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Tale of Marusya-Inventor

Tale of Marusya-Inventor

Once there was a girl named Marusya. On the surface, she was usual, nothing special or conspicuous, quiet.

But — she smiled sweetly to all. And her look was kind and warm — because it manifested the light of the loving heart.

She was kind and friendly — not only to the people that lived nearby, but for all beings: both grass and flowers, to birds and mammals, and even to insects.

Many — for her kindness — laughed over her: “Don’t pick a flower in vain, don’t crush the bug, and don’t step on the ant…”

… Once this story happened to her.

The girls walked and went to the meadow. And there — the beauty, expanse, fragrant flowers, butterflies and bees fly!

And the girls decided to tell fortunes on chamomiles: which of them is loved by boys? They began to pick flowers, tear off petals, saying: “Peter me: loves — loves me not, loves — loves me not…, Ivan me: loves — loves me not, loves — loves me not …”.

Marusya dissuades them:

“Look: each flower loves all and everything around! It gives away its beauty!

“Instead of ruining them for fun, better learn to love as they: like these flowers love!

“And will one of these boys love you, if you so offend the flowers?

“Here, these flowers, they are like little suns, giving us their tenderness! Look at them: they disclose their hands-petals to all directions, and all are saying to each of us: ‘I love you!’

“Or — bluebells! Hear how they sing their song:

“Ding-ding, let us fly in the blue of the sky!

“Ding-ding, banish the evil in myself!

“Be kind: in this — the essence of life!

“Ding-ding, let it be a joyful day!

“It is just necessary to be able to listen to the silence — and then, in this silence, a song of bluebells and any other flower will be heard!”

“You’re the restless inventor, Marusya!” — the girls laughed.

But Marusya was not hurt.

* * *

As time went on, Marusya grew. But still sometimes people made fun of her purity and kindness:

“You are already of marriageable age, soon will be time to get you married! But you are behaving like a little girl: care about nothing!”

Marusya, though she was embarrassed at times, sometimes replied in wisdom. She could say that all became fun! And sometimes — she replied so that people began to think: “Why do we live?”, “How to discern: what is good — and what is bad?”…

* * *

In those days, there were in their place holiday-celebrations. They gathered the young from the neighboring villages — and fun: organized contests of all sorts, weaving wreaths of flowers, put them on their heads… At these festivals, often girls and boys met their mates.

Once, at such a festival, the young wanted to start uprooting flowers — to make wreaths. But Marusya suddenly suggested:

“Let’s better become flowers ourselves! Choose any flower’s name — and be this flower!”

And then the fun continued with inventing and guessing names.

… There was a guy who was liked by many girls. In everything, he was the first: both brave, and clever, skillful and strong, and beautiful. His name was Egor. And he was liked by Marusya too.

Egor asked Marusya:

“How would you call me: by what flower name? Which becomes me do you think?”

“I think, you look like the edelweiss flower. It grows high up in the mountains, like a silver asterisk. There, above the clouds, on inaccessible cliffs, suddenly in the spring, such ‘stars’ blossom. As if they are — guests who wanted to live a bit on the Earth and have chosen each a hill, from which for them are well visible other stars in the sky… It is said that all, who are in love, are like this flower. But maybe I’m wrong… Lovers, too, make mistakes,” — Marusya said so, looking into the eyes of Egor, and then lowered her lashes and blushed…

* * *

After the holiday, many dispersed in pairs.

Marusya and Egor also went hand in hand.

Egor asked:

“What do you want most in life now? What are you dreaming about?”

… Frankly, Egor waited from her the wanting to kiss… He had already kissed other girls…

But Marusya said:

“I want to be a Magus! I can already do miracles a bit. But people do not always notice them.

“I also want to learn how to help people become kinder.

“What do you think God waits for in people in general? And what does He want from every human being?”

“Maybe God wants us to become better: wiser, kinder, stronger… What do you think?” — Egor slightly was taken aback, not expecting such a turn of conversation.

“I think that God, as the Creator, that is, our common Supreme Parent, wants His children to become like Him, well, at least a little, a little bit…

“And God — He is what? He is large, even huge, wise, kind, all-powerful. And — just…

“Oh, look: the swans! Swans fly! Two: male and female…

“Would you like to fly like them above the land with your girlfriend?”

“Well… you say… You are a fairly-eccentric and restless inventor!”

“And people shoot at them… Would you shoot swans on the hunt?”

