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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.



On the lands that were inhabited by peoples who are now referred to as Slavic, there was a special culture, a special tradition of dissemination of knowledge via tales. These were not lessons to be learnt, but the stories, in which there was information about rectitude and about the history of the Earth, about methods of the development of souls, about God-the-Creator.

These tales were different. And they were retold differently — depending on the audience. In long winter evenings, they could be told to grandchildren by grandfathers or grandmothers. Or entering the village Magi slowly narrated about why and how people live, how to avoid illnesses and adversities, how to learn to live a happy and joyful life, how to behave if occur difficulties and troubles. Much knowledge was described in the magical fairy tale! And magical stories became the reminders of how God commanded people to live on the Earth.

Those tales taught people to truly think, feel, and act. And that was not tedious! Rather both children and adults wanted to follow the examples of beauty and righteousness! Or it was ashamed to hear in those tales hints about your own vices. And people in quarrels — began to seek reconciliation among themselves. And they were looking for how to rectify their misdeeds.

Not so, as before, these tales now sound, because people have changed and the device of human life has changed.

But Every One of Us Who will say, will try to revive the main — to make the spiritual textbook narrative, interesting, memorable for a long time by every soul.

Now slowly, One after the Other, the Divine Teachers will tell tales. So — listen!

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