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Chapter Six: Healing the Boy

Ariadne/Chapter Six: Healing the Boy

Chapter Six:
Healing the Boy

After some time, Dianta requested permission to stay in the Pythagorean School’s building for a few days, and she was allowed to do so.

Ariadne, of course, also agreed with this. She herself did not want to part with the great Sage for a minute! But Pythagoras said that it would be better if she still lives in her house and prepare it for the reception of the guests of the School, which will soon arrive. At present, only one of the houses was completely built, and to place all guests there — it was difficult. Therefore, all those, who were from Crotone, spent their day in the School, and at night went to their homes.

* * *

Ariadne went to the house by the usual road and at the same time continued to stay in the space of Light, in which Pythagoras Himself lived, spoke, and taught them to dwell.

The setting sun colored the objects around with a warm golden glow, making everything so beautiful that it seemed even a bit unreal.

Ariadne had seen such beautiful sunsets before, but never before she had felt such ecstasy from harmony and beauty of nature!

The world seems to have changed completely because of the changes that — thanks to the initial lessons of Pythagoras — occurred in herself! The world now began to feel nice, full of joy and beauty! Life now had purpose and meaning — and it seemed to Ariadne that happiness was splashing and pouring everywhere around, also that it was possible to scatter it in handfuls from the heart like seeds of love, or to radiate, as the sun does now, giving its light to everything! There was a feeling that the wings grew behind the back, and — it is only necessary to push off from the surface of the Earth — and you can fly!

And when she thought about Pythagoras — she saw His face, consisting of Light. It was not some kind of image that you recall when thinking about someone. It was a living, moving, Holy face! His gaze penetrated the soul and saw every emotion and thought of Ariadne…

“This is too much! This is — some kind of delusion!” And if Ariadne thought so — the face of Pythagoras disappeared from perception, as if He did not dare interfere in her life, if she did not want it herself. The world — immediately as if became gray… Or… it’s just a little cloud has obscured the sun?

“Sorry! I like it when You’re around! But this is so unusual and unexpected!…” — Ariadne mentally said. Again the sun shone with a golden glow all around, and Ariadne was filled with Peace and Love.

* * *

The next day, Ferenika again visited Ariadne:

“Did you promise to tell about Pythagoras? Have you listened to His speeches all these days, so that we have not seen each other?”

“Oh yeah!”

“And what do you think of Him?”

“I do not know how to tell you… I seem to plunge into the sea of Light… And His speech sounds like music and penetrates the soul to the innermost depths! He talks about the most important for all people!”

“Did you fall in love with Him, or what? After all, they say, He is beautiful, like Apollo himself, who descended from Heaven! And yet, meanwhile, He is already many years old, and He visited distant countries and studied all the teachings. And people even argue that He is endowed with the eternal life of Gods! Is this all true or fiction?”

“Are you going to listen to me about Him, Ferenika, or will you tell me all about Pythagoras yourself?” — Ariadne said with a smile. — “However, I know what news will keep you quiet for a while: I met my childhood friend, Leonardo, and he is one of Pythagoras’ close disciples!”

“Oh! Tell me quickly: which one of them are you in love with? You are so shining with happiness that I cannot take my eyes off you!”

“In love with?… But this is another, unearthly happiness, which embraces and carries to the higher worlds of the Divine! I now love this whole Creation, including flowers, trees, mountains, the sea with emerald waves, hovering seagulls over the sea! I love Leonardo and his friends from the Pythagoras School! I love Pythagoras, Who revealed to me all this incredible happiness of life and soul perfecting!”

… Ariadne began to tell Ferenika the main thing that she understood, learned in recent weeks and that so changed her whole life…

True, Ferenika was more interested in details about Ariadne’s relations with Leonardo: about whether he was confessing his love for Ariadne, were they kissing already or not?…

* * *

At this time outside, there was a noise and exclamations of the crowd. Several chariots shot by Ariadne’s house. The drivers, in drunken voices, were shouting something about the victories… They rushed past with a roar. The noise of the departing chariots, the neighing of horses already almost died down…

But then the enthusiastic screams of the crowd turned into frightened cries.

“Something has happened there, let’s have a look: maybe we can help!” —Ariadne said.

She got up and walked quickly through the garden to the gate. Ferenika rushed after her, trying to prevent her friend:

“You said you let all your slaves go! And if it’s dangerous — who will protect us?!”

… Almost opposite the gate, people crowded around a boy of ten or twelve years driven down by chariot…

He suffered badly, there were obviously many fractures, the child was in coma.

“We’ve already sent for the doctor, but to carry the boy far in his state — this would be wrong!”

Ariadne suggested:

“Let’s carry him to my house, it is here next!”

Four men, laying the boy on a raincoat, took him to the house of Ariadne and then, having decided that everything now does not depend on them, they parted.

Ferenika exclaimed excitedly:

“What are we going to do with him? What if the doctor will not help — and the boy dies? We do not even know who his parents are! And this rascal, who knocked the child down, he did not even think of stopping!”

… Ariadne almost did not hear her friend. The question of what to do, she now addressed to Pythagoras: to that shining image of Him that she could now see.

…. Pythagoras entered the house in a few minutes. Ariadne did not dare to ask how He managed to get to this place so quickly: did Gods lead Him in advance, or are there other ways to control space and time?

Pythagoras embraced the whole space with His gentle calm:

“What has happened here, Ariadne? Do you need My help?”

… Ariadne pointed to the couch, where the boy’s crippled body was laid:

“He was hit by a chariot…”

“Now, my friends, calm down, go to the garden or sit down here, and do not have more fear, anxiety, and thoughts about pain and death! Everything will be fine!”

Ariadne and Ferenika sat quietly in the far corner of the room.

For some time, Pythagoras healed the mutilated body of the child, restoring the broken bones to a healthy state.

When He had finished, He said, addressing Ariadne:

“He will be alive and well! And he will not become a cripple! Until tomorrow he must sleep. But, since you took up in his salvation, you’ll have to take a little part in his destiny, Ariadne! And I cannot avoid this too!”

Pythagoras gently stroked Ariadne’s hair.

“Don’t worry: all this — for the best! I am very glad that you guessed and managed to call Me!”

… Then He turned to Ferenika, who still could not recover from the miracles that had occurred in her sight:

“I’m glad to welcome you, Ferenika! You could learn to control the fire that burns in you so brightly and so passionately!

“Still, I ask you, dear little talker, not to tell anyone details about what happened here. Otherwise, our School will become a place of pilgrimage of all the infirm. But we must heal not bodies but souls! We must teach people to keep and create harmony in a life in which there will be no room for disease!”

* * *

The doctor came to the house of Ariadne, when Pythagoras had already departed. He was sweating from the heat of the day and grumbled, cursing the weather and the child, who, after all, — anyway will die!

Ariadne greeted him with the words:

“Thank you and forgive me for troubling you! But the boy just fainted. People were afraid that his bones were broken, but now everything is fine! Your help will not be required!”

… When the doctor heard from Ariadne that the boy had just fainted and received several bruises, he was so furious that only a large reimbursement allowed him to calm down and reconcile himself with everything that had happened.

[To be continued.]

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