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Tale of Radosvet and His Host

There lived in a large community a boy. His name was Radosvet. But joy and light were not much in his life…

His father was killed, saving people of the community, when Radosvet was still very young. His mother was not married a second time, therefore they lived in poverty.

Horses were the greatest asset of the community. Almost from birth, life was on horses, all the affairs of the community were associated with them: horses were grown, herded, rounded, sold, on horseback was guardianship of the borders of lands — both their own, and of neighboring tribes, who paid in gold in recent past.

When a boy was ten years old — and this age is considered the transition to adult life — he was called to receive a gift from his parents — his own horse! Those who could not afford to have horses due to poverty became the servants of rich communers to earn one.

The mother sometimes sang Radosvet ancient songs of their people. And it was conveyed in those songs, how in former times there were no enmity and self-interest between people, there were no malice, greed and envy. The horses were friends to people but not servants. And there was a brotherhood of Free Riders who guarded from harm all the neighborhoods. And they were doing this not for gold, but to take care of people on their native land.

In those songs and legends, it was said that in the ancient times there was respect for the elderly, caring for widows and orphans, love in families, and agreement between families. The entire community was like one family — friendly, loving, strong unity of all — both men and women, both young and old. And then the great patronage was for Free Riders from God.

* * *

Radosvet was soon to be ten years. But there was no one who could give him a horse…

Once Radosvet heard how his mother came to woo one of the richest neighbors. He began to speak:

“If you will agree to marry me — I give the horse to your son!”

Mother replied:

“Why do you need to have a wife who does not love you?

“By the way, in the old days, because my husband saved people of the community, the community could give a horse to his son from the communal herd… But now — all is just bought and sold…

“But love — cannot be bought!”

“Think, Liubava! With me — everything could be all right!” — he said and left.

Radosvet heard that conversation and went to his mother:

“Tell me, mother, why is there no respect in our community for those traditions of which the songs sang and the tales told? Discords are between people… It’s though as the community we are living together — but each one strives for oneself…”

“Yes, life today is different from the songs and tales…”

“Mother, I’ll make life as in the songs and tales! This depends on the people: how they live their lives themselves — such life is created around!”

“Yes, my boy, your father said the same… And now — here’s what happens: even nobody will give a horse…

“You know, Nestor offered me marriage, and he will give you the horse…”

“The marriage of love, not out of necessity comes! Do you love Nestor?

“If I even go to the workers — that is not forever!

“Do not be afraid for me: I will have a horse, surely will have! And if you marry Nestor, it comes out — we together will find ourselves in slavery!”

“You are talking like an adult!”

“So I really am already an adult: a week later adult life begins!”

* * *

There was in the community’s herd, one young horse, who could not be handled. He did not obey, did not heed any man! Whenever he was hit — he did not want to go under a saddle! He was nicknamed because of this “Villain”.

And the elders of the community decided: “Why feed this wonder horse, if he does not want to work for people — neither with cart nor under saddle? We need to kill him: at least the meat and hide will be worthwhile!”

Such a bitter time had come in the community that some people began to eat meat of animals. And it is not from hunger or poverty, but for the sake of delicacy!

Although there were those who observed the ancient customs and did not eat the flesh of killed animals.

Radosvet asked his mother:

“How can it be to kill such a horse? How can it be to eat then his body? How can such men be the Free Riders, if they do so?”

And his mother said sadly:

“We cannot answer for other people!…

“I taught you what was commanded by God: ‘Do not kill and do not eat the flesh of murdered!’. Both your father and your grandparents lived so.

But now — for many people — the Commandments of God and our ancient customs are not a decree…”

* * *

And Radosvet decided to save the horse.

He rose in the middle of the night, went to the paddock, where the horse prepared for slaughter stood apart from the others. Radosvet removed the poles closing the passage, and said to the horse:

“Run! Run away from here! You are not a villain, you are Free Wind! Be free!”

The horse had understood the boy. He came up and touched by his warm lips the hand of Radosvet thanking him.