“No, I would not! I have pleasure in watching swans in the sky, hearing their songs…”

“That’s good…” — Marusya said. — “I would like also to love like them: to be together for the whole life…”

“And how will you be at the wedding feast: will you eat a roast swan?” — Egor made a joke.

“I will not, no way!” — Marusya seriously answered.

“And chicken?”

“And I will not eat a chicken too! I never eat any birds or mammals, nor caught fish!”

“So, they tell the truth about you… And I thought, they make up… And what to eat then?”

“Mushrooms and berries, garden vegetables, cereals, bread, every greens — is it not food?”

“But you pity each sprout and flower!”

“It’s a pity — if to pick in vain.

“But when the ears are ripe — then they do give their seeds to soil for new shoots, and they give seeds also to people who have nurtured those ears.”

“Strange how you talk! How can you live — so? Do not shoot birds, do not step on an ant, do not pick flowers in vain…”

“So I live,” — Marusya lowered her lashes…

“Who will marry you, a weirdo?”


“That’s your fantasy! To marry me — every girl would be glad! And I can choose anyone!”

“And I am not anyone. I already have chosen one you…”

* * *

Then boys and girls began to call all together on the new fun of the festive…

This time they invented to choose a guy who is the strongest, and the girl who is the most beautiful.

At first, the boys began to fight: losers — were eliminated, and the winners will vie with each other more.

At first, it was like a joke contest. Then — the fight grew angrier.

Egor — had surpassed all others! He was recognized the most powerful!

… Then they began to choose the most beautiful girl.

Egor, flushed by struggle and proud of victory, began to try fixing his eyes on Marusya. But he saw: she stepped aside, did not wish to dance for the title of most beautiful…

… He turned to the joy, where he was called by other guys, waved by a hand to them — and went to catch up to Marusya…

“Why are you running away? Are you afraid that you will not be elected the most beautiful?”

“No, I as it is known, will not be elected. But many others will not be elected too. Only one will be elected.

“But every girl has her special beauty, for which the guy could fall in love with her…

“I would make another competition: who is more kind?”

“Here you exactly would win!”

“But no, I’m wrong: this contest will not be. Here cannot be a winner: no one will be able to choose among the acts of kindness: which is — the best.

“A lot of different situations can be when kindness is needed!

“Sometimes just a smile or a kind word can save man from the big woe, for example, by returning the hope…

“But sometimes — and the great military feat carries in itself not only good.

“Here you are: during your competition, you were the first and most powerful of the guys. But one of them has swollen eye. And Roman limps: so his leg is injured. And Fedor — he harbors malice that he had not won…

“Is this game well?”

“To obey you — all must be like coward sheep…”

“Do not say… The good can be both courageous and strong.

“But the courageous and strong only — not often are kind…”

* * *

Meanwhile, among the most beautiful girls, Anfisa was elected and called the beauty queen.

And Anfisa ordered:

“Now, the one who is the most daring — will be chosen! Come all to the river bank, to the precipice! Who will jump into the river from it — I kiss him!”

… The river, which flowed in these places, was of harsh current, wide. And where Anfisa suggested to jump — it had the dangerous crook and whirlpool… And the precipice in that place was high, washed away by the river, and the edge of it under one’s feet could collapse at any moment…

And other girls after Anfisa echoed: “And we will kiss, too, those who are daring, those who will not be afraid to jump!”

Here Marusya could not stand it:

“What is clever here — to be brave so? Do not come close to the edge! The slough with the whirlpool are here, and the stream is rapid! The cold water! What silly dispute have you started?!”

But she was answered by both boys and girls:

“Go away, coward! Not you, but the queen of beauty appointed this contest! This challenge is for the brave men!”

… Departed Marusya from wranglers, is looking for Egor, is waiting, that he would support her, because no one would call him a coward…

But Egor said nothing…

… With the older children, one small boy had tagged along. He came up to the very edge of the cliff — to view from the ledge: where here is scary to jump?

The edge of the cliff had collapsed — and the boy had fallen into the river from a height.

At the same moment, Marusya jumped after him. Egor jumped after…

… Marusya and Egor had pulled the frightened boy to the shore, took him home.

* * *

After that case, Egor noticed a new, unknown to him before sensation: he understood how important is Marusya to him! Now he was worried about her, he wanted to be her friend and protector… He understood that there was no one for him more dear than this kind and brave girl.

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