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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Five: On Positive and Negative Emotional States

Ariadne/Chapter Five: On Positive and Negative Emotional States

Chapter Five:
On Positive and Negative
Emotional States

Ariadne and Dianta now did not miss a single public appearance of Pythagoras.

Moreover, they were allowed to attend the talks of Pythagoras with the selected most promising students.

… On this day, Ariadne, Dianta, Leonardo and other students gathered on the shore of a small bay at the foot of the hill on which the building of the School was built.

They were sitting on flat comfortable stones. This part of the coast was sheltered by rocks from the side winds and winds from the land. It was like a cozy terrace for overlooking the sea. The stones were brought and laid here by disciples. Now this small secluded amphitheater served — in good weather — for Pythagoras’ conversations with them.

… They sat for a while in silence, listening only to the soft splashing of small waves and the voice of seagulls.

Then Pythagoras began to speak:

“Today, I told the people of Crotone about the role of positive emotional states, accompanying the right intentions.

“I said, among other things, that, by setting ourselves up — as souls — for good deeds, we also call the Divine Assistance into our plans and thus multiply the success of our actions many times over. At the same time, it becomes possible to do in joy — any good deeds, both great and small.

“It is also important to understand that this is not true: to do things that should serve good, while also being sad or annoyed. It is because our wrong emotions significantly reduce the effectiveness of any action!

“Now we, my friends, can talk about this deeper.

“It makes sense to do any exercise for the body and soul, any work that we perform — tuning in to the right emotional way! This can be both the performance of gymnastic exercises, and the study of new texts, and work on building. It must also be significant for meditations.

“It is necessary to perform any even very simple action — with the understanding that the energy fields from our mental states are spreading from us outward and filling the surrounding space.

“For example, cooking, if it is performed with the right emotional mood, — it will bring much more benefit than the same action, performed ‘by inertia’ or in a negative emotional state.

“Also food — when cooking it by one in an irritated state — this food is filled with the disharmonious energy of the one who cooks it.

“And also the best that the product can bring will not be assimilated, if a person eats in greed or is in a bustle, hastily swallowing bite after bite.

“These simple examples show how, as with any other action, the right emotional state ensures success, and the wrong one — prevents proper execution of deeds.

“I’ll draw your attention to — that people in many ways predetermine the events around them. They, acting, create each time fragments of the universe, surrounding them, — by filling the space with their own different energies. But they usually do not know about this.

“And every thought, every emotion, every action, and even just spoken words — are parts of such a construction, made by a person in the environment for himself or herself both for now, and for their future.

“Our emotional states also significantly affect the lives of other beings.

“That is, everything that we do is better done fully conscious: watching our own states at every moment and regulating them.”

… Pythagoras was silent for a while, allowing the students to comprehend what has already been said. Then he continued:

“There are different — by the qualities and time of their implementation — intentions.

“If someone creates an intention to buy butter or fruits at the market, then, most likely, it will not be difficult to fulfill. But from that person — from the emotional state of him or her — it will depend: with joy and pleasure that task will be performed — or as an onerous duty.

“It is from a variety of such situations, our everyday life is formed — and this predetermines the existence (good or bad) of our bodies and us as souls.

“In our such activity there should not be excessive and unnecessary actions. Otherwise, everyday vanity will eclipse the main things that we really need to do.

“After all, a person has more significant goals!

“For example, we set for ourselves the goal of making ourselves-souls like Gods.

“A person should not miss the main goal of his or her life — among minor tasks. If so, then life plans — for this day, the next month, years ahead — naturally and consistently are built up as steps leading to the main Goal. So, gradually, the habit of improving oneself — leads to a more successful spiritual life for both the devotee himself or herself and many people around, who observe his or her perfecting.

“Just as a sculptor creates — from a block of marble — the beautiful sculpture, gradually removing the superfluous and then grinding the resulting shape, so one, in cooperation with Gods, can transform oneself-soul, approaching the Ideal which one has set for oneself as the Purpose!