And then — he ran… In the moonlight seemed to be above the silver shining grass, the flight, not gallop, of the fine horse — Free Wind!

“Good luck, my friend!” — Radosvet whispered.

* * *

Radosvet was summoned to a community’s council of elders. As punishment, he was to be expelled from the community for three days, and alone to go to the mound-mountain: to ask God for forgiveness for his wrongdoing…

In those days, it was accepted by people of the community to worship on the mound God and ancestors — the Great Free Riders buried in the mound. People believed that the Great Free Riders of their kin, buried there, also have become Gods and are now able to protect the people, to save them from harm and to forgive sins…

… Radosvet departed.

He did not consider himself guilty. But he could not disobey the order of the oldest members of the community: because then he would be forever banished from the community.

He walked all day. Then at night warmed himself at the small campfire. And just before dawn he was again on the road.

He went to the sacred place. The outline of the mound already appeared in the distance.

People now were afraid to come here alone. But Radosvet did not feel fear. On the contrary, he was glad that it was possible to see or even feel Those Greats, about Whom people make up legends and tales, — wise, good, and powerful Leaders of their kin… Maybe he could ask Them to help their community. And also — about a horse, which would be a true friend…

Then Radosvet stood amazed… He saw the lake in the early morning fog and the beautiful horse that drank water.

Here it is — the gift of the Gods of the mound!

A boy with a beating heart went closer and recognized the horse: he was Free Wind!

The horse, too, recognized his liberator. He came up and put his head trustingly on Radosvet’s shoulder, rubbed his soft lips on the cheek.

“Are you — my horse? Do you agree to be my friend?” — Radosvet asked. He stroked the horse’s beautiful and strong neck.

Free Wind agreed.

And then Radosvet ventured — and leapt on his back. The horse did not resist the little rider. He accepted the leadership of the man-friend named Radosvet!

Radosvet thought that he needed to go to the mound — and the horse went there getting the idea of \x{200b}\x{200b}the rider!

“Faster!” — Radosvet asked mentally and stronger clenched by knees the horse’s sides. Free Wind ran.

“And even more quickly — can it be?!” — and the horse ran quickly, flying over the sea of \x{200b}\x{200b}fog, lit up with the rising sun!

That was a galloping! Radosvet never experienced anything like this! The horse and the boy merged together! Joy! Freedom! Love! How you are beautiful, our beloved Earth!…

… And here is the mound…

* * *

They stopped in front of the mound, protruding from the mist. It was illumined by the morning sun, and at the bottom there were moist shades.

Radosvet dismounted. The boy and the horse stood in silence in front of the sanctuary of the kin of Free Riders.

Here it is — the mound, where were buried the Greatest of the kin of Free Riders, Who knew God and talk with God. Here many subsequent generations of people worshiped Them and prayed asking for good luck and health, crop, or victory in battles…

But only… in recent years people did not see successes in response to the requests to the Gods, life in the community had become unkind…

“That would be fine to talk with God as the Great Free Riders were able to!” — Radosvet thought. — “Or maybe God is not interested in our prayers and worship? Or maybe in another manner it is necessary to talk with Him?”

When Radosvet first thought about the Great Free Riders, Who knew God, he could never imagine Them on bended knee beseeching God for success or burning sacrifices in order to get success in deeds…

Suddenly, the old man, Magus, went to meet the boy.

Radosvet heard about Magi — Keepers of the Divine Wisdom — but thought that Their time has passed as well as the time of the Great Free Riders.

The boy bowed to Magus touching the ground by the hand.

“What did you come to ask?” — the Magus asked.

“I was sent to apologize for the fact that I released to freedom the horse…”

“It seems that the horse is not offended at you for your act!” — Magus smiled. — “He agreed to be your horse!”

“Yes, I would like to thank God for it! I also would like to ask: how to make better the life in our community? But I do not know how to talk to God. Can You teach me?”

“You think good, and want to be kind. I’ll teach you.

