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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Seven: About Love for People and God

Fakir/Chapter Seven: About Love for People and God

Chapter Seven:
About Love for People and God

Days went by. Mr. Lurie dismissed Franz after the tragedy with the fall of Katya. And Ram promised the director that Katya, when he taught her what he had in mind, would act in his part of the show.

And gradually Ram began to carry out his plans.

The preparation of this new program took several months.

In the meantime, there was also another training for Tom and Katya by Ram.

Each time questions for discussion came from them. Ram never began to explain something only because he knew it himself.

Tom found in Ram a very interesting interlocutor. Even before the full recovery of Katya, they began to discuss many of the philosophical themes and problems of people’s lives that Tom would like to understand before, but did not have someone who could answer his questions at least somehow.

In one of the first such conversations, late in the evening after the performance, when Ram and Tom were alone together, Tom asked:

“Who needs all that I spend days and years of my life on?

“I’m tired of seeing dull faces laughing at primitive jokes! I am sad about what makes them laugh — my spectators!

“Sometimes I look at this crowd and am looking for at least one meaningful face… — and then I want to give it all up!

“But I tried to live without a circus! There — it is even worse!…”

“And wouldn’t you dream of making such a number where laughter would exalt people over their weaknesses and vices, teach to help, to compassionate?”

“I tried it. But people are simply stupid and evil! Everything, I was trying to do, was useless!

“Explain to me: human life — does it make any sense?

“One must admit that there is a sense that we all jostle here on the Earth, in this booth of suffering and deceit!

“What is the reason of existence of everything, if we all run around in circles and from time to time trip ourselves up?! And then — with a nose on the ground — bang! One fell down, shook oneself up, ran, fell down again!… And one day — to no longer stand up…

“Why does God allow all this?”

… Tom had recalled one of his previous numbers. He absurdly ran around the entire arena to reach the gymnastic bridge and jump on it as the balancers acted before him. He started running, and then with one foot dexterously set his own trip up — and fell crashing full force to the floor flatwise — to the laughter of the audience. He got up, glanced around, looking for something on the sand of the arena on which he could so stumble. Then he threatened someone in the hall, ran again, ran out even more — and fell even funnier…

… Waking from the memory, Tom continued the conversation:

“People — in the majority — are stupid and evil! I see for many years almost every evening how they roll with laughter, when they see how a person has fallen, hit, or that someone has deceived another… And they laugh in the same way outside the circus at those who have fallen into real trouble!

“But when trouble happens in real life with one of them, they do not laugh, but are angry and look for those guilty in their troubles, take revenge on the offenders…”

“You do not love people, Tom! You made an exception only for Katya — and it saves you, supporting the desire to live!”

“Don’t you agree?”

“It seems to me that you complicate your life, thinking so about people…”

“But why are people so stupid and wicked? Can you explain this to me?”

“Let’s go.”


“You will see…”

They donned their walking-clothes and went out into the night…

After walking several blocks through empty city streets, Ram opened the door on which was the inscription: “Children’s Orphanage of St. Sophia”.

The sleeping watchman did not stop them.

They entered a large room, where a fat woman in a dull gray dress and a white apron tried to cradle a baby who was yelling for strength. From its weeping — lying in other cots and cradles, children woke up and also started to roar.

“Answer me: why are they ‘stupid and angry’ — these little people, which are selfish and screaming about their suffering?” — Ram asked Tom, pointing to what was happening.

“But these are babies, children, and even those who do not know their parents!”

… A woman with a screaming child in her arms, frightened of accepting strangers as possible inspectors, began to make excuses explaining that the children are hungry and therefore do not sleep well…

Ram took the kid from the hands of the woman, began to rock — and it suddenly fell silent. And in general — suddenly everything was quiet: the rest of the children also stopped crying and fell asleep. On some faces even there were smiles.

Then Ram took money out of his wallet and handed it to the woman.

“Buy what you deem most necessary for children! It is a gift to the Orphanage of St. Sophia from an Indian guest who is here on an unofficial visit.”

This explanation and money rendered the poor woman speechless for a while.

And Ram and Tom just as calmly walked past the sleeping guard.

Ram continued:

“The adults (bodily) people, surrounding us, in the majority are similar to these babies. They — as souls — are still babies. They barely know how to think yet. They are full of selfish desires. They want to eat! They want to be loved! They want to be happy, but do not know how and where to seek happiness!

“And no one taught them that to fight, to take away from others for oneself, to hate, envy — this is not just bad! But it generates a whole chain of misfortunes in their own lives! They after all are then born in the worst conditions and experience the pain that they caused before to others! In India, this is called the action of the ‘law of karma’.

These people do not know, do not feel their Divine Parent! They do not even look in the direction to God, Who alone can give true happiness!”

“God can give happiness? Why does He do not this?”

“We’ll talk about this some time later. For yet — you cannot even imagine the happiness that God can give a person! You need to be at least a little ready to be able to perceive this happiness, accept it!

“For a child, who is shouting, to give a mountain of diamonds or make it the owner of a castle, it will not become happy and will not stop roaring. It still needs only mother’s milk and care… But one who knows that true Happiness, which can be found in the Unity with God, — this one will not exchange this happiness for a mountains of diamonds, or for factories or castles!

