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Chapter Four: The Slave

Ariadne/Chapter Four: The Slave

Chapter Four:
The Slave

The next day, Ariadne was again at the performance of Pythagoras and again saw Leonardo, but only from afar. Today they did not talk.

She came home in deep thought because of what was happening to her now…

It still existed as if in some kind of gentle transparent and luminous fog. Calm joy filled her.

Thoughts seemed to come up — and then dissolve again. And the soft joy did not disappear even for a moment.

What’s happening? Did I really fall in love? But — to whom: with Pythagoras? Or — with Leonardo? Or — with this beautiful Divine world, of which Pythagoras speaks?

She tried to rethink what she heard: “A person can become God-Man, God!”.

“Is it too presumptuous and immodest — to think so? And if Gods punish us for such impudence?

“However, no: it’s not insolence, but the desire to become better! After all, I feel that this is true — what Pythagoras says!

“Many times in my childhood, I myself dreamed of becoming like a Goddess! And — not by only the beauty of the face and the whole body, but also to be wise and to perform magical acts of kindness!

“But those were childhood dreams… And here — everything is real! Or… just seems real?

“Here — Pythagoras says that this is the meaning of human life — to become Perfect: such as Gods — and then wisely help all people!…”

* * *

At that time, a young slave brought supper for Ariadne.

Ariadne, still as if in another world, knocked the tray, which the slave was going to put on an inlaid table with golden legs. All that was on the tray fell down, staining the fine outfit of Ariadne. Expensive ceramic painted cups were broken, a golden goblet clattered and rolled on marble slabs…

The slave fell to her knees in fright:

“Forgive me, Mistress! Sorry!”

… Ariadne was not cruel or arrogant with slaves. The slave was not at all threatened with punishment! But she shrank as if she expected to be struck.

Ariadne has grown accustomed from childhood, believing that there are those who are obliged to serve her, performing all the necessary work, and she never paid much attention to these people… “of another sort”.

But today, she suddenly saw that this young and beautiful girl, the same age as Ariadne, — because of Ariadne’s guilt — was now in a state of fright and confusion! She was kneeling, not knowing where to start: should she change the outfit of her mistress — or remove the debris?

… Ariadne knew almost nothing about the fate of Dianta: about what happened in her life, which made her a slave… And it did not even occur to ask her about it!

Ariadne recently bought her from a man who was very cruel to his slaves. Dianta repaid for this salvation with special devotion and love, which was not peculiar to other servants. But at the same time, Dianta was always silent, closed, as if she wanted to hide from the whole world around her.

Ariadne hurried to reassure the girl:

“Why are you so scared? It’s me who’s to blame: I touched the tray with my hand!”

… She gently lifted the girl from her knees and looked into her eyes, wet with tears.

“Let’s go swimming in the pool!” — she suddenly suggested and led Dianta with her as a friend.

Throwing off her clothes, Ariadne, laughing, plunged her beautiful body into clear water, ducked, admiring the mosaic image of Neptune at the bottom of the pool.

Reaching up, she called Dianta:

“Well, what about you?! Jump here quickly!”

… When they came out from the water, they were already almost friends.

… The same evening Ariadne wanted to know the life story of Dianta, but heard from the girl quite a bit:

“My father was a merchant and highly educated man. He told me a lot about distant countries, taught to read, write, count. After the death of mother, he began to take me with him to distant wanderings.”

“You can read and write, but you never told me about it!… Tell me more about yourself! What has happened to you?”

Diana gloomed:

“I would not like to remember this… What for? The past is no more! And me — the same one — is also not! I’m nothing! I allowed myself to become a slave, I allowed to mock me! I should kill myself, but then I did not do it for some reason and allowed to trample down my honor and desecrate cleanliness! And now… it all does not matter! I do not know why I'm still alive!…”

“Listen, you’re no longer a slave, Dianta! From this moment — you are free! You can start all over again!”

… Dianta shook her head sadly:

“No… It’s impossible to erase from life what was! I am not worthy of freedom, purity, and happiness!…”

“You should not say that! Listen: tomorrow, if you want, we’ll go to listen to the Sage Pythagoras! Perhaps you will want to study in His School — just as I now dream!”

* * *

The next day, Ariadne announced to the rest of her slaves that they are free without any ransom! She even gave everyone money. Some of them returned to their lands, several people wished to remain in the house of Ariadne and help with housework, since they had nowhere to go and no reason to depart.

Ariadne was filled with ecstasy because she began to practice the deeds of good! Then she chose one of her outfits for Dianta. When Dianta saw her reflection in the mirror, even a smile touched her lips a bit…

They went together to listen to the speech of Pythagoras.

* * *

After the speech of Pythagoras, Leonardo himself approached Ariadne and Dianta with the words: “Pythagoras said that you and your friend have something to talk about with Him.”

“And I just wanted to ask you about this! Dianta really needs to hear the Teacher’s advice! And now — He already knows about it! Miracles!”

“You have not yet seen His miracles, beauties!” — Leonardo smiled.

