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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.



Tale of Death and Fire Heart

Listen to the tale! I will not hide anything!

And solemnly, in silence,

I will tell you the mysteries of God

And of the life of people on the Earth!

Do not rush to say that it makes no sense

For Us to know tales of past…

No: everything remains the same as before…

But in Depth — He shines!

He is God! He is the One Universal!

He is the Light! He is Love!

And whoever has cognized Him —

In His Light is born anew!

Who has cognized Him — by spiritual heart —

Opens the Path to Him for others!

By wise Knowledge and Great Love

That One lights to all who dare to strive!

Once there was a girl Alyonushka. While her parents were alive, they all lived happily and joyfully. But it so happened that her parents had died — and Alyonushka became an orphan.

A distant relative took her into her house — large, rich. It was not for Alyonushka well there. She lived in the house as a housemaid. Reproaches were the only reward for her labor.

That relative was very greedy! She made of her home — the hotel. And Alyonushka had not even her room. She slept in the storeroom, which was next to the kitchen.

In the hotel, travelers could spend the night, have dinner, supper — on the road to the capital town or back from it. From morning till evening, Alyonushka worked tirelessly. She both washed, and cleaned, and stoked the furnace, and carried water, and prepared food, and weaving, and embroidered. All-around, Alyonushka was a skillful worker! But only rarely she received appreciation, rarely heard a good word, and it was only from guests. But the housewife did not compliment Alyonushka. She only scolded her. Whatever Alyonushka did — everything was not enough for her! “I have taken in an orphan — and there is neither use of her, nor thanks!” — she constantly nagged.

And Alyonushka — was kind and affectionate with everyone, she did not take offense to the offensive words, was not angry at the injustice.

But she wanted to have at least something bright in her life. But nothing happened.

Only at dawn, she had some little joyful time walking to the river for water, washed and met the rising sun.

The sun was smiling to Alyonushka! And Alyonushka was smiling to the sun too!

Alyonushka thought that, perhaps, somewhere there is a happy, joyful, free life. But how to find this life?

When it was to Alyonushka particularly sad and difficult, she recalled how joyfully the sun smiles, how it caresses by its rays all creatures — and it became easier.

One day at dawn, Alyonushka thought that the sunny light shined brighter than usual, as if there was Someone Invisible next to her.

And Alyonushka called:

“Where are You, beautiful Gods? How can I bring the dawn into my life? How can I understand all that I do not know? How to learn to live in happiness and in the Light?”

… And Alyonushka felt that the Light around shone brighter. And she thought that her words had been heard.

But the days went one after the other, nothing happened, and nothing changed. And Alyonushka forgot about that moment.

* * *

Soon the royal messenger came to their village and announced that the prince is sick with an unknown disease, and one who will find the cure of that disease — gets gold, silver, precious gems as much as can carry.

Alyonushka heard about that and was upset for the prince: “I thought that the troubles exist only among the poor, but it turns out that even the royal house is not exempt of misfortune.”

And then it happened that a young traveler stopped for the night in their house.

It was evident that he was a noble man, yet did not show his nobility and wealth. He behaved calmly and politely.

He paid the hostess with gold. And he paid so that she was not herself untouched from pleasure and began trying to please.

But the young traveler went up to his room and asked to serve a dinner and not disturb him.

* * *

Alyonushka brought dinner to the guest and was about to go.

But the traveler suddenly turned pale, had staggered, and, bearing one hand on the table, barely sat down on a chair.

Alyonushka ran up, fearing for the guest, helped him to lie down on the bed.

“Do you feel bad? Maybe call a doctor?”

“No. Do not worry! Do not call a doctor, I have seen many of them! Another one will not change anything. I’m going to die soon, but not right now, I still have a little time. You cannot help me, and no one can! Go… No, wait a bit, just sit with me, if you can.”

… Alyonushka sat by the bedside and began to listen to him as closely and carefully as she could. And yet — hugged him with kindness, warmth, heart love.

Young traveler said:

“You do not know me, I do not know you, we will never see each other — and so I can talk to you freely and tell everything, that is a weight on the soul.

“You are still so young that probably you will not be able to understand me. But, perhaps, due to your purity, it is easy for me to talk to you. I can even tell you that I am trying to hide from myself: the thoughts of which I want to run and run. But it is impossible to run…

“I am the king’s son. I lived for many years without worries and even did not think about why I live. I ate on gold gourmet plates, my ears were charmed with the best singers and musicians, I was attended and catered to.

“But death knocked on my door… The best doctors told me that I will live no more than two or three months. And now — the senselessness of my whole life has opened before me!

“It seemed to me that death came to me before its time. I’m still young! Yet I have no time to do at least something good! I have not even understood why I live — and now the end is so close! I do not want to die!…

“Before now — death, for example, in battle seemed to me heroic and did not force me to think about the meaning of life. I did not feel the reality of death, but saw only exploits and fame. But I did not even have that, for which there would be no pity to die!

