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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

First Step

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/First Step

First Step

This topic has already been discussed in detail in the books listed at the end of this book, so we will not repeat.

I note only that to understand the purpose of applying one’s own efforts — is crucial in order to not get lost in the search. Because we see so many perversions, distortions in the understanding of the spiritual Path in the pseudo-religious environment!

Someone drinks urine and even introduces it to oneself intravenously, referring in so doing to the Bible!

Someone digs into the depths of absurdity, fantasizing about the painting and the internal structure of the chakras, about “raising Kundalini!”

Someone sees one’s only religious task in torturing and killing all who do not share one’s views on what kind of clothes “should” be worn, what hairstyle to have, what must be the attitude to sexual relations, and so on!

One of the “weighty” sectarian tendencies consists in cultivating hatred and violence against people of other nationalities, with different skin color!

In a number of countries the monstrous attitude of men to women exists: keeping them in real slavery, having become accustomed to habitually raping them, cutting their clitoris... — and all this, too, takes the form of pseudo-religious paraphernalia!

The other day, I heard on the radio that a Russian religious leader (and in essence, in my opinion, a hellish monster) has said publicly about the following: the women in our country have become today so shameless that they also want to have sex, so it should be that all women have to be compulsory circumcision (excision of the clitoris)!

Cultivating in men arrogance and contempt for almost all the rest of people, cultivating an ambitiousness and obligation to revenge... — these repulsive features have become typical for some national-religious formations!

It becomes a duty “religious obligation” to kill animals and eat their bodies!...

And all this has and is being introduced in the mass of uneducated and stupid crowds — by pseudo-religious “pastors”!

But God teaches us:

— do not hate,

— do not despise,

— do not moralize,

— do not be envious,

— exclude violence,

— abandon my own emotions of condemnation, including jealousy,

— work on improving myself, instead of condemning and moralizing others!

God offers us to study:

— renunciation of the desire to possess of someone else’s,

— respect for others,

— gentle caresses,

— strict probity, punctuality; in a word — integrity in everything: both big and small,

— care for the welfare of all beings,

— refinement of the me-soul!

“Forget about the nationalities!” [12] — this clear slogan, once accepted, will save many people from the possible nightmares in their future destinies!

— Truth,

— simplicity,

— love,

— destruction of self-centeredness,

— selfless service to God through all-round dedication of myself to helping people —

these principles of right development has been formulated and offered to people by the Indian Grand Babaji from Haidakhan [12].

And in all this — plus the development of love-aspiration to the Creator — God constantly teaches people, from the time of ancient civilizations to the present days! [2,4-6,12,13,20]

But for the mass of people to study and apply to themselves these holy principles, it is necessary the Teachings of God — in all their purity — become available for everyone!

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