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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Steps Six and Seven

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/Steps Six and Seven

Steps Six and Seven

There is now no reason to comment in detail on the work of these higher stages of development. The Divine Teachers certainly will help the worthy — in understanding everything they need. In particular — how to help other people.

I’ll give just one Commandment of Jesus, told by Him to us in a joking manner:

“Success will depend, above all, on the scope of your hugs!”

... Good luck to all of you on this Path!

But — in conclusion of this theme — here are a few quotes from conversations with the Holy Spirits.

I consider it necessary to warn my readers: no one has to try to immediately perform meditations, which are recommended in the quotes given below! It can only lead to an illusion of success. It is necessary to start the Path from the beginning, not the end!

(I take this opportunity to say also that neither the author nor any of those, with whom I communicate, carry out in Russia any practical classes, lectures or seminars. Therefore, I ask not to request such events.)

Apostle Matthew

“You need to describe and store for many future generations all your higher knowledge!

“Thank you, Vladimir, for having agreed to start work on this new book!

“And you should try to include in it — in acceptable for readers language — all the most important, with regard, in particular, to the steps of finding the Divinity, which are yet not available for those souls who are still too young for this.

“In the book, all comprehensive information should be given!”

Emil and His Divine Mother

“Look, what beauty there is on the Earth’s surface!

“Anyone, who knows how to tune in this beauty and can turn into it, — easily cognizes God!

“One needs simply to learn to expand oneself — as the consciousness, soul — in mergence with this beauty! And then — to encompass by oneself also the Creator of this beauty!”


“I propose to begin meditations from the following:

‘Beloved nature has given me coziness among meadow grasses, birches with rustling leaves under the blue sky and the rays of the sun!’”


“I admire the natural beauty along with you, although I have created it for you!”


“Here, on the Earth's surface, — the wind. But in My DepthsInfinite Transparent Calm!

“Wind is only on the other side of the world of the Depths!

“Get used to My Sizes of Being!”


“It is — extremely important: to learn to shine by the Sun of God!

“All Who live here — in the Primordial Depth — do this!

“The Creator is the Original Ocean of the Transparent Calm. But He manifests Himself as the Great Sun of God, the Divine Fire, Primal Flame emanating from the Primordial Depth.

“Divine Fire is the Subtlest and carries Tenderness and Bliss!

“One needs to learn to burn the Divine Fire from the Primordial Depths, turning a Part of the Ocean of Transparent Calm — into the Sea of \x{200b}\x{200b}Fire: non-scorching, giving life!”


“It is necessary to train to rise, being the Divine Sun, — to become like Adler, Suria, Odin, Yamamata, I and many Others Who are known and unknown for you!

“You must be able to be easily both the whole Primordial Consciousness in His ground state — and His Light-Fire!”

Juan Matus

“You can be the Hands of God only if you no more divorce from the Ocean of the Creator. It is the Ocean of Love-Power Which permeates the body and ‘cocoon’ and manifests through them as the Divine Fire.

“We named this phenomenon as the firing of all emanations inside the ‘cocoons’, leveling their energies — on the level of subtlety of the Primordial Consciousness.”


“A perfect Nagual has the freedom to leave to any of the worlds, which Nagual chooses. This is the omnipresence, the freedom to be where you want! This is — the freedom to be All and to move the concentration of Oneself inside Oneself — Universal, the Infinite!

“The center of Oneself should always be at Home: in the Home of the Primordial. This should not be forgotten ever!”


“It is necessary to ensure the purity of the body — for the One to be able to work through you.

“The plan of \x{200b}\x{200b}God consists in minimization everything in your bodies that is not I. From the state of Mergence with Me — it is necessary to squeeze out from your bodies all the other: from chakras, meridians, dense matter.

“You need to have such bodies, through which you can show God!

“There should be no obstructions in your bodies or in your ‘cocoons’ around bodies — for God to show Himself through them in full entirety!

“Go down into My Depths — where personalities disappear and there is only one I — Primordial I!

“Learn the continuity of life in Me!

“The stability of being in Depths is reached not only through the ability to submerge into the Creator, but through the ability to come from the Depths without losing Oneness with the One I.

“Naturally, this can not be achieved in the absence of a sufficient ‘mass’ of consciousness, the value of which determines its strength. It is necessary to immerse into the Primordial Consciousness, dissolve in Him to complete identity with Him and find a new awareness.

