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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.



Once a famous sculptor came to visit Master, whose works were admired by so many.

He told Master:

“You probably do not remember me. We met only once, when I was still a teenager. But your words have changed whole my life. And I remember that our conversation verbatim.

“I consider myself as your pupil and I dream to learn from you in the future. It was you, who taught me the basics of mastery in my work, even though I later learned from many sculptors.

“And the sculptor showed Master a fragment of a vessel — a small crock:

‘I’ve kept this thing since!’

“But I’ve never taught anyone to sculpture,” — Master said with a kind smile.

… Then the sculptor told Master and His interested disciples, gathered around, the story from his life:

“Since childhood, I’ve been very eager for God. In those parts, where I lived, during the great religious holidays people brought their gifts to the temples. We lived very poorly, but I, the child, wanted to do something for God too!

“And so, I brought a bowl to the temple, which I made of clay myself. This my creation was very imperfect. But I tried so hard! I tried to put all my love for God into my work! I so wanted my gift on the holiday — also to be pleasant for Him!…

“Then I still did not understand that God does not need material gifts! And I dreamed my cup to be accepted by the servant of the temple.

“But that minister refused to accept my gift. Moreover, he ridiculed me:

‘Do not insult the temple and God with your pathetic offering! Do you really think that this curve and worthless stuff might be interesting to anyone? You insulted God and us, clergymen, with such a ‘gift’! Do you really think that God can like this?’

“And with these words, he threw to the floor and broke the cup into pieces and angrily began to trample them with his feet.

‘Get that garbage out of here!’ — he shouted at me.

“… I collected the fragments and went away…

“I then thought that he trampled all my love, trampled me like a soul, destroyed all the best in me…

“I walked with my head down and could not hold my tears…

“All the people had fun on the square in front of the temple… And it seemed to me that I was banished, punished, forever deprived of hope… As if everything good in me was broken, like a tender sprout, — rudely and cruelly…

“Suddenly you appeared near, Master. You told me then:

“Don’t be sad! Of all the gifts, which were brought to the temple today, your cup was most liked by the Divine Teacher, to Whom this temple is dedicated! And He poured a drink from the Light into it — and drank it and treated Those Who knew the essence of the truly Holy Gifts.”

“How do you know?” — I asked.

“You answered:

‘I was there and I saw it. And I also drank from your cup.’

“How is this possible? That cup was broken into small pieces?!”

“In the non-material worlds, where the Light and Compassion reign supreme, it is impossible to destroy that what has been created with love. Even imperfect verses and prayer songs can be heard there, if they are uttered with a pure heart filled with reverence and love.

“For God, is important the state of the soul in which the gift is created. After all, there are no material objects in that world! Only non-material images can be manifested there in the Light — on the approaches to the Depths, in which there is no division into names and forms.

“But, if someone wants for other embodied people to be happy from using the beauty of human creations, then it makes sense to master the corresponding direction of art. The more perfect is what was done, the more joy and benefit it will bring to people!

“God is the Highest Perfect Consciousness. It consists of Multitude of Souls, Who have reached the corresponding level of the Perfection — and therefore have merged in Oneness with Him.

“And whole the Creation exists just to give people and other beings the opportunity to cultivate, to learn the Perfection.”

“… Oh, how important it was for me to hear this! Like a life-giving balm healed a wounded soul!

“We then went for a long time on the market and looked at the beautiful in the creations of artisans, talked about beauty and harmony in objects and in souls.

“You told me then that my cup was beautiful exactly due to the love with which I did it, but its appearance was far from the perfection.

“Although there is an opportunity to do material — also beautiful. It must be done so that harmony and grace delight the eyes, and the love, with which the thing has been made, nourished souls.

“We then approached the market square, and you bought delicious pies.

“Oh! I remembered all this forever: Your wisdom, Your kindness, and even the taste of those pies…

“You then said that the woman, who baked this food, did it with love. She used both good flour and fine apples for filling, and her ability to bake on fire was in the measure. It was a wonderful taste! And in this food, there is good for both the body, and the soul. Including, the particles of love energy of that woman filled us, when we ate her products.

“But it would not be enough for us only her love, if, for example, apples were not tasty, or if the flour was rancid, or if the pies were raw or burnt. Is it so?

“Simple, at first glance, the ability to cook food, allows to improve in this art. Similarly — and in any work that brings good to the surrounding beings, you can strive to achieve more and more excellent results. In this case, the creator of each work should consider it multifaceted, looking at it from different angles.

“Serving other people with one’s work, helping them in all good, one perfects oneself — as the soul.

“Then — this perfection can be continued with the help of special meditative techniques, but you will find out about this later.

“Yes, it’s good when people are surrounded by beautiful things, nutritious food, when clothes and homes are clean and beautiful!

“But, most importantly, it is the beauty and perfection of souls! It is our main work for God, which we can do every single day of our lives!

“Each of our actions can bring harmony, beauty, kindness, love, peace to the world! It can be both words and deeds, and even kind thoughts and emotions. Through this — the souls become more perfect and help to improve those who live around.

“Look — how are beautiful these flowers, birds, grass, trees! These are the perfect creations of God!

“But… here is a trunk of a living tree mutilated by an ax… And here is a bouquet of flowers thrown to the ground… These flowers died before time — instead of producing seeds and giving life to other beings as beautiful as they are…

“… It makes sense to improve ourselves in all goodness, what we do, in everything that we give to the world, including all kind beings around us.

“Through this, including, we ourselves — as souls — are becoming more and more perfect — to approach the Perfection of our Creator!

“Any work for the good of people and other kind creatures can help the development of beauty and perfection of souls — both ourselves and them!

“Namely, this is the main task for which we all are on the Earth!

“We pass — after life here, in the material world, — to life without bodies which we leave. There — we sum up before God, as if we are naked from all outer covers — such as we have become during the time of schooling in the school of life here, in material bodies!”

“… Since then, I have longed to fulfill, what I heard from You, — in my life. This allowed me to work with great inspiration! I also tried to teach my young students the same.

“But I remembered that you did not tell me everything that time. Now I again ask you to teach me how to approach the Divine Perfection!”

“Well, I’ll be happy to help you to take the next steps on your Path!” — Master answered joyfully.

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