“So listen! God is everywhere. He is always present here and everywhere. He is omnipresent! He hears every your thought, every word, sees every action. All that you want to say to Him, He knows the same moment you think about it.

“But in order to hear and understand God’s answers — you need to learn a lot.

“See: the meeting with Me — this is one of the responses of God to you!

“You can learn to see God and understand His Will. But remember: the first, in order to change something in the life of people in the community, — you have to start with the transformation of yourself. And then everything around, too, will begin to transform!

“God, the Creator of this world, is the wisest and strongest Love! Therefore, in order to feel God, you must learn also to be wise and strong Love!

“I’ll give you three tasks. To execute them, you should always be full of love for God and His whole Creation.

“Here is your assignment:

“Learn to be the calm of lake.

“Learn to stop the wind.

“Learn to keep on your hands the Earth and the Fire of the Great Sun.”

“How to learn this?”

“Ask from the lake, from the wind, and from God.

“As long as you try to execute it, you will learn to feel the help of God and His presence. Perhaps you even hear His advice. When you’re ready, come back here, I’ll wait for you.”

“Do You live here?”


“How will You know when I understand and perform Your tasks?”

“Just as today God brought Me here to talk with you, — I will know the time of our next meeting, when you are ready for it.

“In the meantime, tell the elders of the community My words: ‘The great war could destroy all people from the kin of Free Riders and many other kins, if people will not fulfill the Will of God, living by His Laws. And also the new Great Free Rider, Who has come to the Earth, must become the head of your kin.’”

Radosvet bowed to Magus, jumped on the back of Free Wind and returned.

* * *

… The day of full age of Radosvet had come. His mother could not find a place of anxiety: her son was not for already several days.

And then she heard shouts: “Look! Look! Radosvet won Villain!”.

In the streets of the village, Radosvet rode on Free Wind. Without reins and stirrups, the horse submitted to his young rider. Surprised residents poured into the street and made way, letting ride young Radosvet, who rode quietly and happily, presenting all with the kind smile!

… The elders listened anxiously to the boy who conquered the horse and returned with a message from the Magus… And where to find that Great Free Rider, Who had come to the Earth? And what will happen to them, the elders, if that unknown and powerful leader became the head of the kin?

* * *

Radosvet did not forget about the tasks of Magus.

But how to perform it: how to learn to listen to the lake and become its peace?

… Radosvet had come to the shore of the lake in the quiet morning at dawn. He sat on the shore and began to try to talk to the lake.

But the lake was silent…

Then Radosvet also stopped thinking and listened to the silence of the lake…

He already knew that it is possible to understand — without the help of words.

So one can understand both humans and other creatures.

One can understand both smile, and touch, and sight. But also — any emotion, and thought.

And Radosvet smiled in silence — by the soul — to the lake. Then the lake — also was smiling to Radosvet by its delicate beauty.

Radosvet undressed and went into the water. The lake caressed him by gentle swaying of clear water.

Radosvet again sat down on the bank and listened to the silence of the lake.

He admired the beauty of the mirror-like water surface, which reflected the sky with light white clouds a little colored with pinkish rays rising sun.

The sky was as if both above and below…

Clouds floated slowly both in the sky, and in the reflection in the water…

It seemed that the sun was rising both in the sky, and under the surface of the lake… Only double stripe of light fog separated the sunrise in the sky — and its reflection in the lake…

Love — both to the lake, and to the sky, and to the sun, and to everything that exists on the Earth and outside — covered Radosvet, filled the entire space around! Above, below, on all sides — it was now only Love! It was in the silence of a clear lake, and in the silence of the hills, and in the air touching the reeds near the shore, which barely audible rustled their silent song of love, dropping dew into the lake!

Amazing peace embraced and filled Radosvet!

And then Radosvet heard the Voice of God:

“You have understood the mystery of the lake’s calm! Silence, filled with love of the spiritual heart, opens the doors to Me!

“From now on, always, when you are immersed in such silence, — you can hear Me!

“Now learn to stop the wind!”

* * *

But how to learn to stop the wind?