… When the audience dispersed, Pythagoras, Leonardo, and the girls settled on the steps of the amphitheater for a conversation.

“Should Leonardo and I probably leave?” — Ariadne asked.

“No, My friends, I will not say anything that you all would not find useful to hear. Perhaps, someday, you yourself will be able to pronounce such words for other people.”

… Pythagoras gently took Dianta by the hand and began to say:

“Today is a significant day in your destiny, Dianta! You can be reborn to a new life — the life in Love and Light! — like Aphrodite, born from the waves of the ocean!

“You can begin to learn how to lose the heavy burden of the past! You can start creating a wonderful future for yourself and for others!”

“How is this possible? I cannot change myself so quickly!…”

“Yes, a soul changes not quickly!… But you — must open the new life for yourself! Today, for example, you will learn how not to be upset over the past, Dianta! I, too, once was a prisoner of Persians, and I know well what slavery is!”

“Do You really know that I was a slave up to this day?

“However, I cannot hide my disgrace…

“But You… — great Pythagoras — were never a slave, although, perhaps, a prisoner! But I — became a slave instead of dying!… I allowed myself to be mocked, humiliated!… I myself permitted to be trampled in the mud!…”

“And now, are you going to reproach yourself for this up to your death?

“Do you want to take your despair with you into the afterlife?

“Do you want to make your sadness eternal?

“Do you want to turn the beautiful life, given to you by the Creator, — into self-punishment and torture for yourself?”

“Oh no!…”

“Dianta, perhaps, you could have done something worthier then. Maybe — you could not. But now — all this is not important! Look: you are here — at this moment — alive and listening to Me!

“The past — let it be the past! You will not live in it anymore! You should not bring sadness back to the soul with a memory of the past!

“You are free: to choose life in the past — or in the present, which you create for yourself right now!

“All that was, is already carried away by the river of time!

“Don’t keep your thoughts and emotions in the past!

“Now — in this very minute — you can start to change yourself and your life for the better! It makes no sense to mourn failures — when you are given the opportunity to correct them!

“Feel what wonderful opportunities are opening up now before you! All is in your hands! And I’m ready to help you! Do you want it?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Then forget your dark past and do not torment yourself with the uncertainty of the future, in which you have not yet started to see the Light!

“It’s the mistake: to see the world gloomy, devoid of kindness and joy! You are wrong when you see yourself in this world as a victim of atrocities and of your own wrong actions! You should no longer feel worthless, fallen!”

“Can You teach me to think and see things in a different way?”

“Yes, I’ll try to reveal the Truth to you a bit and show how it really is. This is in order that you yourself in future know and learn to live in accordance with the Truth!

“Truth is the Divine Primordial Power controlling all the existing!

“Truth is the manifestation of Love, Beauty, Harmony, Wisdom, Kindness, Caring, Perfection!

“Truth is God!

“I’m not talking about a fictional ‘god’ from some particular cults and not about a statue of marble on the altar to which people bring sacrifices.

“But there is real God — All-Creating United Power!

“He really exists!

“He is like the ocean, which unites in itself several rivers flowing into it and bringing their waters into the boundlessness of the ocean!

“In the same way, the One Primordial united in Himself all the truly Divine, that is, Those Who have attained the Perfection and become One with Him — throughout all time, to which there is no account!

“God is the Great Primordial Power — possessing the highest Wisdom and Justice!

“He created the Laws, according to which everything develops in the universe!

“All this can be cognized not as special words — but as the Reality, that can be seen, felt, understood! And then man can become the Integral Part of Him!

“Now, to begin with, feel that you are always surrounded by the Light of His Love!

“And this Light of Divine Love is near in every second!

“This Light is everywhere! The Divine Light hugs you from the outside and is ready to fill you!

“But sadness, fear, despair, which now is inside you, does not allow the Divine Love to flow into you!

“Open yourself by the love of the soul — to meet the Love of God! And then you yourself will see this Divine Light!

“Feel this Light, too, with the hands of the spiritual heart!

“You know how to love!

“The Light of Divine Love is always ready to carry you — as on Its Hands!

“This Light can support, protect from dangers and direct your life!

“In Him, you will discover the meaning of your life personally, and also the role that you can play on this scene of the material world — for other beings!

“To help others, you can accomplish much, carrying to them love, care, revealing the steps of knowledge — while your body-shell is present in the world of objects and bodies, visible by the ordinary sight!”

… Dianta felt herself a soul free, soaring in that Light, Which was shown and revealed to all by Pythagoras!

“The Love of God! What a happiness!” — Dianta has long forgotten how it is to be happy… But now — the true Power of Divine Love filled her!

Pythagoras went on to say:

“Wash in this Sea of Light! Look: you — as the soul — are now free and similar to the Light! And this can be your future, if you yourself want it! You can rush to the Light and become the Divine Soul bearing Love to others who live on the Earth!

“Live, feeling this Ocean of Love! God loves you, cherishes you, carries you by His Power, guides you!

“You will soon learn to live this way always — if you want to and practice the simple rules, which we teach in our School!

“And you will be able to help others find out what is slightly opened today for you!”

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