“I thought that the prince should be willing to die for his country. But I did not know my people, I have not learned to love my country! Only now, traveling incognito, I see the troubles and problems of people of my kingdom! If I were still alive and began to rule, I, perhaps, would be able to help so many! But I do not have time!

“I almost have lived my life — and did not do anything important, necessary!

“Have I even brought joy to someone, have I, at least, made someone happy? After all, no!

“It pains me to think about the lost time of life! And it is terrible to think of death! But I cannot even think about it! You think maybe that I’m just a coward… But I am oppressed by not only the fear of the unknown beyond the threshold of death, but the senselessness of my life!

“I did not want to spend the rest of days in bed — in slow dying before a crowd of doctors and my pitying parents! I did not want to see sad faces! I did not want to be a subject of earning — for doctors of all kinds! And I have left.

“I have very little time, but I should have time to find answers to the questions: ‘Why do I live?’, ‘Why do people live?’, ‘Why does death end everything?’”

… Alyonushka heard the prince quietly, carefully, as no one listened to him before. She took his hand, as if trying to ease the suffering. Her tenderness, kindness, and peace as if warmed the heart of the prince.

“Why do you speak as if death had already occurred? After all, you are alive and, therefore, you can understand and do a lot more! To help, for example, a lot of people!”

“Well, you’re right, I’ll try!

“That’s what I have devised: take this ring. I had to give it to my bride-beloved. I suppose, I will not be able to help a lot, but, at least, I can help you! This is — a sign, according to which the king and queen will take you as my wife and the heiress to the throne. They will not reject my last will. You, eventually, are to inherit the power in the kingdom and provide comfort to my parents in their retirement years! For — I see it — you have a good heart! You will be a good queen! You do know first-hand the hardships of people’s life! Tomorrow morning we will be married in the temple, according to the custom of our country, so that no one will be able to challenge your rights. I will write a letter to parents — and they will welcome you! Then, when you meet someone whom you love and who will love you — you will marry and make him legitimate ruler. You both, for sure, are to be happy and able to do a lot of good!

“Please do not give up! Suppose that at least one good deed will light up my life!”

“To rule the country, one needs wisdom and strength, not only a good heart! How can you trust all it — to me?”

“I’ve learned along the way to differentiate people. And if I stayed to live, I would not seek a bride better than you. And as for those who will give you advice on how to rule — that will be no problem: they will run up from all sides… And only a loving heart will be able to identify: who is sincere and honest, and who is only looking for benefit!”

“You have not even asked me my name! Is it possible to deal with such cases so quickly?!”

“What’s your name, my darling?”

“Alyonushka. For a princess — the name is not appropriate…” — Alyonushka filled cheeks with gentle blush, she lowered her lashes.

“Well! And I’m — the prince Elisey!

* * *

The ceremony of marriage was held next morning in the temple of this town. Only a wedding feast was not. And the guests were not too.

Before they said goodbye forever, Elisey and Alyonushka were alone. They sat side by side.

Alyonushka said:

“I will wait for you, Elisey! I believe that you, for sure, will find answers to your questions! And you — definitely, will get well!

“I have loved you! I heard that a girl should not say such words first, but I’m afraid that, if I do not say this, you yourself cannot guess. And now you know — and my love will be with you!”

“I also have loved you, Alyonushka! This is — the greatest happiness in my life!”

“Can I go with you now?” — flushing with new hope, asked Alyonushka.

“No, honey, you do not have to go with me! In front of me — death is waiting, and about you — a long and happy life is waiting! I really want you to be happy, and so let it be!

“And yet — you can do a lot of good for all the people in this country! You can do what I did not have time! You will do it both for me and for yourself! And then you will meet a decent young man, love him and become his wife.”

… Alyonushka shook her head, wiping tears.

They sat for a long time embraced…

And then the prince went in one direction and Alyonushka, in a beautiful carriage, which was hired for her by Elisey, — to another.

* * *

Prince Elisey went on his way to find answers to his questions about the meaning of life and of death.

Previously, he was trying to flee from death out of fear of it. But due to this — it was as if death was chasing after him and overtook him everywhere. He always thought of death, though he tried to forget about it… But all around was constantly reminded of the inevitability of this terrible end. And his questions about the meaning of life remained unanswered…

Now the prince decided to… no longer be running, but, seemed, to move towards his fear: “If death comes anyway and very soon — I should live the rest of life so that it would make at least some sense! And — not to be ashamed in front of Alyonushka for the way I finished my life!”

And the prince began to look for a dignified death.

He rushed to save a drowning or entered the house in flames to carry off a child. The fate increasingly provided him the opportunity to do the good — and death each time was retreating, as if taking as a ransom the willingness of prince to die for others.