“... Immerse yourself in the Transparent Calm of the United We, in the layer of the universe where I am always and where I come from! This layer is Everywhere-Existing! Under each atom of matter, this Infinity of the Creator extends!

“There — everything takes its origin! And to here — return Those Who found the Calm in Unity with Us!

“I live here! From here — I manifest Myself!

“... The task — to master the Infinite Transparent Calm and the Divine Fire Which is born out of this Calm!

“The stability of these States comes with age — in the lives on Our Side of Being!

“Learn to be such — on a global scale!

“Learn to carry these States in your bodies!

“You can join with the One at the end of the incarnations, and this is fine! But there is the higher: to reveal God through the matter of your own body!

“For this, it is necessary to make the body — the permanent residence of God, the residence of the Divine Consciousness!

“Make your bodies inseparably fused with the Ocean of Me!”


“Accumulated by you experience should be open to all future generations of humankind on the Earth — in order that others could pass through this gate to perceive the majority of what We have taught you!

“But never drive on anyone! One independently must first want to get new spiritual knowledge! Prematurely provided assistance, as a rule, leads to the fact that those people start to get irritated.”


“Great thanks to you for what you have told people! I mean the truth about God!

“But... Let us remember the fate of the Teachings that Jesus Christ created. It was very soon perverted to the opposite! Both the Inquisition and ‘Crusades’ and what was happening in Russia before 1917 — it all was gloom of total domination of anti-Christianity!

“By and large, the restoration of true Christianity must begin now — with the help of your labors!

“The revival of religion on the Earth begins now! The bulk of the work in this area lays on the responsibility of Us, Non-Incarnate. Initiatives from your side — are no longer needed!

“... What has caused such situations that one religion on the Earth has not yet happened?

“This is — the property of ‘human mass’,

“One of the most important achievements of Vladimir is that he classified the stages of development of a human soul [15]. Those are 9 stages. This situation is present always and everywhere. Just by this reason, perversions of religion exist.

“... Last earthly life of Sathya Sai Baba also was going on by this way: almost all around Him just begged and begged for ‘blessings’... Although participation in… such nonsense was not included in His Divine Plans! A consumerist attitude toward God led those people not towards spiritual progress, but rather to their degradation: in fact, they approved the parasitism in themselves!

“The same was also in China. Huang Di and Lao Tse gave to people the great Teachings. But, after a while, this has led only to gossip about the yin-yang and about the thousands of spirits which, supposedly, inhabit every human body...

“And in Islam: Muhammad was offered an important mission — to say to people that God is the One Greatest Universal Organism!

“But now we can see into what a lot of people turned this news: the glorification of the killing animals and people (‘external jihad’) — as if a kind of ‘praise of God’!

“Such examples were quite a lot in the history of humankind on the Earth.

“Masses of young souls, incarnated on the Earth, show themselves unable to take large, serious Truth of God! Therefore it is preferable to talk to them as to small children: at the level of fairy tales and parables.

“... Such people will try to trample Our Teachings, set out by you, too! But your mission consists in shedding — namely at this time — the light of Truth for very many people. And those who will show themselves to be able to perceive this light, — they may receive the Kingdom of God!

“And nothing here can be changed, that’s real life: separate are, unfortunately, Life of God — and lives of most people...

“In centuries and millennia, sustainable and large-scale knowledge about God and ways of improving ourselves — is not preserved by people. Remember Thoth the Atlantean, Pythagoras, Huang Di, Lao Tse, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, and many Others! All They could not establish eternal and permanent Teachings given by Them! People certainly distort it!

“But, with all this, such books as the New Testament, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching — exist forever! There are and will continue to exist also other ancient true writings! And they, too, will reach the minds of those few people who are looking for the true freedom!

“Therefore, true spiritual knowledge does not completely disappear, but only ‘goes to the bottom,’ where people, looking for light, can get it.

“How this knowledge is preserved for posterity? Through books! So, yes, it is necessary to publish books!

“Persisting for centuries, are those books which are stored in libraries.”


“God has come to the Earth through you: through your published books!”

Pythagoras and Yemelyan

“If someone sets a goal to cognize God — in love for Him — then such a person reaches God!

“But most people seek not God, but a company of like-minded, filling their earthly lives with communications with them. This is what you have in the modern jargon — ‘hangouts’. Here, in this environment, all sorts of perversions appear!”

Lada, Sarkar, Adler

“Take your happy lot of Service to the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness — as a great success, as Our prize!

“Carry all possible part of burden of Our Common Work! We will help!”

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