Radosvet always loved the wind. Loved — when its light gusts were touching his face, and when he himself raced on horseback through the air.

And then Radosvet decided that, for starters, he could try to catch the wind.

He called his horse.

Wind — immediately had flew.

And now — they raced with the wind!

Wind was flying over the steppe caressing grass, which danced in its touches, like waves of the sea.

Joy — overfilled the heart of Radosvet!

The horse of Radosvet also felt great joy of racing!

Rider and horse flew — with the wind — on the expanse of the steppe!

The wind as if presented them huge transparent wings! And it was not already galloping but flight! They were flying together with the sunlight penetrating clear morning’s air! Waves of grass swaying under them!…

Radosvet tried to feel how great is the wind, how far are stretched its wings — front and behind, left and right, top and bottom…

And suddenly he realized that he caught up the wind: he felt like the free soul, free and large — like the wind!

He felt that he can now also, like the wind, be flying over the expanse of the steppe, filled with the morning sunlight, and — embrace all beings by his great love!

And then the understanding had come that he can stop this flight, retaining its vastness and transparent subtlety. And at the same time, these wind, grass, open spaces — all is now… in me

And he heard the Voice of God:

“You have solved the second task: understood what it means ‘to stop the wind’.

Now learn to keep on your hands the Earth and the Fire of Great Sun.

* * *

As time went on, Radosvet grew. He had now many friends: because so special was now this young man Radosvet — full of peace and spreading love around from his heart.

Radosvet taught his friends what he had learned from Magus, and the things he learned, doing those tasks. And they all learned the art of galloping and military combat — to help protect their land from the terrible war, predicted by Magus.

So, around Radosvet gathered the new army of brave and good boys. They learned, including, to fight with swords — both right and left handed, as their ancestors could. They learned to fight, defeating enemies by the strength of the soul. And having won — not to kill opponents, but only disarm and send home.

And from other kins the bravest and strongest young men came to be warriors of Radosvet too.

… There was one boy in the village. His name was Miroslav. From birth, he was skinny and weak, frail and awkward. All laughed over him, and everyone could offend him. In the struggle — it was the same: any boy claimed the upper hand over him.

But Miroslav did not hold grudge to anyone. Sometimes he only raised his long lashes, looked surprising by his big and beautiful as of a girl eyes: “Why are you trying to hurt me?” — and smiled to the offender sweetly.

The only, Miroslav knew, — how to sing old songs and to compose new ones. And if he started singing — all heard with pleasure!

Radosvet loved to hear Miroslav’s songs. And he stood up for him whenever someone tried to hurt him.

… When Miroslav came to Radosvet to ask induction into the host — many laughed at him.

But Radosvet delighted — and accepted him in the host!

And they became best friends.

… Miroslav had changed over short time: the body became from clumsy — slim and flexible. And there had developed the unusual strength in his voice. He learned also to ride on horseback, to use sword and other weapons.

He also was awakening souls by the ancient songs of good and freedom, he composed himself the songs of love and beauty, about God and human life in Him.

… So lived warriors led by Radosvet, studying the art of combination of love and power.

… But Radosvet could not solve the mystery of the third task of Magus.

The Earth, he thought, will not fall… And the sun shines by itself, going up in the morning and setting in the evening… And unlikely there is a need to intervene in this order of things, created by God.

And how wise and great should be that one who will keep the Earth?…

And it is doubtful that more sun should be lit…

* * *

At that time, the ambassadors from foreign caesar had come to the elders of the community. They, both people and horses, were dressed in outlandish armor.

They came not in peace. They demanded payment of huge tribute — in gold, horses, beautiful girls, young men for the army of caesar.

They spoke, that their ruler possesses the great power, that he had subdued many countries, that his army is huge.

And if during the allotted term he did not receive the tribute, then he will come with the huge army. And he will take whatever he wants. If the Free Riders will not submit to him goods — he will erase them from the face of the Earth. And these lands and wealth — all it will be his, not only a part of that which now he demands as tribute…

The ambassadors left.

