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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection


The word Sufism means purity. Those name themselves Sufies, who are directed to the cognition of God, understanding that in order to comprehend Him, one must, first of all, achieve full self-purity. This includes ethical purity, clarity of understanding the spiritual Path, purity of thoughts and emotions (the inability to wish harm to anyone, rejection of any coarse thoughts and emotions, cultivation of subtle thoughts and emotions, wishing the good to all), purity of body and bioenergy structures of the organism (chakras, meridians, etc. [13,17]). In particular, the body must be brought to a state of transparency (as seen from clairvoyance).

Sufism originated in Islam. Its main advantage over sectarian lines of religious thought consisted in adoption of the transmitted by God (in Arabic, Allah) through the prophet Muhammad statement of the Greatness of the One God for all people and the whole universe.

And the belief in Omnipresence of Allah — naturally determines the aspiration of reasonable people to cognizing, researching Him.

And Allah stretches out Hands of His Love towards those spiritual seekers, who seek Him and are sincerely pure (first of all — ethically).

The love flaring up in devotees — as a result of such relationships — increases the aspiration to the Creator and leads to the direct Cognition of Him and Mergence with Him in the Embrace of mutual Love.

Sufism does not differentiate between people — by sex, race, and ethnic characteristics — from the point of view of studying opportunities and the acquisition of higher spiritual attainments. (But insufficient age of the soul may be an important limitation).

The brightest examples of achieving Divine Perfection in women's bodies are — not embodied now Sulia and Lady-Sufi [3,12,23,31]. Namely Sulia — together with Her Divine Master — Sufi Grand Master — asked me to write this article.

They also appeal to all devotees of God — to exalt the beauty of the best in the Creation, because it’s impossible to get closer to the Creator without loving first His Creation. This refers to the refinement of souls by the beauty of nature and erotic harmony of human bodies.

Sufism accepts and studies all that God has spoken to people over the centuries and says now. In particular, the respect for the Teachings of Jesus Christ (in Arabic, the Messiah Issa) is recorded in Quran. Note that Jesus spoke of God the same [14] that God gave to people through the prophet Muhammad.*

True Sufism* is actually identical — at the highest levels of spiritual advancement of adherents — to the true Christianity (Hesychasm in its modern developed form), Taoism, Buddhism, etc. That is, devotees, who firstly went by different ways, obtain the same levels of personal cultivation and come — in the end — to the cognition of the One Supreme Aim [12].

At the very beginning of my spiritual search — search of the scientist — I have determined its direction as follows: to collect all the best of all the good! This concerned my search undertaken for the historical heritage in the sphere of religious experience of very many people — from ancient times up to the present days. Plus I was attracted precisely to the Aim of the research — as opposed to the enthusiasm to concrete techniques that is so characteristic of yet young souls. Rather more important for them — the pleasure of communicating with like-minded persons, feeling the “involvement in the great deed” — than approaching closer to the Aim.

The foregoing predetermined success: I was able not only to personally search and cognize God but also describe Him on quite accessible (to reasonable people) language, and also help in approaching Him people of many countries. I can certainly say that we (me and my assistants) have created the branch of modern science called methodology of spiritual development. And you now have the opportunity to study the materials contained in our books and video films.

It is much easier to move by the already established Path!

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