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What Does God Need from Us?

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/What Does God Need from Us?

What Does God Need from Us?

Most people do not think about why God needs us, why He has created us.

The behavior of such people in the religious field is reduced to the tediousness of prayers to God: they ask Him about the earthly well-being, about forgiveness of sins, the salvation from hell...

They are not yet able to accommodate by the mind, for example, that we are particles of the God-Absolute and live in His Universal Body — having a certain degree of autonomy like the mobile cells of our material bodies. And our embodiments are intended for us to realize all possibilities for reaching the spiritual Perfection — by cleansing and development of ourselves, cognition of God in the whole of His fullness, and through helping others in this.

Reasonable people can understand that common (in many religious directions) prayer practices, mostly, only deflect believers from the Creator, inspiring in them the separateness from Him. While it would be right — fully dash to Him by minds and emotions of love! Just this could allow cognition of Him, to learn directly from the Holy Spirits, to prepare ourselves for Mergence with the Primordial.

He created His Creation for all beings, embodied by Him in the material world, to grow gradually as souls — so that we in the end, after a number of human incarnations, achieve the spiritual Perfection and flow into Him to enrich Him.

But this knowledge, I repeat, can be accommodated by only those who have already achieved the adequate level of personal development in their psychogenesis.

So, we might try to understand that God does not need human prayers. And He, as a rule, does not react to them. (A rare exception — those situations, in which miracles are created to strengthen the people's faith in the existence of God).

And the prayers offered to believers in bad “prayer books” are intensively stultifying followers of such sects; forming depressions, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, doom for the coming torment in hell... But the “shepherds” of those sects will urge and compel their followers to “pray” more and more... If the followers improve themselves and not “pray” — such sects will be unnecessary, and “shepherds” themselves lose their offerings from “believers”.

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