He used every opportunity to give his life to save others — and death over and over again, it seemed, yielded. Death no longer frightened Elisey as before. On the contrary, the memory of death gave him courage and strength! He now committed all his actions — as the last in his life!

Now he was trying to help everyone he met on the way, including in cases where there was risk for his life.

He even began to forget about his illness, rejoicing in the saved lives and happy smiles of grateful to him people.

And yet, he very often recalled Alyonushka. In the evenings, he took a pen and paper and wrote letters to her. He told her of his love, of everything that happened to him, of what he saw and understood. But he did not send those letters…

… As time went on. Severe bouts of illness happened to him more and more frequently. Forces in the body stayed less and less.

The prince long ago gave away all the money he had with him, to people in need. He spent the night now on the bare ground, covered only by a cloak. He ate hazelnuts, berries and mushrooms, and only sometimes — what he was granted by people he helped.

He became like a tramp more than the king’s son.

* * *

Then one day, in one city, he saw the preparations for an execution: “Here again, the death — and for this man it comes right now!”

The prince looked at the sentenced. He was calm and did not seem afraid to die, even though he was young and his body was full of health and strength.

“What he is executed for?” — the prince asked custody.

“He worships a different God and is preaching false doctrine. There cannot be multiple faiths, or kingdom will crumble to pieces!”

“Why they want you to be executed?” — he asked the sentenced. — “Are you guilty — or the slander and libel of foes brought you here?”

“I told people about One God and of the common Laws of Existence of the entire universe — the Laws of Love and Goodness! I do not see guilt in it!”

“And I do not see any reason to deprive you of life! I am ready to die instead of you!”

… Prince realized that now, if he would name himself and order to release the young man — he will not be believed: the executioner and the guards only will be angry, looking at his worn-out clothes and haggard face.

The prince turned to the executioner:

“This man is innocent, I am ready to die instead of him! Let him go!”

The executioner laughed from this unprecedented situation and said:

“It is impossible, tramp! But, if you had money, his life could be redeemed. Try to find here someone who agrees to help this person. You have full five minutes!

“And you,” — the executioner turned to the sentenced — “pray to your ‘One God’, because after a few minutes you will not be able to do it!”

… “And it is — the laws of my country!” — Elisey was horrified once again. — “If the offender is rich, he is not afraid of justice, but if he is poor, then the righteous judgment does not exist for him…”

The prince already for a long time had no money. He had only a gold medallion with monogram. He believed that this would allow to identify his body — and his family will be able to know about his death.

The prince took off the medallion:


Executioner eagerly held out his hand.

“First, let this man go!”

… The executioner removed the shackles from the sentenced. The young man, still hardly believing what had happened, came down the stairs of a wooden platform on which he was to be executed.

The crowd, gathering to witness the execution, began to disperse in disappointment.

“I wonder, why people are willing to look at death, to the suffering of others — how to entertain?!” — thought the prince.

* * *

The saved young man came up to the prince and thanked him:

“I have not met anyone who so easily could be willing to give his life for the first comer!”

“My merit is not as great as you think. But my fault, it turns out, is a lot more than I thought!

“My life — costs almost nothing: I am sick and soon to die.”

“Yeah, you look really like not matter… Come with me!” — the saved pronounced.

They went into the forest, away from the town.

“Not expensive, is the price of my life!” — young man was funny. — “Just a little gold trinket!”

“I had nothing else… I'm sorry…” — the prince replied.

“I was not laughing about that!”

“Tell me, where do you lead me?”

“I should repay you good for good! You have saved my life — I must save yours!”

“That you cannot… Let’s take some rest!” — the prince smiled without a trace of sadness.

“Be patient: a little is left! I am not a healer and teacher. But One to Whom I take you — He can everything!”

… It started to rain. The prince several times slipped and fell, and when he was unable to get up — the young man carried him on his back…

* * *

In the forest, people gathered at the clearing. They came here in spite of the rain. They were waiting for Master and tried to light a campfire.

He Whom they called the Master or the Shepherd, spoke with one person slightly apart.

Rain died down, when the young man with Elisey approached.

But the fire still did not flare.

The prince took out from a linen bag, in which now were all his belongings, the letters he wrote to Alyonushka, and offered them — for people to start a fire, dry off and warm up. He wrote those letters almost every day, they were many. “Well, at least these people, who came to listen to Master, will be warm!” — he thought.

But at that moment, Master came, stretched out his hand — and the flame flared up.

The campfire burned evenly and strongly. Master took off his cloak, spread next fire, put the letters back in Elisey’s bag, made from it a convenient head of the bed for Elisey. Then he helped to put the prince on this bed next to the fire.

Master began to speak with people.

… Prince Elisey knew that he was dying.

