesus, having incarnated on our planet, was one of Those Who, by Their own lives of sacrifice, have shown us the perfect examples of lives dedicated not for Themselves, but for God.

3. To achieve the bioenergy purification by means, first of all, of the work with chakras, dantians, segments, and main meridians. Such method as “winter bathing” will help in this. Let the body be transparent when viewed with clairvoyance. [16]

This is achieved by, in particular, sinless lifestyle, including clear diet, full exclusion of coarse emotional states, converting oneself into pure love for other beings.

What does it mean “pure love”? This means — love devoid of greed and violence, including the tediousness.

Full restraint of one’s own emotions, management of them — it is achieved by mastering the art of psychic self-regulation [13].

“God is Love!” — Jesus taught us (1 John 4:7-8). We must therefore, rushing to Him, try to become, too, sophisticated and wise love.

It is also appropriate to remember these words of Jesus: “… The Heavenly Kingdom is taken by strength, and those, who use it, acquire It” (Matthew 11:12). Let me explain that the strength of the individual consciousness is directly dependent on the size of this consciousness. And this strength can be grown. Moreover, the benefit comes from only subtle strength; the rough strength leads to hell.

4. To learn to merge by soul in the embraces of love with worthy persons. Only after already having learned it in relations with incarnate beings, we will be able in the future to merge with the cognized by us Most Worthy — with God.

Embracing, and in many other situations, if we wish to be ethically pure before God, we must learn not to want and wait for love and other benefits for ourselves — but we give away to others, living with a feeling of their real objective interests.

Life in the mode of donating becomes a transitional stage in the process of replacing a self-centrism — to God-Centrism.

Everyone must also learn to monitor and prohibit in oneself any ethically significant egocentric emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Only those who are namely truly giving away, but not pulling for themselves, are welcomed by God and receive from Him spiritual gifts!

5. To cognize God, with the assistance of, first of all, Those Who have already become One with Him. They are, first of all, the Holy Spirits. They are always ready to help all the worthy. And you can become worthy through the development of all said above.

God can be cognized in the Aspect not only of the Holy Spirit, but the Primordial Consciousness (in other words — the Creator, God-the-Father, Paramatman, United We of all Those Who have already entered the mergence with Him), and the Absolute.

Cognizing God is done gradually, in stages, over years or decades of unceasing spiritual efforts.

Complete Mergence with Him — cognized — in reality is the cessation of feeling clot of me-consciousness in the body and around it — and the establishment of self-feeling as the Ocean of the United We in alternating states of: a) Transparent Calm in blissful co-dissolution with Those, Who also reside at the subtlest Divine state, and b) the Divine Light-Fire with Mahadouble, coming up to one’s material body and including it in this Light-Fire.

One, who comprehended this in its entirety, — does not go out from the material body to the subtlest layers of the Absolute, but, on the contrary, comes from those layers into the material world. Then — it becomes possible to manage the matter.

So the state of Avatar is mastered. It is the existence as the Integral Part of the United We, with the possession of the material body, through which it is convenient to give the Truth to incarnate people.

This is the last and final step towards the development up to God-Centrism. But further work on self-improvement is a lot more.

And let us remember that the basis for the implementation of all the above consists in development of oneself as the spiritual heart!

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