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On the Commandments of God and Purification of Souls

On the Commandments of God and Purification of Souls

In the first days of the young men’s life in the Master’s house, He began to tell them about the difference between the rules of behavior invented by people — and the ethical Commandments of God:

“You asked me questions about injustice and suffering in this world. And today we will begin to search together for the answers to them.”

“Do you yourself not know the answers?” — the young men were surprised by the words of Master.

“I did not say that. But I would like you to make your own efforts to understand them, deeply think over it yourselves. And for this, it is not enough just to listen to Me and believe My words.

“Have you ever thought about the existence of those rules of behavior, which have been commanded namely by God?

“These rules exist and they are common for all peoples on the Earth.

“There are also some rules that are invented only by people. Such rules can be very different in these or those countries and in different religious traditions.

“Many times God’s Commandments sounded for people, being expressed in different words. You probably heard about them at least partially. We will talk more than once about these Commandments, but, briefly, the main of them can be formulated as follows:

“Love God — the Creator of all that exists!

“Love your neighbors!

“Do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you!

“Love all beings — the creatures of God!

“Be grateful!

“Do good! Do not do evil!

“Do not kill!

“Do not steal!

“Do not lie!

“Do not want another’s!

“Do not envy!

“Do not be angry!

“Do not be jealous!

“Get rid — as far as possible — of violence against other creatures!

“These ethical Commandments of God, intended for all people, were repeatedly brought to Earth by the Divine Messengers. Most of the religious Teachings began this way. But gradually, after the departure of the Messiahs and prophets, the Teachings became inverted into the dogmas of some priests. The meaning of the Commandments was distorted.

“Moreover, sets of rituals and rules had their origins not at all from God, but from those priests... The invented by them prerequisites allowed the priests to receive income for the performing of rituals. And even terrible religious wars arose more than once — because the rules of worship to God, invented by different groups of priests, were different. And this served as the basis for the seizure of lands and wealth by the rulers of certain people — from other people.

“Such a distortion by people of the Divine Laws, according to which everything in the universe should develop, leads to a very deplorable formation of destinies for individuals as well as for entire human communities.

“It should be noted that the performance of certain rituals can be useful for beginners in religion. There are rituals that soothe the mind. There is also the benefit of overcoming fatigue, laziness, concern with the earthly: man accustoms himself or herself, performing rituals, to always remember God.

“Here, for example, for you, it helped not only to avoid becoming robbers, as some people from your village became, but it also prompted you to seek the Truth.”

“How do you know about this, Master? Can you see the past of any person?”

“It’s not difficult: God always opens the necessary knowledge before us!

“But now we will not be distracted from the topic. Believe only that what now seems surprising to you — will be very simple, when you yourselves learn this!

“This is similar to how a person, who does not know anything about the ability to write words with the help of letters and read them, will think that such skill is a miracle! But the one, who can read, does not see in this something surprising!

“Now we must think also about the following: why do people in most religious traditions, even knowing the ethical Commandments, do not execute them? Why do people not live as God commanded them?

“This happens, first of all, because the rules of behavior, created and prescribed by the priests, are very much at variance with truly virtuous behavior!

“There are, too, other reasons why the commandments of God are not fulfilled by many people. Even those, who would like to live righteously, do not always succeed. They cannot feel heart love to their neighbors, cannot resist the emotions of resentment or anger, condemnation or jealousy — even if they want to! They do not know how to defeat bad habits and emotions in themselves — and therefore they consider their sinfulness... natural and inevitable! And there is an opinion that ethical purity is the lot of only special persons: Saints and prophets, but not a rule for the life of everyone.

“... Souls come to the Earth many times... Long and hard they learn love and kindness, falling in love with each other, raising children, taking care of the destinies of the inhabitants of their country or of all humanity. They do a lot of mistakes that make their lives filled with suffering and disappointment...

“But there are ways to purify and transform the soul, which can help that person, who wants to begin the spiritual Path.

“Throughout the history of existence of mankind on the Earth, there were such devotees, who — with God’s help — created methods that can quickly teach others to control their emotions and — as a result — live in heart love.

“You have always aspired to be righteous before the Face of God — and this is very commendable! But in order to truly experience, what is love for Him, what is happiness of life with such love, — it is necessary to purify the soul and body, and also to open the spiritual heart. Only then — one can stand before God and not be ashamed!

“... The first and primary way to begin purification of the soul is the acceptance and execution of ethical rules, which are commanded by God.

“But, in addition to understanding and acceptance of these rules, you can do simple exercises that will help in purifying bodily energies and in opening the center of heart love.”

Master offered to go out onto the terrace, from which a beautiful view of the neighborhood opened: the expanse, the beauty of nature! Everything was flooded with a gentle morning light, as if every smallest particle of air carried the energy of the rising sun!

Master continued:

“There is a very simple initial method of purification both of energies of the body, and the state of the soul.

“In many religious traditions, it is customary to perform ablutions. Yes, it is very useful to do this for the body — every morning!

“But it is possible to wash the body and soul in the same way with the Divine Light, similar to the morning sunlight.

“By this Divine Light, all the space is permeated! If you have not yet learned to see Him, you can ask God to help in this.

“Let us now ‘offer’ palms — and we will feel their fullness with shining Light, pouring as water! And, with the help of the hands of the soul, connected with the hands of the body, you can wash your face with this Light.

“Then the movements of the hands of the soul can become wider. And this Light, pouring from above, can be taken again and again by the palms and poured on the body: from the head — to the soles of the feet. Let streams flow gently, washing the body and soul!

“You also can stand under the waterfall of this Light, so that we are washed and ready to live and work for God on this day.

“You can also raise your hands up, catch this Light in the palm of your hands, then ask Him to flow through all the cells of the body, fill all the corners of the soul — so that no dirt and darkness remain!

“We are filled with gratitude and love for God — for the bliss He gives!

“Find the place in the body where this bliss is born: it is about where everyone feels the center of him or her during a breath in.

“Further — we will try to give away love, peace, gratitude, tranquility from these centers — to all beings: the children of God who are around us. At first, we will embrace by love and peace those who are close, and then — we will send the waves of love and peace to all further and further!

“To begin with, you can help by hands of the body to send such waves of love. And then — gradually — it will be possible to learn to perform these exercises, acting only with the hands of the soul, which will become larger, stronger, more tender!

“Such exercises are easy to perform, but this does not make them less important or less useful on the spiritual Path. Just do not be lazy in performing them every day.”

“And what: now we will have to do these exercises instead of the morning prayers?”

“You owe nothing! I suggest that you only master these exercises. And whether you need to continue to habitually address God, uttering the standard words, — let everyone decide independently.

“When you can talk with God directly — then you can ask this question to Him yourselves!”

“Talking with God?! Is it possible for ordinary people? Only the great Messiahs and prophets could speak with God!”

“Ask those who live in this house! And at the same time, let them help you master these new morning exercises,” — Master replied with a smile.

... The exercises were simple and surprisingly enjoyable! The young men mastered them with ease! Feelings of joy and purity in the soul after them were retained for a long time!

And when the older disciples showed and told how best to do all this, the young men were amazed that all this can be learned so easily! And that meant it is possible to master maybe even more! For example — to learn to hear and directly understand God! For this, we should transform ourselves as souls — and live such a wonderful life, as the disciples of Master live in this house!

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