Sometimes it seemed to him that he was already dead. He saw his body lying by the fire, people sitting side by side, Master speaking to them. He was a little surprised that he continued to clearly hear everything and could see everything — as if through a light golden mist.

Then people gradually began to disperse to their homes, taking in the hearts peace, love, and a new understanding of how they should live. Each had learned from the conversation something that was necessary and significant from the simple and wise words of Master.

The prince had imprinted most vividly just what he longed to hear: “Man does not live only once on the Earth in the material body. Only body dies. The souls continue to live. After leaving the body, the soul rests, and then again it comes back to the Earth, being born in a new body. And the soul has the opportunity to continue to improve. The meaning of life on the Earth consists in the improvement, perfecting. But one does not remember one’s past lives, so as not to be crushed by a load of mistakes and sins, or not to become proud of achievements and feats of the past. Only a very few are allowed by God to remember who they were. Those are who have already become mature and wise souls.”

Master also explained much about the One God, about how to help people to live, on the principles by which the perfection of the soul is attained…

Everything in the outlook of Elisey now had been established in its place. He felt now how he would like to go on living in this body!

He addressed a question to God: “How can I not forget all the most important I’ve learned already at the threshold of death? How to remember it — to be able to live and help others in this?”

But there was no answer…

Campfire was burning brightly in the night, sometimes bright sparks, like golden stars, flew into the sky showering transparent depth of the night.

The young man, who was saved by the prince, came to Master:

“This man today saved me from death — and so I brought him here. Can You heal him?”

“You did well! I’ll take care of him, do not worry! But in future be cautious in your sermon of Love and Goodness!

“It is impossible to make people smarter or nicer by persuasion and appeals! There is only one way to do this: by realization of the Teachings by their own lives! And then — people, who really need it, will reach for you.”

… The young man went home, comprehending how to make everything heard the foundation of his life.

* * *

The prince died, knowing that his time is now. He was now just watching what will happen next. He did not know: is it a dream, reality, or death has occurred already?…

It seemed to him that his body was immersed in a flame of \x{200b}\x{200b}huge Fire. And he saw that this Fire had Hands, which were extended into his body, and they withdrew black as coal traces of the disease.

The feeling of lightness and weightlessness increased.

Later on him, the Face was inclined, consisting of Light.

Elisey asked:

“Who are You? God?”

“It is better to say: I am the Part of Its Universal Omnipotence, Love, and Wisdom. Such, as I am, — a lot. And We are called the Sons and Daughters of God.”

“Why are You like a man?”

“So — it is more convenient to talk. But We can use a different manner!” — He said and turned to looking as vast and shining, like the sunshine, Light!

“Am I already dead?”

“You are not the body but the soul! You just left the body. But you will come back to it if you want: you now have learned a lot well.”

“Yes, I would like not to forget all that I have learned, and to do what I could do, if I am returned to the body.”

“Good! When life in the body finds the true meaning, God can bestow the healing! Here — I give you the new heart!”

… The Fire Hands took a particle of Flame, created and put into the chest of prince the new heart.

Life flowed into the body. Fire flow filled the blood vessels and this blew new life into every corner of the body. The states of happiness and immense love for all and everything — covered Elisey!

Love had united the soul with the Light in One! Elisey could never imagine that there could be such happiness!

* * *

When the prince woke up — the rising sun shone.

He still was not sure what happened that night with him — but he was alive!

Above him, Master carefully bent. He was like that Man-God from the night events. Bodily, He was tall, broad-shouldered, with brown hair which, in soft waves, was falling down to His shoulders, amazing blue eyes shone with a gentle warmth and light. In appearance, He could be given thirty years or so. But something unusual was in His eyes and in the movements of the body, as if He was here by only a small Part of Himself. A special peace surrounded Him and hugged both the prince and the space around.

“I dreamed that I was dead and then revived,” — Elisey said, and he was surprised at how his voice sounded.

“Drink this!” — Master offered a cup to Elisey. The infusion of aromatic herbs and honey blew heat throughout the body.

“Who are You?”

“I am the Shepherd. However, My herd scattered all over the Earth, and I now go through the world and gather back those who are willing to listen to Me.”

“I dreamed that You cured me? But can one be cured of death?”

“When life in the body makes sense, God can bestow healing!” — the Teacher repeated the words from the prince’s dream. — “You are healthy, but a little more time you’ll have to stay here with Me to learn to live in a new way and actually obtain the Fire Heart!

“Such a Heart, full with Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power, one cannot get as just a gift from one to another, even if this other is God! It must be developed by the man himself or herself!

“Now, get up! You need to wash!”

To his surprise, Elisey was able to easily get to his feet unaided.

The Teacher and the prince came to the spring, which filled the huge deep bowl in the rock with bluish transparent and clear water. From this cup, loudly babbling brook began.

“Swim here. The water in this spring is clean and always cold. It’s good!”