“But if we forget about the really important Goal because of the small-time matters — then we cannot achieve this Goal.

“One can begin every day so that one’s intentions are easily fulfilled. One can adjust oneself-soul — as a musical instrument for perfect sounding!

“How the lyre can be tuned in accordance with musical harmony — so one can adjust oneself to the states of the Divine Light and the Creating Fire!

“If we do this, the inspiration, received from Gods, will fill every hour of our lives!”

… Pythagoras paused again. A transparent silence enveloped Pythagoras and his disciples sitting on the bank.

Ariadne even thought that in the soft non-material Light, she began to perceive beautiful Faces and Hands. Then she realized: the Divine Souls had approached…

Pythagoras again began to speak:

“The soul has to remain either in silence, or sound in tune with the Divine Souls!

“The silence is very important! It allows one to harmonize the whole space, which every time is covered by this soul.

“The silence also allows union of the soul with the Divine.

“Here is the lira. When it does not sound, it is as if it keeps in itself all the sounds of the world in beautiful silence.

“A skilled performer, touching the strings, produces amazing melodies of great beauty.

“So we, too, can — by any of our actions — from silence — bring harmony and beauty to the universe!

“When the intentions of the soul are illuminated by inspiration — they are realized easily!

“But if, in the day ahead, we see hard and undesirable work or insurmountable obstacles — then we will not be lucky!

“And sometimes one can think that this deed is impossible altogether…

“Such thoughts and emotions impede and reduce the force that would have to flow into the implementation of the conceived.

“But if we adjust ourselves to the joy of labor, to the power of the soul, which overcomes barriers, also to love and inspiration for ourselves in labor and earth affairs, — so we put good fortune into our lives.

“And if our intentions do not contradict the Divine Plans — they will necessarily be realized!

“If somewhere, we made a mistake in our plans and failed — then it should also be accepted with joy: as a lesson offered by Gods.

“… Joy let fill with vitality the body and soul!

“But we can use in emotional moods not only joy. Love, peace, goodwill towards others — all this multiplies and intensifies the harmony that we bring to the world! Such our thoughts and emotions activate the power of the soul and give energy to achieve results!

“But we must also remember that it makes no sense to invest strength and inspiration in poorly conceived plans.

“Our intentions will be properly nurtured in silence and coordination with the Divine Plans. Each of us should learn this!

“The perfection of this is when the human body becomes an instrument for the Divine Omnipotence, Love, and Wisdom!

“… There are two dynamic streams in the Creation: one goes to the Perfection, the other flows down towards degradation, decay, dying. And it is important for man — to be included in the ascending flow of developing souls, to feel that Gods are ready to support and help.

“It is easy to feel, for example, in the simplest exercise that we can perform every morning:

“Let us get up. We will feel that we are surrounded from every side by the wonderful universe — the Divine Creation! And we will send love to everyone and everything in It!

“We will feel each in ourselves the space in the spiritual heart, where love is born, and we will begin to send this emotional state forward.

“We will feel that the more we pour out our love, the more we are filled with the Love of the Divine — as the Force that flows into the spiritual heart from behind, from the Depth.

“By this, our giving love, we disappear in the River of Divine Light, Which flows through our bodies, healing and transforming them.

“So — we enter the world of the Divine! In It, we can live together with Divine Souls! From Them — we then learn to continue to give Love!

“… Let’s repeat this exercise in all directions: to the right, back, left, down, and up.

“In fulfilling this, we can really cognize how the soul, giving pure and unselfish love, enters the space where Divine Souls dwell.

“And we can learn — through our efforts of giving love — to merge with the Streams of Joy of the Creator’s Tenderness, Which gently carry the Divine Love into the Creation.

“And then, we can learn to enter the Mergence with the Great Power of the Divine Light, and later — with the Creative Divine Fire!

“Then any intention of the soul will be realized by the Power of Creator’s Love!”

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