Refinement of Consciousness
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The Creator is the most subtle form of Consciousness in the universe. Thus, on the way to cognizing Him, a spiritual seeker has to refine oneself as a consciousness.

We can refine ourselves as consciousnesses by cultivating subtle positive emotions and refusing coarse ones, by following God's commandments about forgiving enemies and loving all living beings; and also with the help of meditative techniques and special methods of psychical self-regulation. An attunement to the most subtle phenomena of living nature and to sublime works of art can be of great help. They can be, for example, photographs of nature.

One can refine the consciousness in winter forest in a calm sunny day. Let's move with the consciousness into the picture, experience ourselves there, feel that the snow is not cold, but soft and gentle.

Author of photos — Vladimir Antonov

Birches in winter Birches Birches Winter sun

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© Vladimir Antonov, 1990.
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