… Elisey plunged with head several times. First — gasped for air of cold water, but then… He, seemed, was born again: a tenderness and purity, strength, and joy filled him! Like spring streams flowed within the body! Never before, even when he was quite well, he felt so much energy and joy in the soul and the body!

As they returned to the fire, Master, as if in passing, said:

“A lot of people, to get rid of severe illnesses, could use the help of such a simple remedy — bathing in ice water. But it must be done without coercion and without fear. Due to just a few such dipping — energies of diseases leave the body.

“But no lasting healing is possible without previewing transformation of the soul. If a person continues a vicious life, the disease returns back.”

… While they had breakfast by the fire, Master spoke again:

“I guess that you want to hurry now to your favorite Alyonushka. But before you go home, you would do well to learn a lot more — to actually start helping other people! Do you want this?”

“Do You know everything about me?”

“I know what I need. Are you willing to stay with Me and learn?”

“Yes, I want to learn! I understand that the prolongation of life in this body has been given me for this purpose.”

… So Elisey stayed with the Master.

* * *

Now let’s see what happened to Alyonushka during this time.

When she arrived at the palace, the guards would not even admit her past the doorstep until she showed the ring and the letter of the prince.

The king and queen met her unkind.

“Our son got married?! Without our knowledge?!” — the queen sighed.

“That cannot be! She is an impostor who wants to lay claim to the throne!” — the king indignanted.

“But no: it is — Elisey’s handwriting and print!” — the queen handed a letter to the king, having read it.

… Alyonushka quietly stood on the sidelines, waiting for this storm of emotions.

Then the king and queen softened and began to ask her about Elisey.

Alyonushka told everything she knew.

So she stayed in the palace.

… As time went on. Alyonushka, by her kindness, soon became a favorite not only of the king and queen, but of all the courtiers.

But only Alyonushka was not happy with her new life. She could not accustom herself to live without work! But all the work in the palace was done by servants. King wrote decrees, listened the ministers. Queen was sad of Elisey and gave guidance to servants.

And how to execute Elisey’s instructions: to establish better and kinder life in the kingdom — she did not know.

Once Alyonushka got down early in the morning to wash the floors everywhere, but only awkwardness had resulted from it. She could not carry out even half of the work: the palace was great! And here the servants woke up and alarmed. Maids — in tears: “What is it: we work bad?! The queen now will drive us, eh?!…”

The king and queen edified Alyonushka:

“It is not your place — to wash floors! You are the princess! You have to become a queen!”

Then Alyonushka says:

“What should be my role?”

… The queen could not tell Alyonushka that her role was to rest and choose finery, to enjoy life in the palace. The queen could not say such to Alyonushka, because she saw: it is not important, is not needed to Alyonushka!

The king, too, became thoughtful.

And Alyonushka here tells him:

“Since I need to be a queen, then teach me — how do you govern the whole kingdom!”

… From this day the king began to inform Alyonushka about affairs of the state.

And Alyonushka, too, told much to the king. She always saw the unfair! And she so told the king that he began to listen to her advice carefully. Many good deeds were performed by the new royal decrees.

* * *

That time, Elisey began to learn the science of how to acquire the Fire Heart, loving all and possessing the great strength. And — how to help people living on the Earth.

Every morning, from dawn, his studies began and came to an end only in the evening. But the evenings were not wasted. Wise conversations of the Teacher with His students filled them. Problems and difficulties of many people, who came to the Teacher for advice, and how He answered — it was also learning the art of cognizing souls — large and small, good and not good.

Once Elisey asked the Teacher:

“How to name God, Whom You serve?”

“There are many directions of religion and belief, a lot of names, but God is one! He is the Creator of all the universe! He is everywhere, though not visible through the eyes of the body. But He is plain for vision of loving soul!

“God is here and in every moment! He is not somewhere far — but near to you, around you, and within you. But He can be cognized by only a loving spiritual heart.

“He holds your life in His Hands. He offered to you now the best conditions for your further development! You are now able to quickly master the Straight Path: from human life — to the life Divine!

“Creative Power of God is at the other side of the door, which you can start to open now.

“Love and kindness of the soul are the main conditions for this! You and God now will create together a new reality for your fate, your life. All around will come to life, will be lighted from that Sun, which is lighted by the lover of God in his or her spiritual heart!

“Look now at the rising sun! The Light of God, Which healed your body, — It looks similar to sunlight.

“In the space inside the chest, where you feel the emotion of love, the spiritual heart can be found. It begins its development — from here.

“The warm and shining state of a soul, which is called love, is already awakened in you. This is due to the meeting with your Alyonushka.

“God is Love! He alone — is the Greatest Soul that loves everyone and everything!

“You should learn about His Love, Which is infinitely greater than the love of a man to even the most wonderful woman!

“You should also cognize His Power and Wisdom, Which are superior to any power in any kingdom!

