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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Eight: Principles of Life Established for Us by God

Fakir/Chapter Eight: Principles of Life Established for Us by God

Chapter Eight:
Principles of Life Established for Us by God

Every morning and every evening, Ram in his room immersed in meditation.

Once Katya asked:

“What is meditation, what do you do when you sit so still? You have not done anything for so long… Why?”

“This is the body that sits quietly and does nothing. But the soul at the same time communicates with God.

“Do you read prayers in the morning, before eating, before going to bed?”

Katya was embarrassed:

“Sometimes I read, and sometimes I forget…”

"Why do you read?"

“For everything to be good — with Tom, you, me, all people! I ask God about this!”

“Does God hear you? What do you think on this?”

“I do not know… Sometimes I think that He hears, since all people pray so. And sometimes I think He cannot hear, since there is so much sorrow around.”

“Know, Katya: you can address God, as to Tom, for example, with simple words! He hears and understands everything. He is — Alive! And — He is always everywhere!

“He is invisible to ordinary sight, but you can learn to both see and hear Him by soul.

“And you can interact with God. You can learn directly from Him. My meditations — this is my study from God.”

* * *

Once Katya asked Ram:

“How do you do your miracles? Are you Messiah-the-Wonderworker, the prophet? But then why are you performing in the most ordinary circus?”

“What prophet am I? And even more — the Messiah…

“I just a little more than many other people know about how this world, visible by the eyes of our bodies, is arranged. And yet — I know how to see by the soul in those worlds which are not perceived by the usual bodily glance.”

“Is it like mediums who talk with spirits? We had a medium in the circus, his table jumped and spun when he summoned the spirits, but then Mr. Lurie chased him away.”

“What mediums do is only a tiny little crack into intangible worlds, even if such a medium is not a deceiver. And the spirits, with which mediums usually speak, are most often not Divine and very fond of evil pranks and deceiving. The fact that the world of spirits is invisible — does not mean that the Truth abides in it!

“There are so many invisible spirits…

“In the most dense and darkest layers of the invisible (for the ordinary vision) space, there are anger and violence. There is like the dirt of a garbage dump, the waste of the universe.

“In the middle layers are different gray states of sadness.

“There are also worlds of joy, happiness, which are usually called paradise.

“But there is the World of God, Who has created everything here!

“And those who are already entering the World of God, can continue to live in the body in the material world. Such man can live in this world and be the Conductor of Divine Love, Kindness, Wisdom, and Justice.

“This can be learned by anyone of good — to the best of one’s ability. And this one becomes an example of a clean and righteous life, a life of love, without anger, hatred, condemnation, without the urge to snatch for oneself anything at any cost.

“And this is more important than all miracles!

“Many sages have often told people the simplest rules of a righteous life! But people usually seek only physical health, happiness in the world of matter, power over other people, supernormal powers for miracles — but not their own observance of those simple rules for a pure and ethical life that please God!

“But it is the observance of these rules that can lead to the true happiness that God gives to such people!

“You can live among people — and yet not suffer yourself and not bring suffering to others.

“The constant calm and joyful state of the soul — this is the paradise that one creates for oneself and other beings around.

“But such constantly dominating states as grief, anger, irritation, resentment, and other negative emotions — are hell in which such one immerses oneself and also spreads around, harming others.

“Moreover, living in one of these states at the present time, one brings this into one’s future: in the near future in the earthly life and in the ‘posthumous’ existence of the soul.

“Did you notice that when doing good, a person experiences joy?”

“Yes, Tom and I made the days so kind and happy! This was our ‘magic’ game.”

“And God also feels joy for man who does good to others! In this unity in the joy of man and God — only is possible to live happily!

“And through this — the sensation of the Living God comes, His Presence in one’s own life.”

“Can you teach me this? Can you teach me to feel God, to see and hear Him?”

“Of course!

“Most people in different religions are not looking for God at all! This is so — and in my homeland in India. And everywhere: in Europe and in Asia, I met with such a perversion in religion! Those people only fulfill certain ‘rules’ — and expect for this the satisfaction of their desires.

“Another similar naivety is the guard magic. It is like you here in the circus: one kisses a cross before the performance, another reads a prayer, the third in a certain sequence puts on the details of the costume and places a statue in front of the mirror… But all this helps only… to believe in your luck, not more.

“But to feel God, we need to establish contact with Him in the mutual emotions of love! And your own love should be directed towards Him!

“God can be cognized only by striving with one’s mind and heart to such cognition of Him!

“This is how the world is constructed: one, as a rule, finds in it what one is looking for!

“The world is like a space in which there is a lot of objects. And one directs one’s attention from one to another, to which one considers necessary for oneself or for helping others.

“Until one finds an entrance to the World of God, rushing to there, — this one will wander about among the events and subjects that are not too important.

“To cognize God — it is possible only through love to Him!

“It is that love which allows us to connect by the souls with one whom we love.

“Try to feel the place where love arises in you! Think, for example, about Tom — and feel, how you love him!”

“Yes, here, in the chest, it is as if it had become warm. And — joyfully from this!”

“Yes, love is born in the heart: not in the material, but in that, which is in the soul. It is called the spiritual heart. It is located, in the chest, where we feel the inhaled air.

“In India, such energy centers in the spiritual structure of an organism, where various states of the soul arise, are commonly called chakras.

“And here, just where the lungs are located, is the chakra anahata. It is here that bright emotions of love arise.

“And it is through mastering this center, you can learn to feel God! It is here the entrance to His World opens!

“Try to feel in the spiritual heart a little sun with rays! Try to shine by it and caress all good creatures!

“Soon you will learn that if you look at everything from the spiritual heart, then everything changes in a magical way!”

… Katya began to learn this, gradually mastering the ability to live always in a state of calm and joyful love for everyone and everything.

And Ram continued to reveal to her and Tom the rules for the life of souls in the material world.

* * *

Katya loved to ask Ram about that invisible and mysterious Divine world that Ram knew so much. All the magic of Ram’s shows was based on his knowledge and skills! And Katya thought that even a little bit — and Ram will teach her and Tom, too, to create magical and good miracles!

And Ram repeated to them that all that he can do is not magic, like in children’s fairy tales, but the manifestations of the Divine Laws of the universe’s life!

“The laws of God,” — he said, — “are not at all what some people invented and recorded in special books, so that everyone would follow them.

“The laws of God are the Principles of Love and Harmony, by which everything is created by God and must develop! Violation of these Principles — voluntary or involuntary — brings disharmony, the consequence of which are what people call troubles and suffering.

“But such events are only pointers to the fact that the rules of harmonious life are violated by one and one should change something in oneself.

“Sustainability in one’s own life is ruined by oneself alone, if this one violates those Principles that are laid by God in the basis of the development of the universe!

“The observance of these Divine Principles by people brings beauty and joy, peace and happiness to their lives!

“If all the people of the Earth for at least two weeks observed the Commandment of Jesus, not responding evil to evil, wishing peace and love to everyone around — then probably the ‘golden age’ would come on the Earth!

“Answering evil for evil, we multiply evil.

“And answering with love and peace — we, though a little, however will transform into better the world around.”

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