The elders had been frightened! They gathered the whole community, and people long thought what to do. Some said that they should obey and pay tribute. Other families which had young boys and beautiful girls, which were required by caesar, — they said that they should not obey…

And Radosvet spoke that the kin of Free Riders should not submit to caesar.

Then the elders recalled the prediction of Magus. And they told Radosvet to go to the mound — to Magus to ask where to find the new Great Free Rider Who will rescue them.

* * *

Radosvet departed.

But he remembered that he did not solve the third task of Magus, and he was not so sure about the meeting…

He tried to talk with God, asking Him what to do. But God did not answer…

But when approached Radosvet to the mound, Magus was already waiting for him.

Radosvet told Him about the invasion of foreigners that threatened the kin. He said that the kin of Free Riders needed help. “We need the wise leader, who was foretold by You. He should be the leader of strength and kindness, who would unite people to stop infighting and would be able to protect all from the foreign invaders.”

Radosvet told that he is ready to go even to the end of the land to find that new Great Free Rider and persuade Him to lead the people.

Magus smiled faintly and said:

“Your request is heard by God. And the help is already sent to your kin! Already is born in your nation this Messenger of Heaven. He will bring freedom and prosperity to many people for many years!”

“Tell me: how to find Him?”

“He is — very close! His name is Radosvet! Why are you so pale?”

“It is not easy to accept: I have come for help — and found that the aid is hidden namely in myself!”

… Radosvet knew about himself that he had both love, and power… And that he is ready to help people overcome their troubles… But… so suddenly…

“I feel neither great and wise ruler, nor the great warrior or the Messenger of God. I barely learned to sometimes hear God’s advice… This is all that I can…”

“It is good that you do not consider yourself worthy. If one thinks oneself as a prophet before he became a prophet, it would not allow to happen what must be. Even the greats ruin themselves by vanity and pride! It happens because in the sense of self is lost the Almighty Will, the executor of Which must be that man.

“Great Power and Omnipotence of God are open to only those who, forgetting about themselves, serve the Creator.

“I’ll help you a bit. I’ll teach you how to realize the Divine in yourself.

“To begin with, how to distinguish coming through you from God — and manifestations of personal self, the nature of which is, in particular, the personal desires of man?

“From this, to what extent you will be able to understand and implement this, — the future of your friends, your people, your country or even the whole Earth depends!”

… And Magus taught Radosvet how to attain the Mergence with the Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Power.

Radosvet felt then the great love for God — and the Great Power of Love hugged him! So he had cognized how the human soul merges with the Love of God!

Then he felt — as the Soul — so huge that He became much more than our planet and consisting of Living Light — Purest and Subtlest. He tried to take the Earth on the Hands of the Soul, which were issuing from the Spiritual Heart of the Soul. And He felt then His responsibility for every creature living on the Earth.

Then He plunged into the immense depth, filled by the most delicate and subtle Divine Fire, like the Sun, but of the superior to everything imaginable size.

“I am the Fire of Love, coming from the original depth and creating life. Now You have cognized Me as the Great Sun — in Your Spiritual Heart!” — the Words of God sounded.

By doing this, Radosvet realized that it was He Himself Who had become the Great Spiritual Heart and the Great Sun. And He heard further:

“Now — you know Me, the Father of all things!

“I have shown you Myself as the Source of Power that will always be at Your disposal when You are One with Me.

“Through the Heart of the Earth — the passage opens to the Force of My Almighty!

“This Power can fill Your body and act through it.

“You are now able to use the Flow of My Power for building acts of helping the needy and of protecting the good.

“But never transgress My Will by Your personal desire to help, because not always the external help is useful!

“My Strength — it is the Open Source. But It may be cognized by only that man who has a kind heart, does not have impure thoughts, always knows My Will and follows My Will, not his or her wantings.

“My Strength exceeds the strength of any weapon. All the energies in the universe are submitted to Me!