“You must learn to be God and still remain Man!

“This task is feasible for the developed human being. But very few people on the Earth are now thinking about it! But it is namely in this — the purpose of life for many incarnate human souls!

“Yes, the Creator has established in people an opportunity to improve the consciousness and ascend to the cognition of God, up to the Union with Him in One!

“… Let’s start from small. If you now look forward by the spiritual heart, your love will be able to embrace all the things that you look at.

“Feel your sight from the spiritual heart — as the sight of the soul! You can start to feel your face in the chest: eyes, lips, blink with eyelashes, move your lips. Say by the soul your wish to all beings: ‘Let be in all you — love and peace!’

“A look of loving soul — is not indifferent: it caresses with every touch all the living, but does not gaze indifferently, like bodily eyes can do!”

… Elisey began to study it.

Every day he caressed all creatures by love, flowing from the spiritual heart. He quickly realized that distance is not important: you can caress by the soul-love also those who are now very far away.

Soon his heart was burning with love constantly — like the Sun.

Then Master said to him:

“The fact is that what you have already cognized — it’s enough for man to be happy and to give heart warmth to some other people. But to help a lot in the country, to build the new life in it, to establish love on the whole the Earth — you need to become much bigger and stronger!

“Only man, granting love to others, acquires the Bliss!

“Becoming the Great Love — man plunges into the Divine Bliss! Because God is Love!

“Do you want to continue studying?”


“Then you have to grow by the soul, that is, to become much more!”

… And the prince remained with Master.

Though he wanted to return to Alyonushka and make her happy too, he knew that God wanted more from him.

He began to learn how to do the spiritual heart — huge, accommodating all people not only in his kingdom, but on the entire Earth. And — how to help people spiritually.

The Teacher said to him:

“Just as you have learned to look forward from your heart, — you can learn to look back: in the depths, where the Divine Light comes from.

“You can then dive into the Light, hugging by the hands of the soul — the Love of God.

“And then — being One with God — hug by the Light all around!”

… Elisey — initially for a short time — had succeeded in entering the Flow of Divine Light, Which, like an endless river, flowed gently over the land. Prince’s body was on the ground, and the soul — had merged with the Divine Light! The Light flowed by the Flow of Tenderness over the expanse, Its Bliss and Caring embraced all the living. Elisey tried to embrace by himself, too, — all this, as far as he could.

“The Holy Spirit takes care about everything on the Earth!” — the Teacher explained. — “This River of Light consists of many Great Souls Who — in the mutual Mergers — like the solar wind, are moving above the land. They — are united in this Flow.

“One — by the soul — can also join in this Stream of Light and dissolve oneself in Mergence with It.

“You — become yourself this Living Light! For this to happen — the great love-care for all beings should fill your heart!”

… Elisey had understood that he must help all those people living in trouble and affliction, whom he met on his way. And — not only those, whom he had seen, but so many others whom he did not know, who are trying to find a way out from under the yoke of grief and sadness, sickness, and suffering, as well as from the enslavement by greed and power…

He poured his love into the Love of the Holy Spirit! He flew by the soul in a Flood of Light-Love, with Which he had connected!

He had forgotten that somewhere is His material body.

Divine Light flowed above the land and caressed — by a lot of gentle transparent Hands — grass and flowers, trees, animals, people… Every person in this Light was seen through, each could be hugged or taken on the Palm, be considered as the soul…

In this Flow — there was the Divine World, Which was right here on the Earth!

“It is — not your imagination!” — Elisey heard Master’s words.

Then the Teacher continued:

“The World of Light, Love, Subtlety, Purity — does really exist and is cognizable! Incarnate people could live in It, enjoying the harmony, if they respect the principles of peace, tender love-giving, love-service!

“The key to this World — the heart love. And it is quite simple to teach many people to live so!

“The key of the heart love then will open the doors to the next steps of perfecting — up to the Abode of the Primordial!”

… Elisey again plunged into the Flow of Divine Light-Love! Even He tried to touch Alyonushka by this Light: “I do not know, darling, do you feel Me? But please: wait for Me! I should learn the Great Laws of God for the life of people! When I perceive them, then I come back to you, My Dawn!”

Elisey felt that Alyonushka sensed His Love, but did not see Him, she decided that she only dreamed about her favorite…

The Teacher explained:

“For an embodied soul to feel and hear at distance another soul — one needs to learn to listen to and watch by the soul. And Alyonushka is not able to do it yet. Do not worry: her love is so pure and tender that soon she will be able to master it!”

* * *

And Alyonushka also did not forget about Elisey and his mandate: to help people in the kingdom. She was thinking how to fulfill it.

For a time, while there was not any news about prince Elisey, the king gradually got used to requesting Alyonushka’s advice before taking decisions and publishing decrees. There came much good and order in the kingdom from this.