“But this is about happiness… And you asked me about the stupidity of people.

“People around us — in the majority — are still the young souls, not brought up, not wishing to learn.

“They are still small in age. And so — they are stupid. They have not yet learned to love — and therefore are angry.

“They are orphans, because they do not know their Divine Parent: Mother and Father for all!

“Do many children want to learn if their wise parents have not taught them to joyfully learn about the world and work for the good both of themselves and other beings?”

“So where is God? Why does He not teach His children? Why did He leave them orphans — here, in this cruel world?”

… Ram suddenly pointed a finger at Tom’s chest:

God — you will find Him here, in yourself!

“As for people — start teaching them! This is the meaning of your life, of which you asked me!”

“To teach? I?”


“You are no longer a baby! You are capable of thinking and drawing conclusions. You can watch how easy it is to control a crowd: how one can freeze it with delight looking at the beauty, for example, of Katya’s performance, or just laugh at good jokes, or can turn into a frightened herd… And if at the head of such a crowd is evil man, then he or she can, manipulating the thoughts and emotions of such people, turn them into a boiling hateful weapon to achieve their own selfish goals…

“Recall: the same people listened with enthusiasm to the preaching of Jesus — and then they demanded to crucify Him!…

But Jesus, nevertheless, taught people — both by His life, and death! And by those words, which are preserved in the Gospels, He teaches even now!”

“Ram, it is probably in India that everyone can become a guru and teach people in one’s own way…”

“Everyone already, at least by one’s own example, inevitably teaches those people, who are with him or her, how to live, how to act. Teaches — to bad or good. So you: teach only to good!

“We have a wonderful job for this! It allows us to address directly to many people and give them the opportunity to begin feeling life and thinking more correctly!

“God will help people — through your deeds and words! You can begin to gradually awaken in people that in them which is really good. You can start teaching them to think a little better, look at the world and one’s own place in it…

“But it is only an individual who can significantly change himself or herself! This must be a fully conscious work on self-soul. Here we three with Katya will do it, if you want.

“As for other people… When they get tired of enjoying information about wars, about the cruelty and atrocity of some in relation to others, about the tragedies and wrecks in someone’s life path? — I do not know the answer to this question…

“But do not take it too much to heart! The whole world around us does not have to correspond to our desires and the level of our own development!

“Accept only that: if man has cognized the Light, then he or she can live in the Light, even if there is darkness around! It is so, because this Light is burning now in oneself!”

Tom asked:

“What can we change in this world?

What can be changed in a world where lie, violence, hatred, envy, desire to rule over those who are weaker, and the fear of the stronger abound? What can be changed in the world of people living only by animal instincts of obtaining food and reproduction and not using the opportunities given to men by man’s nature — higher than that of animals?

“Often even animals are more intelligent and capable of love than so many people!”

“It’s all so, Tom, but…

“There is a Vision by God of all that is happening here. And He takes into account everything that we are doing, — in building our future destinies.

“And there is an amazing FREEDOM granted to every soul: the freedom to choose — from different possibilities — Light, Good, Love. And God — as the Main Goal!

“Only then the opportunity becomes open to learn to move oneself into the Divine World and look, love, understand — as God.

Then — a person leaves despair because of impossibility to change the whole world! One begins to change oneself — and everything around also changes unexpectedly! This is one of the Divine Laws existing in the world order!

“Then — it will be possible to help others, showing them the way of liberation from suffering. But by this way, only those, who understand and want, will go.

“In this world, we can change very little. We can change mainly — only ourselves. It is the efforts aimed at changing oneself: the purification of the soul, the approach to God — which change the world around us!

“All then begins to obey the harmony that this soul carries. And, the more the soul is stronger and stronger, the more clearly its impact is felt by other people.

“Like the light of the sun, this effect can be ignored. But it exists and works!

“The light of the sun gives the opportunity to grow and develop life on our planet.

“Similarly, the soul, which has become the Light, helps others — even simply by radiating Love and Peace into the material world.

“Sometimes they say that a certain person is radiating joy and love. When such a person communicates with people, he or she has influence on them. As if he or she entered a dark room with a candle — it became evident, what in the room is the right thing, and what — the trash.

“So the presence of the person, carrying the Light, illuminates in other souls the bad and the good, the important and the secondary. And people have the opportunity to ignite from that spiritual Fire their own lamps, following the example of one who has learned much.

“But this is the choice of each person.

“Look: some — try to ‘turn off the light’, so as not to see the vices in themselves…”

* * *

Soon Tom created a number with screaming babies and a stupid tutor of an orphanage. Everything fell from his hands, he dropped his pacifiers and ridiculously got confused in diapers. Then in one or another cradle the baby started screaming. And from behind the scenes, swaddled folds, depicting abandoned babies, were brought and handed over to Tom… Tom fussed, rushed between the cradles, fell. And at the end of the number, unwound nappies surfaced under the dome and depicted the inscription: ORPHANAGE OF ST. SOPHIA, THEM THERE ARE 185!

At that moment, after long laughter, the hall suddenly had calmed… In such silence, Tom never stood at the end of the number.

And then there was applause.

One of the spectators after the presentation handed Tom money:

“This is what people gathered for the orphanage. Please, pass it to them!”

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