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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Recommended books

Taoism/Recommended books

Recommended books

  1. Antonov V.V. — Agni Yoga. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  2. Antonov V.V. — Atlantis and the Atlanteans (The Emerald Tablets and Other Texts). “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  3. Antonov V.V. — Bhagavad Gita with Commentaries. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  4. Antonov V.V. — The Beauty of Pure Islam. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  5. Antonov V.V. — Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  6. Antonov V.V. — Ecopsychology. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  7. Antonov V.V. — Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  8. Antonov V.V. — The Gospel of Philip. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  9. Antonov V.V. — The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  10. Antonov V.V. — Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga: from Theory — to Practical Realization. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  11. Antonov V.V. — Pythagoras and His School. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  12. Antonov V.V. — Sathya Sai Baba – the Christ of Our Days. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2007.
  13. Antonov V.V. — Sexology. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  14. Antonov V.V. — Spiritual Work with Children. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  15. Antonov V.V. — The Teachings of Babaji. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  16. Antonov V.V. — The Teachings of Don Juan Matus. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  17. Antonov V.V. — Sexology. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2008.
  18. Antonov V.V. — How God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2009.
  19. Antonov V.V. — Anatomy of God. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2010.
  20. Antonov V.V. — Life for God. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2010.
  21. Antonov V.V. — Spiritual Heart. The Religion of Unity. “New Atlanteans”, Bancroft, 2010.

Our video films:

1. Immersion into Harmony of Nature. The Way to Paradise. (Slideshow), 90 minutes (on CD or DVD).

2. Spiritual Heart. 70 minutes (on DVD).

3. Sattva (Harmony, Purity). 60 minutes (on DVD).

4. Sattva of Mists. 75 minutes (on DVD).

5. Sattva of Spring. 90 minutes (on DVD).

6. Art of Being Happy. 42 minutes (on DVD).

7. Keys to the Secrets of Life. Achievement of Immortality. 38 minutes (on DVD).

8. Bhakti Yoga. 47 minutes (on DVD).

9. Kriya Yoga. 40 minutes (on DVD).

10. Practical Ecopsychology. 60 minutes (on DVD).

11. Yoga of Krishna. 80 minutes (on DVD).

12. Yoga of Buddhism. 130 minutes (on DVD).

13. Taoist Yoga. 91 minutes (on DVD).

14. Ashtanga Yoga. 60 minutes (on DVD).

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