Even very good decrees cannot make evil people — good; dishonest — honest! Scoundrels and cheaters are always a lot! They are looking for how any good initiative can be inverted to benefit only for themselves! And how to monitor everyone?

Alyonushka began to think about it: “Where evil comes from? How to fight against it?”

She began to recall how her father and mother taught her the kindness of heart. Alyonushka decided that it is necessary, first of all, to teach children the love, honesty, and care for others. Then they will rise as good people — and there will be less evil on the Earth!

But how to teach? How to enter every home, how to teach every child good lessons? Because there are so many kids… It’s not enough for this only a decree of the king!

And recalled Alyonushka those ancient tales of good, love, truth, just and wise God — that her mother told her in childhood. In each tale everything was so interesting that Alyonushka sat quietly and listened with bated breath… And all always ends well in them…

… But Elisey — did not return, and no news came from him…

She believed that he will definitely be back — alive, healthy!…

Alyonushka alienated gloomy thoughts:

“I’m waiting for him, I love him, he’ll be back! And I promised him to watch his kingdom until he is not… So I must figure out how to do it well!”

Alyonushka decisively took a pen and paper and started to write those tales and stories which she remembered, and she composed herself those she did not recall fully. “If to read them to all kiddies — then it will become lessons of kindness, which may be entered into each house!”

* * *

One day, the king felt bad and began thinking about the near death… And he decided that before death — he should see his successor! He decided that it was time to find a fiancé for Alyonushka. And he figured out how to do it.

He spoke about it to Alyonushka. And she refused:

“I am a married woman, and no widow, nor a fiancée! No one saw Elisey dead! And, therefore, he is alive! I do not believe that he has died! I will wait for him! If it needs to be, I myself will try to manage the kingdom!”

And the king said to her:

“Not your will is here but mine! The princess has also another problem that cannot be performed without a husband! That problem is — to give birth to an heir! If there will be no successor — unrest and war begins! Not only on your desires it all depends!

“And so that you do not choose an unworthy man, I want to see him before my death!

“I’ll call the noble guests from all over the kingdom! And — from the other kingdoms! We’ll have a ball! And so that no one knows who is the princess and begins to pronounce flattering speech before you — all will be in masks! Then you converse with everyone. And then all remove the masks. Then you will choose from them who is better for you by face and speeches! And do not argue! I’m here until the king!

“Do you think, I do not hurt? Do you think I have forgotten my son? No! But my concern is for the kingdom!”

… Alyonushka sighed but said nothing… She went, thinking what to do, how to be?! “What am I to do, my beloved? I feel, that you — alive! But, perhaps, it is the soul without a body — alive? Maybe it’s because when you think about me — I see your face, feel close to you? Help!”

* * *

Long or short, the prince had mastered much. But all this cannot be said by ordinary words! And all that the soul can cognize — cannot be enclosed into the tale!

Elisey had learned to speak with God, to hear God’s advice in the heart. Mergence with the Divine Light — it has become customary for Him. Elisey also learned how to become the spiritual heart bigger and bigger for it to contain both the fields, and mountains, and rivers, and all people living on the Earth…

Elisey studied also how, becoming the Flow of the Divine Light, to clean both His own body and the bodies of other people.

He was shown by His Teacher how to merge with the Light within the Earth.

His Hands of soul, Hands of the Spiritual Heart, — had strengthened. And it had become easy to keep the space as on a huge tray — on His Palms, consisting of the Divine Light.

Now He felt — like a Bogatyr from ancient legends — with the radiant transparent body similar to a great mountain.

As if His own heart — He now felt the heart of the Earth — loving and consisting of the Divine Fire!

He understood, what is said in tales and fairy tales about the Earth as Mother, and God — the Father for all!

More, Elisey watched how Master healed different illnesses.

Elisey now answered questions of coming people, talking and doing what He knew.

Over time, Master had shown Him how to become One with the namely Creating Fire of God.

And then he had realized the role of the Fire Heart, about which God talked to Him. The Particle of the Divine Fire, having been raised from the Depths, now was living in the Spiritual Heart of Elisey.

From the Depths, He now looked at everything in the world. And the meaning, of what was happening, God revealed to Him.

Master once said:

“You have cognized the Creator. You felt how He is infinite, how infinitely powerful is His Power!

“Anyone, entering His Abode, merges with Him into One!

“Man, Who has become One with Him, can live in the Abode of the Creator and carry His Light to people for explaining His Laws.

“All human beings are children of God. But they had forgotten about it!

“And yet, they are able to cognize it, improving themselves.

“Those, Who have achieved the Perfection, infuse by souls in the Creator! Exactly for this, they were sent to the Earth! It is in this — the meaning, the purpose of human lives in the material world!

“One, Who had cognized God in oneself, that is, in the developed spiritual heart, — such One comes to cognition of God in all the universe! And such One is able to do much for the benefit of people, being merged with the Divine Power!

