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Chapter Six: Katya and Ram

Fakir/Chapter Six: Katya and Ram

Chapter Six:
Katya and Ram

A week since the fall had passed. Katya was in some quiet forgetfulness, but Ra-Mak-Mey did not hurry to wake her.

“Let her body get used to being healthy, and everyone around will forget about what happened ‘impossibly’!” — he laughed, when Tom anxiously inquired about her health.

And, in fact, soon everyone was already quietly interested in Tom about how things are with Katya, and Tom answered with confidence: “Better! She is recovering!”.

So no one in the circus was surprised when Katya had fully woken up. Surprised then was only Katya herself, seeing Ram leaning over her bed.

“Who are you?”

Katya looked at the stranger in the eastern turban, sitting on the edge of her bed and gently holding her hand in his swarthy hand with thin and graceful fingers.

His eyes were so native, caressing, soothing, familiar…

But she had never seen before his face.

Or have I seen?…

Yes! In a dream!…

He then seemed to find her and called. She saw only eyes in the Light, like the gentle sun. His loving peace enveloped her like a cloud and… Then she could not recall.

Suddenly Katya had recalled another… Fall from under the very cupola of the circus, fear, pain, understanding that this is the end…

Did it really happen? Or is it just a terrible dream?

Am I alive?

The stranger said:

“It was a kind of ‘terrible dream’. Do not think about it now! With your body — it’s all right!

“And all that happens to us here, in this world, is really like a dream.

“But man is able to wake up — and know the Reality!

“But we’ll talk about this another time, if you want to, of course.”

“Who are you? Where is Tom?”

“Tom is performing now. Soon he will come and be glad about your full recovery.

“And my name is Ra-Mak-Mey. But Tom shortened that name, claiming that it was too long. And here, in the circus, everyone now calls me Ram. I like that name.

I am a fakir. Recently I signed a contract with Mr. Lurie — and now I am also performing in your circus.”

“Can I stand up?”

“Yes… But… Tom is coming! Now I’ll go to prepare for my performance.”

“May I see it?”


Tom in his arms carried Katya to the arena, still fearing for her health. Katya was cheerfully welcomed and seated next to the entrance of the arena — on the pedestal for the performance of dogs.

Fakir’s performance from behind the scenes was observed not only by Katya. Even the artists, accustomed to various tricks, watched it not for the first time.

The show was fascinating not only by the novelty of the elements, but for a special state which encompassed all viewers.

The golden fog like smoke was released by fakir at the beginning of the performance from an empty bowl. For this, Ram put his hand in bowl and as if was stirring. This fog enveloped everything and everyone, giving all the sense of happiness.

Then four white pigeons emerged from the same bowl and took flight under the dome. There they seemed to snatch out of the void and picked up with their beaks the light translucent fabric and brought it to the fakir.

He covered with fabric these birds which were sitting on the edge of the bowl — and they… disappeared.

Then a flame had broken out in the bowl. Ram began to extract from it different objects…

And everything that happened next was also magical!

Sometimes Ram invited someone from the audience to check the objects before another miracle — for firmness or for emptiness…

Most viewers believed that those who took part in this were so-called “duck decoys”: special helpers of a fakir, playing along with him. But the circus people knew that this was not so, and their surprise was limitless!

Rama’s show ended the program — as the most new and spectacular! The public accepted everything “with a bang”. Mr. Lurie even decided to extend the tour in that city.

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