“But My Power can be used only by one who is Divinely pure in his or her thoughts, and, in particular, does not want anything for him\herself!

“Go — and teach your friends too! Then your army will be invincible!

“I’ll be in You and with You!

“My Love will be Your Love!

“My Strength will be Your Strength!

“My Love and Power will also grow in each of Your friends!”

* * *

Radosvet wished to thank Magus for the wise lessons, but… did not see anyone around.

And then Radosvet went back.

Love for God, for people, for our planet, the determination to save His people from foreign oppression — overwhelmed Him!

He asked God to show Him always what He should do.

… Radosvet had returned. There was with Him and in Him — the Divine Strength and Love, the Great Divine Sun was shining in Him.

He told His friends about what He had learned:

“Magus told Me, that God has ordained Me to the role of the One Who will save our kin… I do not know if it’s true… But we have no other way out. And to wait for more help — is from nowhere. Perhaps, the particles of Great Divine Force are embodied in each of us. And if you help Me — then we can do it!”

Miroslav sang an ancient song of Great Free Riders. Friends echoed his clear voice.

Everyone stood around a large campfire and sang, feeling the uniting all love and courage. In the center of the circle, a fire was burning, and it seemed that from it — the Divine Fire flared in the hearts of the braves!

… And the host of Radosvet stood, like a shield, on the border of protected areas.

Radosvet taught His friends:

“If in the confrontation at least one nation is free from hatred and fear — it is invincible! We have already won this battle even before it started! And now it remains only to be able to explain it to our enemies: that without shedding blood in vain, they retreat back into their land and no longer try to conquer us — Free Riders!”

* * *

The army of caesar had approached the land of Free Riders.

They stopped and saw in amazement the small host that went to meet them.

One of the group separated. He was approaching.

The leader of the army of caesar thought: “Of course, he is going to surrender and to discuss the conditions under which their land will become part of the empire of caesar. They will not be able to resist my great army! It makes no sense to battle!”

Radosvet had approached.

The leader looked with interest at the “barbarian”, who, it could be seen, was not feared.

Radosvet offered the army of caesar to give up, as the strength is not on the side of caesar.

The leader laughed! He appreciated the humor and courage!

But Radosvet did not jest:

“If you want to avoid defeat and stay alive — go back voluntarily, otherwise you will die or flee!”

Swords and spears were raised against the daring, but the leader of the troops ordered to release Radosvet.

… On a small hill in the middle of harvested field, the Radosvet squad was located.

A huge army of caesar, closed their ranks, was waiting for the command to attack.

“What can a handful of riders do? The outcome of the battle is foregone,” — the leader of the army of caesar was perplexed.

At this point… Miroslav began to sing. The ancient song flew over field and reached the troops of caesar.

Then Miroslav lit a torch and rode along the row of ricks of straw, burning them. The wall of fire had risen. A gust of strong wind — and fire, rising above the ground yet not touching it, had moved to the army of caesar.

The wall of fire was approaching — and panic swept the army. Flame was moving above the ground, there was nothing to burn, but the fire was getting higher and furious! The New Great Riders carried this wall of fire in front of them as a huge shield and raced faster and faster…

Hardened in battle warriors of caesar fled, broken by horror of incomprehensible delusion… Even after crossing the river, they did not stop there…

Only after a while, the leader was able to restore order among his warriors. But it was not even thinking about how to go back and try again to engage in battle.

… The leader has sent the report to caesar that the “barbarians” of these lands know the special magic secrets, and that it would be wrong to go in war to these lands, if we do not want to destroy the army.

So the land of Free Riders and the lands of many other Slavic kins remained free.

* * *

The calm and peace fell to the land.

Radosvet and his warriors returned home.

And the great glory of the host of Radosvet for many years lived in all the nearby lands. That was the glory of the New Great Free Riders, Who knew God, Who were able to keep the Earth in hands and to shine by hearts like the Sun!

Many people from different lands had come to learn how to be the same warriors who know the Laws of God, by which people could both transform themselves, and build a beautiful life on the Earth!

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