“Well! I have taught you everything that was supposed to be taught now!”

… Master shone by bright white Light. He stretched out His Hands of Soul — and connected with the Divine Light-Fire in One. His material body disappeared in a flash of blinding Light.

Elisey tried to do the same, but only entered by the soul into the Divine Fire; the body stayed in the world of matter.

Master reappeared again next to Elisey:

“Now You may not be able to penetrate into the world of Fire together with the body. But you should know that it is — possible. And look for how to implement it! After all, the perfecting has no bounds!

“But now, your task is to serve many people with that knowledge, which is already yours. This is the main purpose which you remain to live in this body for.

“You conquered death once — and therefore you can learn about how to transform the body to the extent that death will not touch ever!

“But it’s enough to have the immortality of the soul in Oneness with the Divine Light. This is what you have already cognized and what should not be lost ever!”

“Is it possible to lose it?”

“Yes. Many, who were returning to live in the material world after the Great Training, gradually forgot the Purity of the Source of Life in the universe. But namely It is the Ultimate Goal of cognition for everyone! They were immersed in the pleasure of the use of their power and authority. And in narcissism and self-aggrandizement — the contact with God becomes lost!

“If it happens that the knowledge of the meaning of our existence disappears in the scale of entire countries, then the spiritual gives place to the material life of people.

“So begins a gradual decline in each such country. In this case, the rulers are surrounded by luxury, but people are enslaved and exist in poverty. Then natural disasters or wars begin, leading the country to ruin.

“So the Laws of God do not allow the violence and hatred to triumph long. This could happen to your country too.

“But now — everything can be changed for the better!

“You have to help to see the Light very many good souls, to teach many people the Laws of Goodness.

“Alyonushka will help you. And you — help her, teaching her what You now know.

“You need to hurry. Your father wants to give her in marriage.

“Here’s your horse. Because yet you cannot move your body instantly to any place — the horse will help you.”

… The Teacher gave to Elisey the bridle of the beautiful white horse — and He again disappeared in a flash of Divine Light.

Elisey called out:


“Yes, I’m here! I will be everywhere and always with You and will help You! But it is time You act! Ride, do not delay!”

… Elisey jumped on the horse and ran like the wind.

* * *

Elisey drove up to the palace. There was music in full, guests wearing masks walked through the halls, ate delicious food, were conversing about nothing.

How Elisey had got out of the habit of such a life! How stupid, absurd seemed to him now such a behavior!

During the time, spent with Master, he was accustomed to the fact that his life is not measured by external events, but by stages of spiritual cognition!

Although… it is not so long ago He lived such way, and could not imagine it otherwise!…

In order not to be recognized until the time, Elisey, too, put on a mask, then entered the ballroom of the palace.

“Is it necessary for Alyonushka? It cannot be!” — He thought.

Elisey stood by the window and began to look out for Alyonushka. He easily had found her.

She felt His look, looked at him, came and stood next:

“Why do you not dance?”

“I do not like this ball.”

“Me — too…”

“And yet — I’m married and am not looking for a bride. I love her, My darling and My wife!”

“I am also married and do not want another man, besides the one whom I love with all my heart. But…” — Alyonushka stopped talking, not to disclose, because she was strictly forbidden to impersonate.

But for Elisey, enough was said. He took off His mask.

Alyonushka also disclosed her face. Instead of a thin, haggard by disease prince, whom she had seen the last time, before her now was changed, the shining with Light Elisey! Tears of happiness flowed from her eyes.

No one paid attention in the bustle of the ball — to two beloved who have finally found each other!

“Why did You not come for so long?”

“I’m sorry, darling, I had to not only recover, but also learn a lot! Let’s come from here, I’ll tell you everything!”

* * *

What to say in conclusion, dear readers and listeners?

Of course, Elisey taught Alyonushka everything He had learned Himself!

Of course, He had cured His father!

Of course, He then changed very much in the country!

He proclaimed — for all to hear — the truth about God, the Divine Laws of Goodness, Love, Harmony, Justice!

Orders, established by Elisey, were in accordance with the Divine Laws. And then those Laws began to control people’s lives. And evil — brought immediately the punishment on itself.

Then Elisey and Alyonushka went to many other countries, and told people what they themselves have cognized.

And even then Elisey and Alyonushka acquired kids — a son and a daughter!

And, of course, everyone was happy!

* * *

This is a happy end of our tale!

Only now guess, my dear: what was the reason to tell this story to you?

Maybe, when the last page of the tale is closed, — something wonderful will begin to happen to you?

And maybe now you know, what you need to start doing for this?

And one, who begins to follow the Path of Love and Kindness, soon will hear God’s advice and get the obvious help from God!

Well, now — it’s the end of our tale…

Or, maybe it is — just the beginning for you?

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